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I never have blisters, just a small callus on the third joint of my right index finger.   If I go to the range and hit too many balls, I may produce a blister on the third joint of my right middle finger
Same for me. I've tried numerous hybrids and still prefer to hit my irons. I simply hit them better, don't know why.
For me, improving my swing meant a more athletic and less upright body position, which changed the required lie angle for my irons. I went down from 3 degrees upright to 1 degree upright
For the last year I decided to leave my driver at home and only use my 3 wood off the tee. My rationale was a bit less distance but a lot more control.    I lost about 15 yards but gained only SLIGHTLY more control. The cost benefit analysis did not turn out as I expected.   I will be going back to using my driver on most holes and 3 wood only on very risky holes (especially narrow fairways).
A competitor may ask you to mark and lift your ball anywhere on the course, but if you are outside the green you are not allowed to clean the ball!!! You must put it back as it was.
My own experience. With irons it's not so critical to try to hit from the inside. It happens by itself almost automatically because irons have a more vertical angle of attack.   With woods and driver, given a more horizontal angle of attack, if you don't make an effort to hit from the inside it's very easy to come out of plane and hit bad shots.
I've had many Ping woods and drivers. I'd say go for the tour reg shaft for your 3 wood.
For me, I try to turn my back towards the target. The rotation of shoulders and torso automatically rotate hips the right amount. I don't think you should try to turn the hips intentionally.
Hands too low, stance too open, knees flexed too much, etc.   I'm no expert but I have read that most people fall between two degrees upright to two degrees flat AT MOST. Very few people need three degrees upright or three degrees flat.
You can maintain lag more time in an inside-out swing, and lag is power. Early release (as in an outside-in swing) is loss of power.
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