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I liked Nick as player, he was methodic, dead straight and always in the hunt for those late 80's majors.  I look forward to his golf commentary, and excuse the cheeky comments as just part of his cultural way of communicating. His golf IQ is amazing.
I like it.  Its reassuring to have a book that you use as the "final word" when you are sorting through things with swing problems.   
I think the argument is lost in the symantics. To a degree my long iron swing is the same as my wedge swing, but there are differences, and lately I have been working through the same issue. The raising up of my right side during the long iron take away creates all types of problems for me.  I believe that this poor move comes from a mental image of trying to maintain a similar take away arc and plane as I have with my short irons.  I worked with the pro at my range...
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