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I have Titleist woods and drivers and play around with swingweight a lot (thanks to the interchangeable weights). I also own a swingweight scale (best purchase I have made).   In my experience, swingweight goes hand in hand with shaft weight. You should not look at swingweight on its own. In the end you should choose the right combination of shaft weight and swingweight that gives you the best tempo.   I did an experiment once. Two identical driver heads, one had a...
I live in Mexico so it's hard to get a good fitting. Most of the sets I didn't like I gave to my son, to friends, and to two caddies at my home club. I spent a lot of money but I found a good home for all of them.   For me the best fitting is being able to play a few rounds of real golf with the clubs you are testing. That's what I did and I don't regret it.
For me no problem in using different brands as long as they have the same swingweight (D0 or D1).   Having a D0 swingweight in one club and D3 swingweight in another club does bother me.
I started golf at age 53 (I'm almost 58 now) and decided I had to quickly find the right irons for my swing and ability.   I did it the hard and expensive way. In three years I purchased twelve different sets of irons (different brands, models, shafts, etc.)   There were BIG differences in how well I could hit one or the other.   So I'm sure for you there are irons out there that can improve your game. Good luck.   For me, Ping i20 irons were the winner.
In my view, the question was not "what starts your downswing"   The question was "what are you thinking when you start your downswing"   The answers can be very different.
My thought to start the downswing is to pull down my arms while keeping my shoulders closed.   I also bump my hip forward, but that happens by itself so I don't think about it.
Last year I exchanged emails with the chief designer in a prestigious golf course architecture company in relation to a certain golf course in my area which I find a bit difficult. He told me they design courses for the "low handicapper"   That's fine if the majority of people playing there were low handicappers, but for us high and mid handicappers that course means losing balls all the time. The course is part of a new residential area that has not sold that well. I...
You wear spikeless golf shoes to the office, just in case
Did you take into account the length of the shaft? If the shaft lengths are different then the lie angles must be different to attain the same effect.
Several of my i20 irons show this "problem", but for me it's not an issue. It does not seem to affect ball flight.
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