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I live in the golf capital of the world, Iacas and follow friends of the Gateway tour, the Tarheel tour, know Hooters tour players...whatever. You're a little out of touch with golf protocol in the real, real golf world. I made it to HS state playoffs when I was a teenager in PA and have played junior/hs/college golf around your neck of the woods, too, iacas. My best friend from HS works for Titleist and reads this site and gets a kick out of it, too. Please consult and...
Ping does a good static fit. Basic.
Until you get fitted personally, you won't know.
Menial? Most of those bag drop guys are highly personable players and have been there since 4 AM. Most work part time. Most are better players than any of you scratch players from the north. My favorite stories about working bag drop are dealing with the "don't touch my bag" type. What "iacas" doesn't understand is that the head golf pro is watching...and will ask why you didn't personally load his/her bag. "He wouldn't let me". Gotta love it when "my...
Dub... Our courses got rid of GPS due to slow play. Tourists thought it was neat, cool, all that jazz. We found the devices slowed down play. The average golfer that isn't used to it typically plays with the device, can't figure it out, loves it when finally figuring it out after 5 holes, but it slows down their usual playing speed.
Lefties Only set the standard back in the 80s as the first catalog company to cater directly to left-handers. They're pricey these days; especially due to the used-club market (re: eBay). But their service has always been stellar -- and they're always helpful and will find it for you. Personally? I'll pay the premium just because they care about us. No affiliation: leftiesonlygolf.com
[QUOTE Don't play courses that require cart path only.... I just won't play if that is the case. It's one of the dumbest policies there is. It's usually shorter to just walk the entire hole[/QUOTE] Ever heard of rain? Cart path only is a policy instituted by the super due to weather/rainfall. The super is there before dawn and determines the daily CPO/90 policies for that day.
I appreciate your input. I know; I work for one of the most popular and nicest courses in the golf capital of the world. We're a machine. We monitor and measure everything. A ranger nicely tells your group that your group is a little behind? And we have the best starters, bag drop people, et al that are friendly from the moment your group arrives. Typical response upon your group getting pressed to speed up play: "Screw you - We just payed over $100 a...
I bought my XG #9 sorta-kinda because of Phil being a fellow lefty. But mostly because every time I went to Martin's and practiced with it I sank almost everything. And it continues to agree with me on the course. I've had mine fitted. For specifics on his exact putter: http://www.odysseygolf.com/putting/philsputter.htm
Agreed...except for "I prefer..." It's the psychological part of the game. Yesterday I went bogey, double, and shot a 38 on the front. On the back I went bogey, double, and shot a 39. Sometimes screwing up the first few holes sets my mind at ease. Who knows? Hence the reason I love this game.
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