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No vote for me!   But I could nominate quite a few folks, mainly politicians and other barbarians, whom we could send and be better for it!
I am also interested.   The Duo Spin is a 3 piece low compression ball, similar to the TF Gamer Soft that I currently play (and have had good results with). The Wilson balls are more widely available, similarly priced, and I have a soft spot for Wilson so I would not be disinclined to switch if I could get similar or better results.
I use a phone app, Mscorecard, to log scores and stats. Though  GPS ability is available, reasonably accurate, and battery efficient, I prefer to get ranges by laser. Not that my club gaps or distance consistency is beyond the apps capability!
To each their own! I simply find it easier to deal with one tool and adjust to circumstance, than with several tools and still have to adjust.   What are you gonna do with an uphill lie from the rough that has to fly 10 yards and stop in 2? Or 5? Or 12? I got one club for that with minor adjustments. The same club works from 3 or 30 and with the same variables.
Gamer or Gamer Soft, three piece ball, $19 a dozen standard. Often get better prices on sale.   Very good ball for half again the price!
Played yesterday, 65 and sunny. Range time today 55 partly cloudy. Warmer tomorrow. Snow and 35 forecast Saturday, 55 and sunny Monday.   Gota love Colorado.  
Almost always online for our group, quicker and easier.   When I play as a single, I check the tee sheet online, show at the pro shop about an hour early to book and practice. Usually works, and when there is more than I care to wait for the next single spot I have at least got in some direly needed range time.  
Pitching and chipping is ALL FEEL. Choose the club you are most comfortable with for loft and roll and work exclusively with that one club. This will eliminate a lot of variables. The rest is face angle, angle of attack and speed. More will track properly in the air and on the roll... more will drop!   ALL of my greenside work from 45 yards to fringe is with ONE wedge. On a shot that has to fly 2 thirds before rolling, clear a hazard to a short sided pin, clear two feet...
Played the Knolls today with son in law and a father/son twosome. Great mid winter weather, 60* sunny, light wind. Tees and greens still frozen, thawed a half inch on top. Fairways getting a bit chewed up, rough cut short and very playable.   Scored a bit worse than average for me, but bested son in law by 2. Working on a new 4H, got the distance gap filled but pulled left too often. I think I can work this out. Putting poor by all. Son in law had his driver working on...
Forecast Sunday 60*. Tee times at the home course filled up quick, but I snagged one this evening for prime time Sunday (warmest part of day) just now. I know the greens will still be hard, but I love being able to play mid winter. Could never do this in Ohio where I grew up next to the lake and learned to play.     BTW- one of my assignments in grade school back in Sandusky was to co respond with the tourism dept of the state of our choice. I chose Colorado after...
New Posts  All Forums: