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I got the clue from the way Junior kept checking back to see if Mama approved of his antics.
See Mama in the background?   She sees Junior, and if you come near him...   She will NOT be pleased!     The fellow with the camera is a fool!
1. Read the break and distance 2. Align stance and putter face to fall line with eyes over ball 3. Swing through along line using shoulders pivoting on sternum notch   Simple, huh?
I might call you something else ... but it would not be gentlemanly to do so. Think what you like, and have a good day in the rough.
Yes Dave, the patio does face NE. The south side of the building housing clubhouse, pro shop, meeting rooms has a fair view of 18 approach and green... but the parking lot has better. Muni parking lots can be used for more than changing shoes; like perhaps relaxing and observing for a bit.  Poetic license?
Image from previous thread...   The 150 marker is right of the big cottonwood in the fairway,
# 18 Riverdale Knolls. No bunkers, water left and right but not really in play. Uphill to green, rough from 90 to 50 or so. Easy to land short and run up.
Bet me! Drives are not long, but they are in the fairway!
Much less leave a reasonable birdie putt?   Not in my experience!   I'm a bogey golfer, pretty happy to score 15 to 18 over, drive 220 or so, but average over 80% fairways. I can on a good day stick the green from 180, or if really on a bit more. Of course, this is on a course where one can allow the ball to run up from the front.   I often, after a round or practice session, observe the 18th green from the clubhouse (with a brew or several ) as others approach the...
I keep track in my head, but enter into a digital scorecard app at the next tee including FIR, GIR, Putts, Penalties.
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