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First of all, the other 95% of the world's golf population would probably sell their wives and children to be able to post scores like that. I think the word you're looking for is consistancy. It's something that every golfer regardless of handicap is always looking to improve on. Ask any high handicapper what the worst part of his game is, and 9 out of 10 are going to say consistancy. The best rounds I've posted have been when I wasn't adding up my strokes during play...
Anyone use the Oakley golf specific lenses? They were probably one of the best purchases I've made. Makes it so much easier to spot balls and read green contours on your approach.
Haha! I think this thread is about to get hijacked by ball jokes. I suppose you could also rub your balls when you're on the teebox.
Wrap your balls in a small towel and throw a few handwarmers in there. Balls lose compression the colder it gets.
Just a thought. Why doesn't someone make a poll to determine the ideal time people would like to finish in a foursome? I've had 2 1/2 hour rounds and I've had 5 hour rounds. 4 is the magic numer for me.
In a recent 3 man match play(I know I know).......I watched 2 of my bonehead friends argue over scoring it 3 to the winner, 1.5 if 2 tie and 1 if it's a wash........OR.......score 1 to the winner, 1/2 if 2 tie, and 1/3 to a wash. We went with the fractions........and I was keeping score. Never again.
I think courses could be a little smarter about the first hole. One local I play starts with a short par 5 at 490yds. So you have the average guys waiting to hit their approach shots as the old timers hit their 4th then putt out and the guys who can get there in 2 are waiting on the average guys to hit their 3rd then putt out. If it happens to be all old timers it's not uncommon to see 4 foursomes on the hole at once. On the flip side, another course starts with a...
I developed the opposite in trying to promote a draw, which only lead to a slight hook and losing my lag at impact. Fortunately I worked on this today with my coach with the following drill to start to become conscious of club face angle in relation to path. These are partial swings mind you....almost like a really really strong hinge and hold pitch. Its called the army drill I guess. Hit one straight right Hit one straight left Hit one right that fades Hit one left...
Any predictions? I'm thinking all the big names are gonna make a good showing. Those Jonas Blixters out there are gonna have a slow start.
Maybe a flaw has snuck into your swing without notice? My buddy had a few rounds where he developed a long pause. Long enough for me to think "this is not gonna turn out good", which is a terrible thing to see someone go through. Being the most stubborn person on earth, it took awhile to listen to our advice. He was taking the club back so far inside that it had to feel unnatural, as he didn't do this before. It seemed like his mind was telling him yes, but his body...
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