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My personal recommendation: use a 3 wood off the tee until you master it and can hit four good shots out of five, then move on to the driver. not before.
For a mid level ball I really like Srixon Q Star and Titleist NXT Tour S
Off topic. I used yellow balls for years and recently switched back to white. Without question I see balls more clearly on the fairway when they are white.
I am no expert. But I can say I have owned numerous wedges with all kinds of bounce and I have played in numerous courses. I'm a sweeper and about 10 degrees of bounce (not too low, not too high) seem to work best for me in most situations and conditions.
 Same thing happens to me. Playing with bad players destroys my rhythm no matter how much I try to concentrate on my own game.
Driver 3 wood 7 wood 4 5 6 7 8 9 pitching wedge 50 degree wedge 54 degree wedge 58 degree wedge putter
I always use Goo Gone with a piece of cloth and rub vigorously. The adhesive then clings to the cloth. Paper towels do not work well.
Oliver, great video. Learned a lot. I am also impressed how you managed to talk uninterruptedly for 16 minutes without a single mistake or hesitation.   This is a great forum with great people. Welcome.
I see a lot of bad golfers trying to tee off with a driver and trying to hit balls off the fairway with a 3 wood or a 5 wood. Not surprisingly they simply cannot hit the ball with these difficult clubs. Either they hit fat, or thin or very short distances or  out of bounds or into the woods.   I tell them they are better off teeing off with an iron, same for hitting off the deck, but they never listen. They insist on using drivers and fairway woods even though they can't...
If you try to get your back to face the target (90 degree shoulder rotation) your hips will turn on their own. Let your shoulders turn your hips.
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