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Thus indicating that man made climate change is more religion than science. Those who question the shaky theory are promptly declared to be heretics.
Fixed it for ya!
17 is a short par 3. I hit my 18 (par 4) approach as the twosome reached 18 tee. Did they wait too long?
I voted yes because I thought the course was challenging enough to provide a real test for the Pros. Maybe a little tricked up to be a true links course, but still very entertaining for the viewer and tough for players used to point and shoot golf.   Admittedly the greens were not as smooth as typical PGA greens. Looked as if sheep and goats had been grazing thereon!
Should one sit for 15 minutes to allow this to happen?
Perfect example of why golf is losing players. New players come online and quit in short order because of elitism such as this! A "Gentleman's Game" no longer.
Do the responses here give any indication that that is likely? Or rather that they are entitled to fire "warning shots" to kick one off the stump? 
Whoops... wait... I thought "Forum Leader" was a synonym for moderator. Are you in fact a moderator of this forum, or have you an "honorary title"? Did you change the topic title? Do you have authority to do so? No offense, just asking.
You're the boss. My apologies. Former "Speed Golfer" CR McDivot
My apologies to the moderator, perhaps the title change was to clarify my position.   Still like my title better, tends to evoke a response that more reflects the aggressiveness of many TST posters.   Spoiler may be found at post # 57 of this thread.   Back to my popcorn!
New Posts  All Forums: