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 Well I'm glad that I am at least solidly in the 105-115 range then but I would still disagree with what you are saying. Sure if the course is crowded no sense in holding things up, but if no one is around and behind you, you'd probably be better off dropping another ball and practicing that shot they just missed. I doubt very many people walked onto the course and started shooting par.
Played again today. Started well with a par and the rest of the front was bogeys and doubles which is good for me. Finished with a 49 on the front so I met my short term goal there but I had a disastrous back nine and finished with a 106 I believe. What funny is I felt like I didn't strike the ball well but I must have done better than I though because I three putter more times today that I have in the last month. Should be back at it tomorrow with my brother in law,...
I took my son out to play a couple of times when he was 5 and several times so far this year. Also set up a net in the yard for him to practice which has been a big help. He's got more rounds under his belt at 6 than I had at 18.
I took my blade wedges out and went to playing my 56 degree Cleveland 588 as my only blade wedge. I only use it out of sand or maybe an occasional 1 or 2 shots per round. I use my 51 degree cavity back gap wedge that matches my set. I also moved away from teeing off with my 5 iron and forced myself to use my driver or 5 fairway. Smart recovery shots when I have a bad hit. Playing shots that I can handle and have practiced.
Slid in under 110 today with a 108, so its getting whittled down. Last 3 weeks were 126, 117, and 108. Not sure if I will get under 100 next week but I am hopeful to improve my score.
Surprised there isn't more information available on these or that more people haven't tried them.  I looked at the usga list of conforming golf balls and they were one of the small few that were listed as low spend off the driver and high spin off short irons.
Definitely feeling better. Hoping to break 110 in the very near future (short term goal). Season goal is under 100. Have to play in a golf tournament with family in about a month and don't want to be the worst one there. 
Took my son out for his second round in a week. He's doing pretty well considering and I'm actually impressed with his determination. He's having fun after he gets over the fact that he's not going to hit the green with his first shot. That lasts about 3 holes before he finally calms down.
Just got back from playing. Shot a 117 which is several strokes better than what I did last week. Tried to apply my evolved lessons today and even hit my driver today. I had some really short drives hut the majority of them were in the low 200 range with a very very easy swing, but they stayed straight and I will work on the distance later. Started pitting things together better on the back 9 where I was 11 strokes better than the front even with a big blow up hole (8 on a...
I tried playing many years back in my 20's but didn't really know how to swing at all. I still don't know in my 30's but I'm at a point where I want to improve and at least break 100. I think if I can commit to getting out there and playing as well as practicing I should be able to. I think that the evolvr lessons and hitting at home a little bit might put me over the hump.
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