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joekelly, I never even thought to go to Thailand. I'm sure that would be a great trip to do with a few mates!! Thanks I'll keep it in mind.
Hey thanks Club Rat. That info you have provided is great, like you said What an Itinerary!!! Some great points on all those locations and by the sounds of it I’m not going to be disappointed wherever I end up. I was a little shocked when you said I will need to book a year in advance for the popular courses in Ireland/Scotland but just prompts me to get a move on now Christmas is over.   But again, thanks so much for your advice… if I had the money I’d be booking a...
  k-troop, great criteria... especially no. 4 haha
Hey, I have started creating a Golfer’s App (not a game) for mobile devices and just wanted to see what you all think, after all it is for you guys!!   It’s designed to let any user read or post reviews about: Golf Courses and Driving Ranges Stores Golfing Equipment, and Tournaments   You will be able to “tag” the golf course / store location etc. you are at and then give it a rating (i.e. 5 stars), write a review and also if it is a course you...
Wansteadimp that's great content, thanks heaps! Some really good insight which I will have to look into further... I have always wanted to go to Dubai though as I am an Engineer and interested in all the unique structures etc. But yeah thanks again for your feedback.
Awesome info guys, thanks heaps! I am an Aussie but would definitely be keen to try schedule an overseas trip that coincides with a great tournament somewhere, probably US. I think I would be looking for a great atmosphere and some fun as some of you have pointed out. I think that the best view of all the greatest shots would be on the TV right...? Is it very different being there seeing the actual shots that you would probably get a better view from the Tele? I would...
Haha Ernest Jones is spot on!HazardMagnet although i appreciated the advice I think I might stick with Valleygolfer's advice and just play more lol.Great stories guys, definitely gave me a good laugh... especially the Big Breasted Story, thanks cooke119
Yeah I have been told Spain by a few other contacts as well so I will definitely be looking into that option. Apart from trying to coincide the trip with a major tournament I have been trying to look at other golf related things to do while travelling but can only really think of shopping (golf stores) and maybe trying to tee up a lesson or something... Can you think of anything else that I could look into?
ThominOH, great points and summary. There is a fair few things that I didn't even touch on and I'm glad you brought them up like condition and maintenance of the course which I also believe is a major item. Quite often the courses with great aesthetics are the ones that are well maintained will the higher green fees etc. Clubhouse and facilities is also something that I would look highly upon. But as I said, great points raised and thanks for your input. I will be...
Hey All, I was just wondering if anyone could recommend the best golfing tournaments to visit as a spectator?   Which ones have you been to or which ones would you like to go to? 
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