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Well done smallrus for heading to the European tour, good for you mate.  And second too!! Nice to see USA players heading across the pond to mix it up and he was so close to a play off. Gotta love him !
A good rule of thumb, when you address the ball, if you can tell it's elevated it's too high.  From standing it should be hard to tell it's off the floor.
My par three scores are improving now I tee up. I had the false belief that off the floor was more like most of my iron shots so I put the ball on the ground for continuity.  Completely wrong.  Tee it up but as per some of the other comments, not too high. Usually just off the ground half inch at the most.  once you go high the club doesn't work properly, it's not designed to knock a coconut off a stick. Usually when I play with high handicappers who tee it up an inch or...
Just watching a Euro tour show over here in UK, and a close up of Henrik Stenson clearly shows he's hitting a Cleveland wedge.  Is the deal with Callaway just for the iron set ??
With so many players having a good round, why am I watching hardly anything but Macilroy, Fowler and Byrd?? There are so many players going well on the course and the TV is showing none of them. The game is not about a few stars and I think more coverage of those going low is needed, they are playing well so show them !
Ironically I hit these better, knowing I must have loft means I stay in the shot better and remain focussed on the strike. I'm one of those guys who scrambles well and messes up when I have a straightforward shot in.  Bet there's a few people on here who relate to that !!
I think it's important not to have a large gap between PW and the gap, my PW is 47 so I start the wedge set with 50 so theres no shot where one seems too close but the other too far. I followed that with 54 and 58.  With the short game being so crucial, I agree with the theory that you want confidence that you have a wedge for all the short ranges and no large gaps in distance control.
Somebody has to do it some day..................
Ooops it's still going, Ryan Moore leads, just 21 shots for 9 holes, not too shabby !
Think it was Ryan Moore?
New Posts  All Forums: