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Starting a 28 day squat challenge. Along a few other things I do regularly.
I have tried a lot of different 3 pc as well as the Pro V's and I fell in love with the 3F12 ball. It usually lasts me 3 games or better with out getting all marred/cut up. And I tear up most balls with my wedges by the 3rd hole and this includes the Pro V's . It is a soft feeling ball and has given me a little distance gain as well. It isn't the $20 dollar ball but it is sl long lasting the cost is cheaper unless you loose many which is when I have to pull a new one...
I wear the True's whenever the course isn't extremely wet which we've had a lot of the last 2 months. Bought new ones the beginning of the the year. Had to go bigger than I'd been wearing and must admit I don't like the feel as well as my old ones. BUT I do like the minimalist feel as I was like you barefoot as mcy as I could be. Great info that you've shared.
Shot a 85 which was not great of the par 72 course. I say that because 7 of the 14 over were on the 10th and 18th holes, Lost my focus on both of those drives. Otherwise a great day of golf. I had 50% GIR and 67% fairways. Played with the club I'm a member of and we had 11 of us. We try to play varied courses from the area. Yesterday was a 55 mi one way trip. Had a good time over all and the funny thing is 15 is my handicap so I shouldn't be unhappy. But, coming to 10...
Shot 93 yesterday. Wind constant 24 mph gusts over 30 mph so pretty happy with score. Hit my new irons well but putting sucked. Tuesday plan on playing 2 rounds. Well see how that goes.
This is great info. Many times not able to get out due to temp or wind (wished it was due to snow or rain) so can put these to use. If you ever do the wrist band I want a couple!! Love having new things yet old. I remember my track coach making us do some of our things slowly. It really did work then so know it will now.
Well today had an awesome round for me today. Shot a 78 on a par 72 course. And can only place it on the fact that I rec'd my new Apex irons that were actually fit to me which meant 2 up and the recoil graphite shafts. I have never had so many straight accurate iron shots as I had today. Hit 10 GIRs - something I have never accomplished before. When I analyzed the results I found it would have been even better but as I walked I am not in the shape I need to be. So...
Shot a 90 which had winds greater than today's PGA tourney. Only two holes were downwind. In fact, afterwords found out there was a high dust warning. Which we had then some few seconds of rain, light though it was. Had to really consider it as had 77 on Thursday. But, normal for this time of year.
Played home course w/5 others yesterday 1/18 in 50's but the wind (a club wind) we weren't supposed to have was present for all of it. Scored a 99 just couldn't get directions right and 4 3 putts. Course in good shape for this time of year. Then as wind died down I played the back 9 again and scored a 43. So I guess just couldn't get wind adjustments down. BUT had a great day. And to finish it off I practiced chipping for an hour. By then was freezing and getting dark so...
That band is a great aid for what your talking about. And the the elbows down is really the only way you can keep your forearms close together. This is in front of you thru your turn with your upper body. After that some separation where the ares go back further. Think of having your arms out in front of you and gripping the club with your hands facing down instead of up. Hope that makes sense.
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