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Yesterday I shot my lowest score ever-78 (=7) 5 and 2. It proved to me the info I received from David MacKenzie wasn't just a fluke but a real deal. I have never played a round where every shot was flush. No that doesn't mean I was always on target but I hit all my clubs better than ever.  Now the snow is falling so it may be awhile before I can put it to use again. I will be practicing in the house though with the putter. And I was thinking I hadn't improved much this...
Wished I could wear mine. Wore them one time and thanks to poor stretching I have Plantar Fasclitus. I keep pushing it as I kept playing golf 2 -3 times a week and so as it is on my left it gets lots of abuse.  I hope this winter weather gives me the time to heal it.   I get to see my shoes sitting there every day crying for me to use them.  May have to destroy their purpose and put arch support in them now though. 
shot a 79  on a Par 71 today. It had me at 7 over on the front and only one over on the back. I owe it to a email from David McKenzie on a pre shot routine/looking at the ball. Took me 7 holes to get it to start going but once I did I hit every fairway and GIRs went up as well. Just wished weather wasn't changing so quickly so I could ingrain this. And it worked woods, Irons and putter. One note though this was a 3 club and putter round which I find really makes you plan...
Walked 9 tonight for the first time in over 2 months due to injury to left foot. Really glad to be walking the course again. Played 9 at 1 over thanks to falling back to old ways. Best I've ever played. Club championship this weekend.
Just started using GameGolf. Played 18 Saturday then 9 yesterday 88 and 42 respectively. With wind, learning something new and slow play I did pretty good for me.
It's on travelstrong's website. It's great for stRting out and is all planned out. And has three levels with video of each squat as well.I've been out with sever plantar fasciitis in my left heel. Now at 2 months with it so working at starting slow again.Check her site out.
Starting a 28 day squat challenge. Along a few other things I do regularly.
I have tried a lot of different 3 pc as well as the Pro V's and I fell in love with the 3F12 ball. It usually lasts me 3 games or better with out getting all marred/cut up. And I tear up most balls with my wedges by the 3rd hole and this includes the Pro V's . It is a soft feeling ball and has given me a little distance gain as well. It isn't the $20 dollar ball but it is sl long lasting the cost is cheaper unless you loose many which is when I have to pull a new one...
I wear the True's whenever the course isn't extremely wet which we've had a lot of the last 2 months. Bought new ones the beginning of the the year. Had to go bigger than I'd been wearing and must admit I don't like the feel as well as my old ones. BUT I do like the minimalist feel as I was like you barefoot as mcy as I could be. Great info that you've shared.
Shot a 85 which was not great of the par 72 course. I say that because 7 of the 14 over were on the 10th and 18th holes, Lost my focus on both of those drives. Otherwise a great day of golf. I had 50% GIR and 67% fairways. Played with the club I'm a member of and we had 11 of us. We try to play varied courses from the area. Yesterday was a 55 mi one way trip. Had a good time over all and the funny thing is 15 is my handicap so I shouldn't be unhappy. But, coming to 10...
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