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Not sure. I'm going to pick up some impact tape for another range session to find out. Most of my misses seem to be vertical rather than end to end with occasional misses on the toe of the club.
8 over on the front (good for me) and a disastrous +17 on the back.
Lately I have been playing a draw off most every tee box. Sometimes this is turning into a big hook and landing me OB left which is something I would like to eliminate. Recently I was at Dick's hitting on the simulator because it was a rainy day and I could not get to the range. I was hitting a draw with my Cleveland Classic Custom XL 10.5 with the JDL6 Stiff Shaft but not near as much left as I was with my Cobra Amp Cell with the Prolaunch Red Stiff (also set at 10.5). I...
Is this opportunity  still available? I've played the e5 and e6 somewhat before. Really like the spin with irons on e5 without having to give up on some distance characteristics 
Knocked down another milestone today. Finally broke 90 which was a big personal goal of mine. I felt like I needed to get there to feel like a real golfer. I didn't expect that today would be the day at the turn because I was +13 on the front nine, but finished the front nine with a couple of pars. Finished up only 2 over on the back which consisted of 3 bogeys, 1 birdie, and the rest were parts. Finished up with an 87. I was thrilled especially since I was even on the...
Bought a Taylor made Jetspeed driver but am going another route. This driver is about a week old and has been hit a few times at the range. Asking $80 in the 48 states. Paypal preferred.
I hit one today at DICK'S and was pretty impressed. The weights were set to neutral but I noticed that even my mis hits turned out really nicely. I'm too high of a handicapper to even think about spending the $400 on this club but I was wondering if I could get similar performance from the SLDR or Jetspeed which are available for much less.
Thanks all. Not knowing what to call it definitely won't keep me from using it since it has worked well for me in the past. I'm going to guess that over the last 2 or 3 times that I have played thinned or fatted pitches have cost me at least 5 strokes per round. I'm guessing it is more of a pitch and run based on what I'm seeing on these replies.
In one of the last scramble tournaments that I played it, I really struggled with shots under <100 yards using full or even 3/4 shots with wedges (Gap, Sand, and Lob). The tournament was three days. Day one and two were pretty disastrous on these shots and I really had a lot of trouble. One day three, the actual day that scores really counted, I decided to try and play smart golf and take higher percentage shots. A lot of shots involved clubbing up a club or two and...
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