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I recommend the following article on swingweight   http://golf.about.com/cs/componentscustom/a/swingweight.htm   ----
I only use golf bags with 14 way dividers   My sweater or jacket always goes on the left pocket and the rain cover always on the right pocket of the bag
For a 913 driver, black dot weight is 14 grams (11 grams is blue dot).   With the black dot weight your driver was about D5.5 swingweight. In my view that's high. No wonder your son had trouble swinging it.   Without any weight your driver is now about C8.5 swingweight. I believe that's more common for women, seniors and young players.   Some Taylor Made drivers had a cavity on the bottom, newer models have it filled with some kind of silicon, they were obviously...
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You reduce the swingweight by one point for every 2 grams weight you remove.   In my opinion, the total weight of the head remained practically the same.   However, you reduced the swingweight from D2 to less than C9. This is something your son will definitely notice and will help him get more clubhead speed. That's exactly what that weight is there for. To adjust swingweight.   913 drivers come from factory at D3 swingweight and I feel I have to struggle a bit to...
I can get more distance with a Regular shaft on my driver, but a stiff shaft gives much more accuracy (more fairways) so I use a stiff shaft.
For me, keeping my head still means DO NOT SWAY ON THE BACKSWING!!!   It really helps if I slightly push my right knee inward so the weight is on the INSIDE of the right leg as I swing back. There's an easy drill about putting a golf ball under your right foot to ingrain this feeling.
Two Titleist 913 D2 both 10.5 degrees   In the past I used a Ping G20 with 9.5 degrees but played like 10.5 degrees. Ping drivers are known for having one or more degrees more loft than what is stamped on the head.
+1 I've tried many balls and for my intermediate level game the Q Star is my ball now.
After three years of attempting to play serious golf once a week I'm finally being able to hit down on the ball and take a small divot (I used to be a sweeper). The feeling off the face of the club is incredible and my consistency has improved considerably. I'm happy.
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