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Our usual group played Riverdale Dunes today. A Pete Dye course that requires accuracy and good management, but not so tricked up as to be unfair even for the Bogey golfer. My first time on any Dye course.   The course was in very good spring condition, and very busy.   Played to 73 net, but really should have done better. Only 57% ( 8 of 14) fairways as compared to my last 2 rounds of 100%; and that was due not primarily to the somewhat tighter fairways, but rather to...
Played a round yesterday, hope to play another tomorrow.   69 degrees 10-15 mph wind yesterday, forecast tomorrow 73 degrees and 9 mph.   Sunday 6" heavy wet snow, gusts to 24 mph, high 36 degrees.   Springtime in the Rockies, gotta love it!
The fairways at Buffalo Run are pretty generous, but yes I have been working pretty hard to learn to stay in the short grass.
Played Buffalo today, and played to my handicap. I suppose that is OK, but I am sure I could have done better.   The course was generally in better shape than last I played her, but the greens had just been aerated and did not roll well at all. Think I lost at least 4 strokes to green conditions. Wind 10 to 15 and gusts to 20.   Problems with good contact throughout the set, though nearly all full shots had good direction (100% on fairways) and reasonable shape (some a...
Lines on the ball seem to throw me off. I do better aligning the face and path, though that may have a bit to do with the fact that my eyes are aging and precise alignment is difficult at best.
Great weather all week (excluding some 20-30 mph afternoon winds). But I had high priority ($$) project going and could not break free.   Snow expected through the weekend, warmer and drier next week.   Hope to get a few rounds in midweek next.   Springtime in the Rockies!
Titleist 905 T - $35 used Wilson Fybrid 3W - $49 new Wilson Fybrid 19.5 - $39 new Wilson Tom Kite 3-9 and Miller bag - $15 used Wilson Harmonized 50, 55, 60 wedges $75 Old Master TZ Putter (came with irons and bag) BagBoy SC575 push cart - $15 used   $228 total for a very usable set of gear.
I play Riverdale, which is playing pretty fair for winter. Todd Creek should be in very similar shape. Looks as if Fri will be the best chance till midweek next.
Yeah, it's hard to get out in between these little cold fronts, but my home course is shaping up nicely with the intermittent cool moisture and warm sun. Should be in great shape earlier than last year.
No slack for the pros!   Tossing, throwing, or slamming a club is disrespect for the game, the course, the public, and is childish. Not the kind of behavior I expect from a sportsman, a gentleman (a pro or even a "hacker")!   Suck it up...   YOU blew the shot. Neither the club, the course, your competitors, the gallery or the moon and stars suck - YOU DO.   Accept it and move on.
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