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Some people say to first teach a new student how to putt and this will get him/her hooked and more willing to learn new shots.   Then teach him/her some simple chipping shots from outside the green, and so forth, working your way back.   May not be a bad idea.
Yes you can shorten it. but you will end up with a putter that is heavier than normal. You may like it. I didn't. (the head of belly putters is heavier than the head of standard putters)
I personnally have learned a lot from watching golf videos. I took up golf at age 54 and in less than two years I was shooting in the 80's. I took only a few lessons and 90% of what I know came from golf videos.   However, it is true that many videos are garbage, many present contradictory information and many may not apply to you.   What I do is that when I have a certain topic in mind, say take away, one plane swing, grip or whatever, I take the time and effort to...
It also has a screw driver. Neat.
Interlock for all clubs and shots, EXCEPT 10 finger grip for chip shots around the green
PLAY, yes   PRACTICE, yes   but also very importantly, STUDY.   By this I mean taking lessons, reading golf magazines, watching the Golf Channel, watching instruction videos on internet, etc. and making an effort to learn something from them.   Playing and practicing will be much more valuable if you know what you are doing and what specifically you are trying to accomplish in your swing and your game.
 I have become a believer in spikeless shoes. I have several pairs but my favorite is Ashworth. I will never go back to traditional golf shoes. Never a a problem with traction using spikeless. MUCH more comfortable and you can drive with them.
For me, standing closer to the ball made it easier to swing on plane   I stand where my arms just hang down naturally
In addition to golf, my other big hobbie is shooting sporting clays (shooting clay discs with a shotgun)   I use a belt pouch to carry my shotgun shells.   I needed a warm vest for winter shooting and all men's vests reached too far down, getting in the way of my shell pouch.   I needed a vest that would fit my torso but would only extend down to my belt line.   Bingo, a large size women's vest. Nobody seems to notice, and if they do I don't care.
This is great advice I totally agree with.Arms must hang loose.look at this video of Ernie Els. Most professionals have similar stance.His arms are absolutely vertical. His hands are almost touching his legs.Most amateurs stand too far from the ball, arms stretching out causing tense shoulders.
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