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84 today which is one under handicap. And in some crazy conditions. 50-58 degrees but wind 19-20 gusting to over 30 mph. 1st hole directly down the fairway and was a 3 club wind. Chipped to about 6 inches and the wind turned it right back at me and rolled it off the green. Then on 3 it blew the ball off the tee twice. I was able to do some great low shots though and so feel this was one of my better rounds.  But, most importantly it was just a great day because I could get...
I have tried a variety of them that I knew would help in my core. If you've never done a HIIT program then start with her basic one and wrk up. Each of them have 3levels so You couldgo for some time withour having to change the program. Since I have started using her programs I have lost 12 lbs and dropped a couple pant sizes. She definately has a lot to choose from so just have to find one that talks to you and start there.
Unable to play since Christmas. And looks like Sunday might be ok but I don't play on Sunday's.
Started a new workout today. Doing a Neila Ray 30 day HIIT. I like the way she puts work outs together!!
Shoot a 42 today with 18 to 25 + mph winds with temps in the low 50's. Not a soul on the course but me and with the way the wind picked up and temps dropped I called it after 9. Funny though on the 2nd hole with the bucks in rut I had one chase a doe across the fairway and he stopped in just the perfect for my drive to hit it in the head and bounced back about 20 yds.  First time I didn't get frustrated with the ball bouncing backward. And at 7 over with weather and such...
Had a 89 yesterday. Started with dbl boogie with a good drive that included a penalty. Then seemed to never be able judge wind for distances was either long or short. Putted decent. Was the rest of it it that got me. Far from my 78. But no one had a good round and there were 11 of us. So just have to say that's golf and why I like it. Today no golf with 35 mph winds plus gusts to 55.
Yesterday I shot my lowest score ever-78 (=7) 5 and 2. It proved to me the info I received from David MacKenzie wasn't just a fluke but a real deal. I have never played a round where every shot was flush. No that doesn't mean I was always on target but I hit all my clubs better than ever.  Now the snow is falling so it may be awhile before I can put it to use again. I will be practicing in the house though with the putter. And I was thinking I hadn't improved much this...
Wished I could wear mine. Wore them one time and thanks to poor stretching I have Plantar Fasclitus. I keep pushing it as I kept playing golf 2 -3 times a week and so as it is on my left it gets lots of abuse.  I hope this winter weather gives me the time to heal it.   I get to see my shoes sitting there every day crying for me to use them.  May have to destroy their purpose and put arch support in them now though. 
shot a 79  on a Par 71 today. It had me at 7 over on the front and only one over on the back. I owe it to a email from David McKenzie on a pre shot routine/looking at the ball. Took me 7 holes to get it to start going but once I did I hit every fairway and GIRs went up as well. Just wished weather wasn't changing so quickly so I could ingrain this. And it worked woods, Irons and putter. One note though this was a 3 club and putter round which I find really makes you plan...
Walked 9 tonight for the first time in over 2 months due to injury to left foot. Really glad to be walking the course again. Played 9 at 1 over thanks to falling back to old ways. Best I've ever played. Club championship this weekend.
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