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And it may not be that I have to roll over the forearms as much as I might need to "feel" that way. Right now I am holding off all they way through. I may not have to actually roll the forearms as much as just finish my swing properly.    We did take video, but not high speed. 
Well stretching is something that I can do outside of focusing on the swing. I'm naturally more comfortable with an upright two piece or two plane swing so that's not something that feels awkward. For now I am going to focus on keeping the club face more closed on the backswing and rolling over the forearms. Those will be my two main things to work on although as you know those two things have multiple elements.
I took a lesson yesterday from a local pro that I trust. I've got a lot of things going wrong, and I was a little upset to find that I am doing all the things that I suspected were an issue. Swinging out to in, and not getting the clubface back to square. Not squaring the clubface was do to me over rotating the club and opening it way up on the backswing but not coming through during the swing. Currently working on a combination of things: Swinging less around my body and...
Thanks guys. I am definitely "cupping" the wrist but have a lot of trouble when I try to bow it. Any tips for how to actually incorporate it into the swing.    And yeah, I do have my shots mapped out as long as I don't mind going up two clubs and aiming to the left of wherever I'm trying to go. 
Looking for a little help with a problem that I have developed over the last month or so. All my iron shots and most of my driver shots are going very high, right, and several clubs short. I am occasionally able to hit the ball straight or with a slight draw with my driver, but this is becoming less and less possible lately. Sorry I don't have any video I can upload at this time. I've hit the range several times and tried to shorten my backswing and follow through and...
That sucks. I have actually had good luck with the guys at the local Dick's. 
Ready to move these. Dropping the price to $325 shipped in the 48. Great deal on some really nice irons. 
              I just recently picked up a set of Callaway Razr X Forged Irons only to come across a very good deal on the irons that I originally wanted instead. My loss your gain. All have velvet tour type grips with the exception of the 7 iron which has a midsize Lamkin Permawrap grip. If that is a deal breaker I will throw in a tour velvet grip fo you to change out. Some of the standard grips are installed logo down and some are logo up, not sure...
Range sessions have been up and down. My swing is definitely off a lot from where it was. I just started experimenting with more of a two plane swing and I am having some success. Even though range sessions have been pretty poor overall, I managed to shoot a 97 today and had many chances to shoot better than that. The last three scores that I have are 95 and 97 on 18 and a 49 on 9. My handicap is now just a hair under 28, so things are going in the right direction and I...
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