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 I need to make a correction. My FJ Contour Casual shoes are two years old. Looking at internet pictures it appears that this year's model has larger cleats, which probably work better. They are definitely the most comfortable.
I only use spikeless shoes.  I own six pairs total.   My Foot Joy Contour Casual are the most comfortable BUT the spikes are a bit small and don't work so well on wet grass. I now use them as regular sneakers.   I would recommend Ashworth.
I just finished reading a book by Hank Haney and he says at address the left wrist should be slightly cupped. At the top of the backswing it should be flat.   That's the way I always do it and it works for me.
My favorite, Romeo y Julieta, they are not too strong.
For me 7 iron, second place, pitching wedge
To remove light rust from gun barrels, it is usually recommended to use fine steel wool and oil. The oil protects the bluing on the barrel as the steel wool removes the rust. It really works. Perhaps it could work on the club head too to remove the ball marks and not damage the paint.
My experience with the mini driver is exactly the same as yours. Best purchase I have made in years.
My irons are adjusted 2 degrees upright. Granted I do not see that much difference in ball flight, but my strikes definitely feel and sound more solid. That's enough for me.
My personal experience cutting the shaft of two drivers by one inch was the 5 point reduction in swingweight. It made the club useless for me, I added some lead tape but it was messy and I didn't like it.   Any change in shaft flex is minimal, you may not even notice it. The biggest problem is swingweight.   Use a professional fitter.   My opinion.
I have two Titleist D2 drivers and four factory stock shafts (all Diamana Blue)   Two of the shafts are supposed to be "regular" and two are supposed to be "stiff". Well, they are all different. One of the regulars is firmer than the other (almost a stiff), and one of the stiffs is firmer than the other (almost an extra stiff).    I'm just saying this to warn you that "stock" shafts have a large variability and one may work for you but not another.
New Posts  All Forums: