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NXT tour s is a nice ball, I too lost a little distance with the S, I didn't mind though they feel pretty nice offf the club. I only buy higher priced balls when I run out of Gamers, the Topflite Gamer is so close to all of the $30/dozen balls that I am very happy with that. I have also recently played the Qstar,, E6 and both the NXT tour and tour-s. I bought someMax Fli Urethane  u3s, (Rocks IMO), and was given a dozen HEX Chromes in a tourney I played in. I would gladly...
i bought a couple of dozen of the thain U3 s to try. I was at Dicks where I normally buy my Gamers, I saw the deal on the Max Fli so I tried them. I am unimpressed. The Gamers feel softer and fly a bit further for me. I notice no difference on the greens other than the feel off the putter is better with the top flite. Just my opinion, but what I dislike the most about the U3 is it's too clicky of the club.
I just lost my blade putter. I went to a few different sporting goods stores, I was playing the next two days and I needed a putter. I tried several different putters. I noticed the the higher quality mallets were more stable on my take away. They also set up nicely behind the ball, I putted well with it and expect to get better with a little more time with it. Happy I made the switch. Mallets are better for me.
I am back to using my razr fit. The Grenade is a nice driver and long, I just like my Fit better. I hit it longer and better, but I have hit alot of drivers and I can't find one I like better than my Razr Fit.  I kept the Grenade in my bag for a couple of months, reshafted it, gave it a chance.
What's the loft on your 3W? You are tying to fill a twenty yard gap at 230 yards? What with different wind and turf conditions, different lie angles, seems like splitting hairs at that yardage. But if you must, I haven't found anyone who doesn't like the tour edge fairway woods. Try a xcg5 5 wood from ebay, they are 3 years old and you can get them fairly cheap.  Their hybrids I am less impressed with and don't waist your time on a tour edge driver. But I have 3 woods, a...
Give the top 100 today clubs. Balls and training technology from the 60s and 70s. Now take the top 100 in Jack's day give them modern golf tech and the benefits of 30 or 40 more years of golf history to learn from. I think the comparison is not a valid one. Tiger back in Jack's day would still be Tiger, wouldn't be anymore or less accomplish ed than he is in his own day. My opinion.
We walked on the11th Tee at Cypress Lakes last summer and there was a baby Rattler right there on the Tee box. He was all of 12 inches long and just plane mean, no sense of humor at all.  We should have killed it, they represent a very real danger on the course but we didn't, we tried to shoe it off the green with the handle of an iron. That little bastard latched on to the grip and wouldn't let go. Didn't want to shake the handle too much because he could've flew off and...
I do it all of the time. Fortunately mine is in the form of sh177y putts.
Thanks again, the next time he asks why nobody called him, I'm just going tell him to learn how to play the game. He's 35, not like he's a kid. 
It's very important to stay the course, no pun intended. I changed my swing last Sept. my thinking was that i wasn't going to ever break 80 so I changed. My scores went from upper 90s low100s before the change to 140s right after the change, it was brutal. So for the next couple of months it was 130s and 120s. As I struggled I learned and the light bulb slowly came on.  I'm making strides and I have to play pretty bad to shoot over 100 now. In fact, I haven't scored over...
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