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I never play the Run at full rate, course conditions simply are not up to the standard of other local courses. It's an interesting course that needs to get over itself and provide better maintenance (hard to do with so much bluegrass and so many geese) and competitive rates.   I usually play the "Senior Monday" where walking (slightly long but easy course to walk) is discounted to $18 for a full round all day.   Stay out of the rough, it's pretty deep, and your best...
Any GPS device requires a clear view of the sky for best accuracy. Wearing the base unit on your belt will degrade accuracy as your body is mostly water. Water in any form is death to GPS signals, the signal simply cannot maintain strength and timing. Probably receiving 60% or less of available data from the constellation.   Tree cover (water filled leaves and branches) and a horizon restricted by mountains or buildings will further degrade accuracy.   Simply the...
My best shots with irons take a medium divot, about dollar bill size with wedge, less with 3-7 iron. Fairways and hybrids just scuff the turf.   My miss is often thin, but when I really miss bad its fat!
Men will be men, girls will be girls, gentlemen will be gentlemen whether they are dealing with ladies or teases.   All the cart girls I have had the pleasure of dealing with have behaved as ladies, albeit young and attractive ladies. Nearly all have been courteous, patient, and efficient.   It cannot be easy considering most men are idiots.
Development of a golf course within the city limits seems to me a beneficial use of land that preserves the natural environment better than low income housing (or in the case of my home course multi-million dollar estates along the riverbed previously primarily agriculture).   Turn these envirowhackos loose in real wilderness (of which we in Colorado have a good deal of) and they would be eaten by the native bears and lions before they gave in from...
Great tourney, lots of drama, golf at her best and worst! I especially liked how the water at the 17th looked like it had knocked Padraig out, but he set his mind on what he needed to do and birdied 18.   Came down to 17 again in the playoff, and Padraig took the same club that he hit to the hazard and stuck it tight to the pin for the win!   Very happy for Padraig, he played to win and overcame a lot of difficulty in style. Padraig frets way too much over every shot,...
No vote for me!   But I could nominate quite a few folks, mainly politicians and other barbarians, whom we could send and be better for it!
I am also interested.   The Duo Spin is a 3 piece low compression ball, similar to the TF Gamer Soft that I currently play (and have had good results with). The Wilson balls are more widely available, similarly priced, and I have a soft spot for Wilson so I would not be disinclined to switch if I could get similar or better results.
I use a phone app, Mscorecard, to log scores and stats. Though  GPS ability is available, reasonably accurate, and battery efficient, I prefer to get ranges by laser. Not that my club gaps or distance consistency is beyond the apps capability!
To each their own! I simply find it easier to deal with one tool and adjust to circumstance, than with several tools and still have to adjust.   What are you gonna do with an uphill lie from the rough that has to fly 10 yards and stop in 2? Or 5? Or 12? I got one club for that with minor adjustments. The same club works from 3 or 30 and with the same variables.
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