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I just bought a second set for a vacation home so i don't always have to travel with my clubs. I found the Nike MachSpeed clubs for $299. They are pretty decent. I would check them out if you can. I found them a little more forgiving than the TM clubs for $399. 
Tour shaft spins less.
Mixed bag here but have been gravitating to PING lately. Ping Irons, driver and hybrid, tour exotics hybrid, odessey putter, and a no name wedge at the moment all inside a tity bag. They way I look at it is, whatever I hit the best, whatever has the features I like to have I will buy and not care about who makes it.
I have the G20. By far the best driver for me and I tried them all. Not even sure why. I would say go newer with the G20.   If you are working on getting better, then get the driver that you plan to have 2 years from now . I am not saying the G20 is far superior technically, but I also don't believe in all the marketing hype with todays drivers. If you believed every mfg we should all be hitting the ball 500+ yards by now. The G20 was more appealing to me at address and...
I can't even keep all the models straight anymore. My local golfsmith sells about 4 or 5 different TM drivers still.
thanks for the replies. I bought the g25's and love them so far. They don't seem as long as my Burner 2.0's but as someone mentioned above, my burners were pretty inconsistent with distance. I know it could be me, but even on good hits, it seemed I couldn't find consistent yardage on particular club. The pings seem far more consistent and easier to hit. Also seem to have much better quality. I too got fitted and the process was more in depth than that others. I played the...
demoed them a few weeks ago when looking for new irons. honestly didn't care for them. To me it felt like you "felt" the ball when hitting. I felt lots of vibration up the shaft compared to the other 3 sets i hit. 
i recently switched to the PING G20 driver and love it. Far more consistent than my TM burner driver.
Anyone try these yet? i am looking for a new set of irons.    more specifically, i was told its not a "long hitting Iron" and that i should go to something like Rocketbalz. For those of you who have tried them, how do you like them and do they compare? The PGA pro at my local shop said if you want distance in our irons, don't buy ping. Never heard this before. 
Can anyone comment on these 2 sets? I hit a number of clubs this afternoon and these are the two I hit most consistent. I am looking for a very forgiving club, game improvement. I noticed I hit the calloways about 20 yards further on the monitor on a consistent basis. This shocked me.   Any comments? are both pretty much the same?
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