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A and D, I think when I started playing last year I saw the srixon q star commercials with peter jacobsen and they worked... I do like yellow balls though for visibility.. they seem to me the best cheapest and most widely available yellow balls.. plus about every time I need more I get some kind of package that's 2 dozen plus a hat, a towel + something else usually for under $40 as some sort of promotion LOL.   other than that I'll play any high visibility yellow ball on...
i'll look at the club when I pull it out of the bag, if its got crap in the grooves i'll wire brush it.   I guess I'm backwards, probably should just wipe off any grass/sand/dirt before putting them back in the bag.   probably because as a ~30 index i'm still jazzed about hitting a good shot, or irritated by the ganked shot.. clean the club now? aint got time for dat! :)
I will tell any little weirdo insect crawling on my ball he better get off quickly or he's going for a ride. some have not heeded the warning. :(
honest question. I don't have an official index, I haven't joined a club or started submitting scores yet.. I just threw a bunch of my scores into one of the online calculators to give me an idea what it would be if I was doing it officially..  but when I joined the forum here, I did put it in my profile, so you all would roughly know what level of player I am..     should I remove it?
I've only been playing a little over a year, no lessons other than from a friend, almost breaking 100.. most of the people I end up playing with are equal or worse at a crowded public course   question:   4 of us on green between 10-20 feet. guy away putts, gets within 3 feet.. he can elect to finish, right?  otherwise he's gonna be marking, someone else probably gonna end up within 3-4 feet, you end up with 4 guys within 3 feet :)   or do you only get to...
that's what I figured.. "sorta, but not quite". :)       I shall endeavour to get under 100 Monday on full 18 then !!!
simple question, if my best score ever is 47 on 9 holes, my best 18 is probably 110, have I "broken 100"?   (don't get to play a lot of 18 hole rounds is why I ask)
47   9 holes (~3000 yds???)   15 putts ( i'm quite happy)
I've never played as a single, only because I cannot physically see a golf ball farther than about 175 yds under ideal conditions.
thanks.. makes sense.. i was suspecting i should probably just get a 56.   it's a new toy anyway, right? :)
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