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Hands too low, stance too open, knees flexed too much, etc.   I'm no expert but I have read that most people fall between two degrees upright to two degrees flat AT MOST. Very few people need three degrees upright or three degrees flat.
You can maintain lag more time in an inside-out swing, and lag is power. Early release (as in an outside-in swing) is loss of power.
My personal view based on my own experience:   practice is good if you know what the problem is and how to fix it.   If you're not sure what your problem is it is much better toget lessons first.   If you think you know what you need to do and practice a lot but you don't improve then it is very likely you have your problem misdiagnosed and you should get lessons. 
The stickers indicate about 3 degrees flat. seems about right to me. Just make sure it's not a posture issue. 
I first wrap the shaft (label part) with a piece of cloth or my handkerchief and rub back and forth vigorously. The friction does a pretty good job of heating the shaft and the label and then you can peel it off. Any residue can be removed with goo gone.
Get the 3 wood
This video by Butch Harmon has done wonders for me. I now hover my irons all the time (bottom of club level with top of ball).   http://video.golfdigest.com/watch/butch-harmon-hit-down-for-divots-april-2013   good luck
I carry 8 to 10 new balls per round.   Sometimes I lose a few and sometimes I lose none.
I think white balls are more elegant. James Bond would surely use white balls only (he used white balls in the movie Goldfinger).   For me, I can see white balls better on the fairway or rough.   However, I really like the fact that when I use yellow balls I can immediately identify my ball out of the bunch because most people I play with only use white.   When I use yellow balls it's NXT Tour S. They are very good balls and they have a very nice shade of yellow....
For me too 50, 54 and 58
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