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I play a flat windy course and it helps when  go other places.  earn how to control the ball in the wind, and don't change a thing when you have no wind.  Too many players are conservative and smart in the autumn/winter then thrash it all over the place when it's calm and sunny, makes no sense.
I am equally consistent without practice.  Lately I have been more consistent than ever and the game is improving.  I am concentrating on a simple swing where I remind myself of about three simple swing thoughts that work for me and I just think about a clean hit with good focus and rhythm.   I am no athlete so a full fast swing won't do me any favours regards balance and good ball striking. Keep it simple, swing within yourself, and repeat your warm up swing and let...
I am liking your way of thinking.  My course ain't super long and when I realise I am long enough without pulling muscles out the sockets and swinging it smooth I get better results all round. People have been lofting up and down with different drivers for years, and Taylormade have just discovered a new secret?  Laughing until I cry and it hurts.
  So right people. It's all getting very silly.  Those poor old people who bought the XHot have barely had time to play enough to tell they love them and there're phasing them out for clubs that are, ahem, better than ever. How does that make you feel.  And they are all doing it, even those serious ninja club makers at Mizuno.  The differences are so tiny and without new materials this is just playing games and trying to re-invent what we have already got in our bags. It's...
What do you think of the new Taylormade Loft Up campaign to support the latest drivers, as a confirmed 9.5 lofter do you think its all hype ?
I think what our Swedish chum is saying is that he didn't hit the driver very straight, so removing it is keepin em straight n true.  I can relate to that, my big dog is being very naughty but the three wood is clonking it long and straight.    Hope the health issues go away and your fit and strong to play buddy.
Agreed, Ping i range are great high launchers and super forgiving.  I tried the Ping i20's in the spring and they are a great club.  Not too chunky but plenty of help in the right places.  This years i25's look almost identical, but Ping only make subtle changes as a rule.
Sounds like fun but it will probably generate a different golfer as to many who go there the real game will seem too dull.  Worst case scenario it keeps young talent from improving without the real game and prove detrimental.  Most likely will run it's course after a few years and die down.  It's funny how many people refer to knew things as the future and before long they are part of the past.
Damm dimple - go get a job and quit botherin me !
Evening dinner, thankfully with your advice I may be able to get my mind back on life's more important things.........
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