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My Pop played scratch. Played persimmons and MacGregor blades. He had a nasty habit of continually taking his buds for the 19th hole libations, in spite of the flask of Canadian he sipped throughout the round. Pop would never criticize a recreational player, he was one (though he did compete in a pro am that I recall), nor would he begrudge a man a few snorts to settle the nerves. He was a golfer and a gentleman. I aspire to his character, though I probably will not reach...
My home course sponsored a Demo Day with Nike reps today.   Nike set up on our range with a fine selection of demo clubs and a FlightScope, a couple of reps and one of our pros. Seemed a good chance for all interested to give Nike's offerings a shot and get accurate numbers to compare with their current bag.   Trouble is, though the range was full, not many took the time to visit the Demo tent. Must have been a disappointing day for the Nike folks.   My take is that...
Early extension? Lack of a full follow through?   The "feel" of highest clubhead speed should be just beyond the point of impact towards the target.   Just a thought.
 I have to wonder how in the world we all managed to score just as well (and often better) as GI sycophants back when blades were all there were! Troll on, brother. Play what you like.
Yep, player's irons.   But not traditional blades or musclebacks.
Obviously, very few of the respondents to this thread have ever actually carried a weapon on their person. I have, and do under appropriate circumstances.   It's a major pain in the butt!   An effective handgun and associated magazines are not featherweight, nor easy to conceal, even with the best of leather. One must always be conscience of the position, the weight, the availability, and the concealment of the hardware, not to mention the mental and moral state of...
I carry a S&W 40 when I am in a potentially hazardous situation, but have not considered a round of golf to be of that sort.     Maybe I have too much faith in my fellow man?
Selective Availability was turned off in May 2001. Current inaccuracies are due to systematic weaknesses, atmospheric conditions, poor receiver hardware or software.   At best, under the best conditions, without differentially corrected receivers you can get 3 meters.   Typical for consumer chips is 5-7m, can often be 10m or more.   Go ahead, argue with me (I won't reply), but I was trained and employed by a state agency to collect GPS data.
My strategy also. When in doubt - club up!
I never play the Run at full rate, course conditions simply are not up to the standard of other local courses. It's an interesting course that needs to get over itself and provide better maintenance (hard to do with so much bluegrass and so many geese) and competitive rates.   I usually play the "Senior Monday" where walking (slightly long but easy course to walk) is discounted to $18 for a full round all day.   Stay out of the rough, it's pretty deep, and your best...
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