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Hi JGolf! Sorry for the slow response :) The midsize simulates the same swing, and gives the same feeling. If you are tall - above 6' - the full-sized trainer will feel more like your driver as it's a similar length, but if you are of average height the midsize should work just a great! We've actually found that the Orange Whip Midsize is chosen to be used by Tour Players more often.
Lots of new follows today, thanks! Keep 'em coming!
FREE ORANGE WHIP PUTTING WAND - GIVEAWAY   Follow us on Twitter or Facebook (1 entry per) for the chance to win the Orange Whip's newest training aid, the Orange Whip Putting Wand.   *If you already follow us on twitter, reply or RT to us. For facebook, share or comment on the Orange Whip page. These will serve as your entries.   Twitter: @orangewhipgolf - https://twitter.com/orangewhipgolf Facebook: Orange Whip Trainer...
Thank you for taking the time, Ernest!
The Orange Whip could win a Super Bowl Ad - please vote to make it possible (daily votes until Oct 13.)   https://www.smallbusinessbiggame.com/SC/Jimmy-Hack-Golf-LLC/381296   Thank you!
PJ - Thanks for explaining how you use your Whip and how it's benefited your game!
Wonder how Jim Hackenberg, inventor of the Orange Whip Trainer, made the transition from teaching pro to entrepreneur? There have been several interview that have been conducted recently, which can be found at these links:   SC Business Review with Mike Switzer (podcast) http://www.scetv.org/index.php/sc_business_review/show/easley_golf_teacher_whips_up_success/   Ricky Potts'...
Graeme McDowell swinging the Orange Whip Trainer with Holly Sonders on the Golf Channel #playinglessons Awesome show and even better people!       Check out the Orange Whip at www.orangewhiptrainer.com and receive $10 off each product with the promo code SANDTRAP
 It's too bad he didn't mention the Orange Whip Trainer (guess you have to pay for that..) but nevertheless we love to see it in such a great Player's bag!
You can listen to Jim Hackenberg's most recent National Radio interview, here, where he talks about the Orange Whip Training Products: http://www.wikiupload.com/QWUCQMW7FQ4V42U  (You have to click "Download this file")
New Posts  All Forums: