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Has anyone considered that starting groups at 10 or sometimes 8 minute intervals may create slower play. If you expect a round, 18 holes to be finished in 4 hours the start interval should be 13 minutes. Think of a freeway with too many cars on it. I understand that there are some people or groups that are way too slow, but often I wonder if groups are started to close together. Sometimes i'll start early and just go around twice on the back 9.
This week its my 5 wood. Straight and consistent...
Here you go... SW 60-80 AW 90-100 PW 110 9I 120 8I 130 7I 140 6I 150 5I 160 5W 170-180 3W 180-190 1W 200- ?? These are the clubs I'd use for the listed yardage. Guess you could call them "average distances". Smitty
LOL... I was thinking the same thing. I can't walk by an Adams Insight hybrid FW without bringing home.
1. Get an official HDCP 2. Play some tougher courses 3. Practice effectivley ( stole this from Bo The Golfer ) 4. Have fun
Congrats Tristan, I'll have a home brew. Cheers...
Im in. I can always use golf clothes. And I can promise the'll be worn on the course. Happy Holidays All...
Good read and concept. From my novice perspective, I can see the advantage of the 65/25/10 practice ratio moving forward. Todays putts per were 1.61 indicating chips/pitches were close to the pin and putting was generally good. However, I was inconsistant on my full shots, a couple shanks, several really fat shots, and alignment issues off the tee. I appreciate and needed the intense short game work i've done to this point, and i'll make sure I maintain it. It...
Taylor Made RBZ adjustable driver 10.5. $199 couldn't pass it up.
Check out Callaway pre-owned. You can put together a short set and fill in missing clubs later.
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