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On the golfing landscape there seem to be a few, if not many, highly competitive players that appear to have a disdain for the beginner or recreational golfer. These "elite" players often whine about the perceived lack of skills, dedication, or pace of those "lesser" golfers.   My father introduced me to the grand game with an emphasis on etiquette and respect for the game, the players, and the course. Make no mistake, Pop was a scratch player and thoroughly enjoyed...
Please see ESA as GUR. I could call you out as a non-golfer for your ungentlemanly behavior, but unfortunately that lack of civility seems rampant in some golf circles.
You might want to check ROG Appendix 1, and then 25-1b and 25-1c.
Can do that in Colorado in one day... usually accompanied by rain, sleet, hail, then snow! Actually, along the Front Range golf can be played year round. Just be prepared for QUICK weather changes.
Probably some "speed golfer" who saw your foursome spend more than a half minute on the green, and (God forbid) even remove the pin to putt!  
I voted to keep up, the correct position is directly behind the group in front!   However, the time allotted and listed on the scorecard (you do DO this don't you Course Managers) is the official max time. If my group falls behind a fast group, but not so far as to have a clear hole or to be more than 5 minutes off pace, I do not expect more than a smile and a gentle reminder from the ranger. Most of these volunteers I have had contact with are good folks trying to...
I got the clue from the way Junior kept checking back to see if Mama approved of his antics.
See Mama in the background?   She sees Junior, and if you come near him...   She will NOT be pleased!     The fellow with the camera is a fool!
1. Read the break and distance 2. Align stance and putter face to fall line with eyes over ball 3. Swing through along line using shoulders pivoting on sternum notch   Simple, huh?
I might call you something else ... but it would not be gentlemanly to do so. Think what you like, and have a good day in the rough.
New Posts  All Forums: