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I put a long alignment mark on the ball, line that up with something, like a divot or broken tee or whatever else happens to be there and then line up using the mark on the ball.
Got paired up once with these 2 other guys, they were awful! They were riding in the cart next to some trees looking for their ball...again... The guy, not watching where he was going, runs full speed into a tree dead on and the other guy, who is probably like 65 yrs old, gets thrown out of the cart and tumbles over on the ground a couple times. It was truly pathetic to watch that! Lucky for him he didn't get hurt.
It's common because a lot of weekend golfers don't really care about following the rules word for word. They are playing just to have fun and if improving their lie makes it more fun, have at it! How many people out there take mulligans? Mulligans aren't exactly within the rules, ha! So what if they are cheating themselves? If cheating yourself makes the game more fun, then why not cheat yourself a little bit? It doesn't matter to anyone else anyway. The whole point is...
Golf shoes! I would never even think about wearing anything other than golf shoes.  
It gives you more variety in what kind of shot you can play. Also, wedges are the best way, IMO, to fill your bag up to 14 clubs. If you have driver, 3 wood, 3 iron or 3 hybrid and 4-pw and putter, that is only 11 clubs, 3 other wedges fills that up perfectly! I personally have a Cleaveland 588s in 52, 56 and a 60 and have had that setup since I was a 20 hdcp also. Of course you can play with less than 14 clubs but I think that the more variety of shots you can play, the...
Just pretend you are Ben Hogan and keep hitting balls until your hands start bleeding.  
Was this the very subtle "jerk off" signal that he gave someone in the crowd? Not too long after some idiot with "MASHED POTATOES". Forgot what hole it was on. I paused and rewound and said "Yup, that was definitely an air jerk", LOL
Stadium Course at TPC Sawgras.  Blue Tees at 6661 yds: 73.9 / 146.  Played like crap but it was fun!
I don't think it's very appropriate to steal balls from a range. It's not like balls are a rare commodity or something!  
It depends on the conditions and the individual hole. Soft or hard green? What is the pin position? Where is the trouble? Is it windy or calm? Where do I want to be putting from? Is a high shot with spin appropriate or a lower shot that runs appropriate? Soft green with calm wind and level green around the cup I will hit a full 52 degree wedge. Windy with the pin back on a hard green and a green sloping forward I would hit more of 3/4 pw and let it run up to leave it...
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