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A camera can be much more helpful, but mirrors should not be underestimated. Y have discovered many swing flaws just by using a large mirror.
What I like most about Titleist drivers are two things:   1. They are 45 inches long. Most other modern drivers are 46". 45" for many of us means more control.   2. They come with weights you can easily replace.                a. you can change weights to achieve the swingweight you want                b. you can shorten or lengthen the shaft (to some degree) and still maintain original swingweight by changing the weights
Agree, it's not racism, it's just a fact. In my part of the world Korean golfers are extremely slow. They bet a lot and settle the bets on every hole. They don't let people pass through. They are also not very friendly. This happens consistently across several  courses. Must be a cultural thing. In contrast, japanese players in my area are gentlemen. Very polite. They always say please and thank you. Last month one japanese player accidentally hit another player with his...
I do it in a very non scientific way but it's better than nothing and it works for me.   I hold the shaft in my hands horizontally at eye level, left hand touching the hosel and right hand touching the grip, thumbs under the shaft. I then try to flex the shaft and observe how stiff it feels and how much it bows. I then compare one shaft to another until I find  one I like. The trick is to always hold it the same way and apply the same pressure so you can get somewhat...
I recommend the following article on swingweight   http://golf.about.com/cs/componentscustom/a/swingweight.htm   ----
I only use golf bags with 14 way dividers   My sweater or jacket always goes on the left pocket and the rain cover always on the right pocket of the bag
For a 913 driver, black dot weight is 14 grams (11 grams is blue dot).   With the black dot weight your driver was about D5.5 swingweight. In my view that's high. No wonder your son had trouble swinging it.   Without any weight your driver is now about C8.5 swingweight. I believe that's more common for women, seniors and young players.   Some Taylor Made drivers had a cavity on the bottom, newer models have it filled with some kind of silicon, they were obviously...
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You reduce the swingweight by one point for every 2 grams weight you remove.   In my opinion, the total weight of the head remained practically the same.   However, you reduced the swingweight from D2 to less than C9. This is something your son will definitely notice and will help him get more clubhead speed. That's exactly what that weight is there for. To adjust swingweight.   913 drivers come from factory at D3 swingweight and I feel I have to struggle a bit to...
I can get more distance with a Regular shaft on my driver, but a stiff shaft gives much more accuracy (more fairways) so I use a stiff shaft.
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