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I'm beginning to think McIlroy may not be the next Lee Westwood, as mentioned in the OP: 
Why is Zach playing an 8 hole stretch with 3 easy par 5s in 4 under considered "out of his mind"? A pro would be disappointed if they didn't play that stretch of holes in at least 3 under.
 Considering that stretch contains 3 reachable par 5s I wouldn't rate shooting level par on that stretch very highly at all.
 That's just the PGA Tour season. I'll go your way so and include his charity event. I certainly wouldn't classify losing a 4 shot lead with 8 to play as playing good
 I didn't write him off, I just said he has been playing crap so far. I made no predictions about the rest of the year. He hit it into the desert 5 times today. He miraculously had a shot to the green each time. He was missing it so wide he was avoiding all the danger, so he was actually lucky he was playing so poorly. Ironically, if he had played less bad he may have missed the cut!
Faldo only at 10 is some joke.   Who in their right minds would think Duval had a better career than Faldo? They have excluded the last 12 years of Duval's career...that makes absolutely no sense. So slumps don't count?   Rory at 24 has had a better career than Faldo? Seve? Yeah right.
4 players since 1930 have won multiple majors before turning 25   Jack Nicklaus Seve Ballesteros Tiger Woods Rory McIlroy   Not a bad list to have joined.
 Why "should" he "be 50% on wins this year"? Not only was his charity event last year, he didn't win the thing...so he "should" be exactly what he currently is.
Tiger playing like crap so far this season
  VJ's superior record?   Faldo won 3 Green Jackets and 3 Claret Jugs.
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