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Yeah... Not too sure about Dick's when I'm actually getting fitted. I would try GolfSmith or Edwin Watts. Normally GolfSmith finds some way to give you $50 off every time even when there is no sale (which there rarely is no sale). And that sounds awfully wrong. Sometimes I'll walk right into a store, and they normally will let me hit some balls and fit me even when not purchasing any merch. 
 Doesn't look from the picture . Maybe it's a preference/ age thing? My PGA coach told me to straighten my back. Maybe it's because i'm playing men's clubs and I don't choke down. Thus, standing straighter and a bit further would help me create a bigger swing. Like my profile picture, the back is completely straight. Would you consider that also unnecessary?  Nevertheless, looks like you're striping the ball. Keep up the good work!
Excuse me, i worded it incorrectly, you are not swinging it over the top (that means over plane). What I meant was that your were swinging the golf club way too far back.
To be honest, your swing path is all over the place . You start on plane then, you swing way over the top. People who swing over the top sometimes slice because when they come down, you are swinging over plane. Your club face is open, and when you rotate and follow through, your club creates that sidespin.    Go get yourself a mirror and watch yourself slowly take it back and forth.   Watch Billy Horschel's golf swing, he has one of the best in the entire PGA.  
I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR Driver!   Rory Mcilroy -16   Adam Scott -14   Jordan Speith -13
      From what I can see, it looks like your left arm is extremely stiff (However it shouldn't be extremely loose or bent) and it is pushing your right arm back. Your right arm is bending way too much. Surprisingly, you have quite good rotation. When you set up like frame 1, rotate your body (This does NOT mean move your arms, but rather, your abdominals and shoulders) so that your club is parallel to the ground and target of your feet. Your arms should still be...
I've been Playing Golf for:​ Six years My current handicap index or average score is: 74-79 My typical ball flight is: Weak draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Pull hook     Videos:   Here's a slow mo of my golf swing. I have had 2 problems over these past few months. The first was my right knee. When you watch my video, you will see my right knee try to become really stiff and straight. I am trying to make sure that when I...
Wait, the picture on the left is obviously incorrect, but there are some mistakes in the picture on the right. Stance is a big too close to the ball, legs could be bent a tad more, and back needs to be straight. However unlike the picture on the right, the back is arched at too much of an angle.
rory will get a grand slam.
no. rory wears fjs by titleist
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