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It was great to see you out there. Great pictures and videos!
Arya999:   Unfortunately there is no way to unfold the Orange Whip to fit it into a suitcase. Our smallest, wedge length model would be your best bet.   We have our best R&D guys working on a collapsible model... Dan
The "44 inch model (the Golden) will offer the same benefits as the Trainer. Some shorter individuals struggled with the 47" inch version (the Trainer) so we developed shorter versions. The best way to sum up the differences between the two is that if you wanted to get the same workout with the Golden as you did with the Trainer, you would have to swing the Golden back and forth in motion 22 times as compared with the Trainer's 20.   Just a bit more manageable for...
I agree with you about so many training aids on the market. I could go on about why I feel like the Orange Whip and the Orange Peel are the best, however I just encourage you to keep an open mind and try them out. You can find the Whip at Golfsmith, PGA Superstore, Golf Galaxy, Roger Dunns, Golf Mart and other stores and golf shops around the country.   You don't need anything hanging from your hat brim to train an athletic motion with your Orange Whip ;)
  The inventor of the product, Jim Hackenberg (on TST: Jimorangewhip) and myself, are both PGA members. We originally promoted through the PGA and to golf instructors as Jim created it to help with his own teaching, and wanted to show it to other golf instructors. When first creating the product, he did not envision selling it in a retail market, he just wanted to use it in his lessons. When his members wanted to buy them, the idea for launching a business came along and...
  While I respect your opinion, 75 of the top 100 instructors in the country teach with the Orange Whip to allow their students to FEEL the proper athletic motion of the swing. 1/3 of the PGA Tour players who kept their card this year use the Whip as well. Not everyone has the utmost knowledge of the golf swing, but if they can make a proper motion with good balance, tempo and sequence, in our opinion, they are more likely to hit it longer and straighter. Where are you...
I am part of the Orange Whip Trainer team, trying to connect with as many avid golfers as possible about what the Orange Whip and Peel can do for their games.  
The gold flex does not infringe on our patent solely for the reason that it is missing a key component of the system: the counterweight. The counterweight gives the user more feedback about casting, flipping at the bottom, encouraging a full finish and staying on plane. Also, we feel as though the Orange Whip is much more durable and well made, as each one is handmade in South Carolina from domestic parts.
1. Balance and tempo. The swing is built from the ground up so if you can stay balanced, your swing will be more efficient. 2. Simplifying the short game: keep it on the ground when possible and don't try to hit the miracle shot.
3/4 52 degree wedge. Also depends on what kind of shot I want to hit, where the flag is, etc...
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