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i play it standard at 10.5. Works for me.. Stiff shaft, standard. I have tried the 11.5 but for some reason i wasn't getting the same dispersion. 
Look at the cobra bio cell. you can get them for $149 and its a great driver. I currently play that along with a G20 and to be honest the cobra is a little longer, is adjustable and every bit as good. 
i was told by 2 different pros that there isn't enough difference between my G20 and G30 to make the switch. 
i have bought from them. Always a very good experience. Fast shipping and great prices. 
i play the Razr X NG's and LOVE them. I also have G25's and the NG's are just as good for far less money. 
no, the driver won't help you IMO. I would focus on fixing the swing first or taking a lesson of 2 to see what is going on. Now, that being said, there are drivers that can help but i don't care what driver someone tells you will work, i wouldn't spend the money until you know. If you are swinging every ball to the right i would assume you are contacting the ball with a slightly open face. This means that maybe you are not fully releasing, standing incorrectly or your grip...
i hit the G20 as well and love it so much i bought 2 of them. But i would love to try the G25 if the price drops. 
I just bought a 3rd driver yesterday to test out the shorter driver shaft theory on my own. I normally swing my stock G20 Tour S at 45.75 and do pretty well with it. However, lately i have bee playing courses with small narrow fairways and wanted to see if a shorter shaft would allow me greater control. I bought an Amp Cell and had it cut to 44.75". Time will tell but i hit back to back with both drivers at the range last night and couldn't tell much difference.    I...
I thought a mallet would help me, but really made me much worse. I struggle with the same things. went back to a blade and i am much better. The mallet has a completely different feel one in which i did not care for. It was NOT as forgiving, and harder to adjust to how hard to tap the ball.    What did help me was the right length. i went from a 34" mallet to a 35" blade and that made a big difference. Make sure your putter length is right first. 
I just bought a second set for a vacation home so i don't always have to travel with my clubs. I found the Nike MachSpeed clubs for $299. They are pretty decent. I would check them out if you can. I found them a little more forgiving than the TM clubs for $399. 
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