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Pretty happy with the 86 (66 net) I shot today. Best I have done since returning to play after a 40 year hiatus (women and children seemed to occupy my prime years).   6 pars 9 bogeys 3 doubles 39 out, 47 in 79% Fairways , 34 putts .   Only +4 on the front due to solid driver, iron, and wedge. 5 one putts, no 3 putts.   Overly aggressive on the back leading to 2 penalties, a loss of confidence, and three 3 putts.   Still a very good day!
Just scored my best round since returning to play 3 years ago after a 40 year hiatus!   86 (66 net); 39 out, 47 in (yeah, kinda fell apart on the back). Was hot on the front, but over aggressive on 2 critical holes on the back, costing 2 penalties and quelling my confidence.   Still a very good day!
   Your clubhead speed is 10% slower measured on Foresight than on swing radar. I suspect the lower speed is correct. Gotta work on more speed, I have the same issue.
Actually, when confronted with a similar situation a while back, I graciously moved as far downwind of the complainant as possible. I behaved as a gentleman... and he as a c**t!
OMG...Thirty feet away, outdoors. Whiner or weenie, I'd of told you to suck it up.
One round does not an index make.
Colon cancer. At age 84. Neither "coffin nails" nor a Greyhound bus could put Ben down! I knew a fellow who drank a fifth of whiskey, smoked like a train, and broke horses till the day he died in his mid eighties. He crossed the river like he lived, with a firm will and a sound heart. Fear mongering seems to be the modern mantra. BULL STUFF! I for one, am tired of the fear mongers, nannies, and busy bodies trying to impose their pansyfied culture on free men. We're all...
I usually walk with a push cart. I have one of those cup type ash trays attached for butts... easy enough to place this type ash cup in the cup holder of regular lazy person electric or gas cart. But I guess lazy and inconsiderate is lazy and inconsiderate! Don't be that guy! Bring an ash tray, or use your empty beverage container and dispose of properly.  
Pardon me, but I think a HC of 18 means that on a GOOD round you will score +18. Kinda seems like a Bogey round.
I wonder...     ehhh, Nope!
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