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My son has 3 sets of MP-33s.  Being blades you need to have a consistent swing with them, and if you do, they are so consistent in feel and trajectory.   Lofts are traditional so they will feel like they hit a little shorter, but accuracy is unmatched.  After hitting these, he could hit any iron.  
  My name is Alex I've been Playing Golf for:​ 4 years My current handicap index or average score is: 13.3 My typical ball flight is: high The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: ballooning Recent driver is TaylorMade 2.0 Superfast TP 8.5 degree with 50 Reg Rip Phenom     Videos:      
This is the class video my son and I did for hit 7th grade English class based on the book RORY McILROY biography.   Song is "Hall of Fame" by the Script.  Until we finished the video, we didn't realize that the Script is an Irish band.  Irish golfer, Irish band.
My son has a G15 9 degree with Serrano Regular Flex.  He says it is his easiest to hit driver, he tends to hit it pretty high compared to his 8.5 degree 2.0 Superfast TP with RIP Phenom Regular.  He finds that the G15 is easier to draw or hit straight.
My son uses a Nike Method 001 putter.  He loves it.  I notice that when it strikes a ball, there is instant roll and just no hopping at all, so it putts a very true line.
My son has a 2012 Superfast 2.0 TP 8.5 loft driver with a RIP Phenom Regular flex shaft in it.  He murders a ball with it, usually hitting 220-250 yds with a mid-penetrating ball flight.   He's a 12 year old.  He has a high ballflight and we found that the TP with the 8.5 loft keeps the ball from ballooning on him.    
I used to play my 12 year old son for money when he was 10-11 yrs old but I just kept losing both the bets and paying for the greens fees anyway.  Its just not fun when your 12 year old can outdrive you by 40 yds.
My dad started my youngest son playing golf by taking him to the range when he was 7 or so.  I didn't know how well he could hit the ball until we went to a baseball tournament in Reno and the dads wanted to play golf.  To my surprise he could drive the ball very well with an adult driver which was pretty good for 9 years old.  He parred a hole or 2 and that's when I decided to get him his own set of Cobra senior graphite irons and cut them down 2 inches.  After using...
RORY McILROY Tribute Video
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