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Went to a clinic at The Greenbrier where Tom Watson the pro emeritus was giving a public lesson and he said take your setup and the #1 thought when hitting a bunker shot is keep the shaft BEHIND the ball from setup all the way through impact. Try it and you'll be amazed.
   For the last few months I've been fighting getting my alignment right instead of out to the right. All of my divots are going go the left of my target resulting in either a straight pull or a pull hook.   I've been fighting an out to in swing path.     I recently started making a slower backswing into a larger shoulder turn and have noticed that my divots seem to be more online down my target line.   Does a wider shoulder turn result in a more in to...
2 degrees flat
 Went out and had the chance to get about 200 balls with a PW today using this swing thought and I could definately start to get a feel for what Butch was talking about. When I was doing it properly I was hitting the ball slightly higher with the ball starting on my line then drawing off maybe 3 or 4 yards on a 125 yard shot. I COULD NOT for anything get the ball to start as a push and draw back to my line. If I aimed more right to counter the draw I would either hit a...
Recently read where if your having trouble coming over the top and hitting a fade or slice that your flaw is your throwing your right shoulder into the ball to early. Your fix is to keep your back pointed towards the target as long as possible after initiating the downswing and that will drop the club inside into the slot and will promote an in to out path that will produce a draw. Agree or disagree?
My miss is usually coming up short of the green on a front pin or a push to the right.
 My 2012 season statistics were:    Average Score                         74.25  Average Score to Par              +3.25 Greens in Regulation                  54% Fairways Hit                                71% Putts per Hole                             1.64 Putts per Round                        29.50 Sand Saves                                 50% Up and Downs                             59%      I want to lower my average score by about 3...
What is your thought process or mental approach the evening before an important tournament or round?
Right now I'm making pretty consistent swings and making solid contact but right now my misses are either a pull draw or a high push fade, especially with a Driver. I cannot for the life of me figure out what is causing this. My alignment is centered or slightly closed. I can work the ball pretty well with all clubs except my driver. I either hit it fairly straight or that high fade. I cannot draw the ball with a driver at all and its frustrating. Why can I draw all...
Slam your 5 Wood or long Hybrid right down the middle
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