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Yep, been enjoying the golf tonight, Paul must have read my post ha ha. Question - Is Jordan Spieth a robot? there again in the mix, his stats are incredible !!!! 
Hi people   I have been using an Iguana jumbo grip but decided I want an oversize that's a wee bit smaller. I prefer larger than traditional but the jumbo was going a bit far for me and I put too heavy on the role.   My club is stocking the Superstroke grip range and I notice they are very popular on the tours.  Can people give me their experiences and the pros and cons please?   Many thanks.
Smooth faced club giving backspin, kinda questions the hype around certain grooves and proves the swing is more key perhaps?  Ironically I chose the Cleveland "zip groove" wedges after I saw an independent video proving they generate higher spin rates, which should help me.  I will be sticking more to my natural game in future and aiming for consistency based around what I can do, and if it spins, it spins.....
In January I played the monthly medal in cold and windy conditions.  I spent the whole round feeling a little disappointed that I didn't hit the ball as I desire.My natural game was in play, low flight and running on.  I kept it straight all day and was net 67 to win the comp.  After that I tried to improve the swing and have not improved my scores.   Sometimes I play with this guy who collapses his arms in the backswing, hits it low, and rarely spins it.  He knows his...
Chesson would be a great addition to the field at Augusta, no doubt, but my attention over the next 4 days will be on Paul Casey. Paul is precariously perched at 49 in the rankings and decided to miss the Valero and rock up this week.  He obviously has a fine tuned plan.  Casey has suffered numerous injuries over the last few years, but despite this has been incredibly successful and often threatened to become one of the greats before injury has pegged him back.   In the...
I started toeing it recently when I started addressing the ball with my hands out a little further from the body.  I tested my stance and found I was too bunched but the adjustment led to toed contacts.  Still a work in progress for me as an adjustment (even a right one) takes hours to become your natural swing.  I know I stand too bunched so will take the time to adjust.   Maybe get your address checked as a starting point to work up from ?
Hmm, I guess if it's cost viable they could have a place.  You couldn't travel well if artificial was your regular course as the difference would be so hard to adjust to.  Short term the upkeep would be minimal but would you end up with new patches in greater worn areas and a course that over time looks like a badly repaired highway ?
I play a flat windy course and it helps when  go other places.  earn how to control the ball in the wind, and don't change a thing when you have no wind.  Too many players are conservative and smart in the autumn/winter then thrash it all over the place when it's calm and sunny, makes no sense.
I am equally consistent without practice.  Lately I have been more consistent than ever and the game is improving.  I am concentrating on a simple swing where I remind myself of about three simple swing thoughts that work for me and I just think about a clean hit with good focus and rhythm.   I am no athlete so a full fast swing won't do me any favours regards balance and good ball striking. Keep it simple, swing within yourself, and repeat your warm up swing and let...
I am liking your way of thinking.  My course ain't super long and when I realise I am long enough without pulling muscles out the sockets and swinging it smooth I get better results all round. People have been lofting up and down with different drivers for years, and Taylormade have just discovered a new secret?  Laughing until I cry and it hurts.
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