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I would guess about an 11, but only because your grip looks slightly weak.   If not for that, I would have pegged you for about a 7 or 8.  
  Definitely this. The Tour versions look and play better for me.   In about a month or so, the price will be coming down again, rumor has it.   So get both.
My name is Dave, and I am a golf junkie ("Hi, Dave!").   Anyway, I got very close to breaking 80 a couple of times, but never quite made it. Then I decided to start procreating at the dumb old age of 46 so now I have slid back to about a 15 HC or so. Now I am struggling to get back to being in the game to break 80, shooting a bunch of 85's and 90's and whatnot. Living here in Sarasota doesn't hurt, of course.   Nor will my awesome new irons, the Bridgestone J40...
  I would have thought that as well, but I am a sweeper.   Think about my point about grip in particular. I took a LOT of trouble and strengthened my grip (I don't wish this on anyone; it's like learning how to play all over again), and my tendinitis disappeared almost immediately. If you have a super-weak grip (as I did), you are essentially going to get your hands through to an an entirely unnatural position.
I have had it in each elbow at one point or another (I am a righty).   After much analysis, using the strap, Icy Hot, etc., I have realized what happened.   I noticed that when I had the pain, it was when I was scoring poorly. As my handicap came down, the pain lessened. If someone stuck a gun to my head and asked me to assess it, I would bet my life it was either or both of these things causing the pain:   2. Weak grip. A weak grip will cause you to try to...
Noob here.   Anyway, you guys all hit it too long. I will hit a 3/4 PW (48*) every time from here, and be pretty confident.
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