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I always use Goo Gone with a piece of cloth and rub vigorously. The adhesive then clings to the cloth. Paper towels do not work well.
Oliver, great video. Learned a lot. I am also impressed how you managed to talk uninterruptedly for 16 minutes without a single mistake or hesitation.   This is a great forum with great people. Welcome.
I see a lot of bad golfers trying to tee off with a driver and trying to hit balls off the fairway with a 3 wood or a 5 wood. Not surprisingly they simply cannot hit the ball with these difficult clubs. Either they hit fat, or thin or very short distances or  out of bounds or into the woods.   I tell them they are better off teeing off with an iron, same for hitting off the deck, but they never listen. They insist on using drivers and fairway woods even though they can't...
If you try to get your back to face the target (90 degree shoulder rotation) your hips will turn on their own. Let your shoulders turn your hips.
I have owned Project X pxi shafts and in my humble experience 5,5 felt like stiff and 5.0 felt like firm to me.
In theory, Firm is halfway between regular and stiff   I must warn you. I've owned at least 6 different sets of Callaway irons and "regular" in one set did not necessarily have the same stiffness as "regular" in another set.   For example, I own Apex and Apex Pro irons, both with "regular" shafts, but the Apex Pro shafts are noticeably stiffer that the Apex shafts, even though both are marked as "regular"
A camera can be much more helpful, but mirrors should not be underestimated. Y have discovered many swing flaws just by using a large mirror.
What I like most about Titleist drivers are two things:   1. They are 45 inches long. Most other modern drivers are 46". 45" for many of us means more control.   2. They come with weights you can easily replace.                a. you can change weights to achieve the swingweight you want                b. you can shorten or lengthen the shaft (to some degree) and still maintain original swingweight by changing the weights
Agree, it's not racism, it's just a fact. In my part of the world Korean golfers are extremely slow. They bet a lot and settle the bets on every hole. They don't let people pass through. They are also not very friendly. This happens consistently across several  courses. Must be a cultural thing. In contrast, japanese players in my area are gentlemen. Very polite. They always say please and thank you. Last month one japanese player accidentally hit another player with his...
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