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We walked on the11th Tee at Cypress Lakes last summer and there was a baby Rattler right there on the Tee box. He was all of 12 inches long and just plane mean, no sense of humor at all.  We should have killed it, they represent a very real danger on the course but we didn't, we tried to shoe it off the green with the handle of an iron. That little bastard latched on to the grip and wouldn't let go. Didn't want to shake the handle too much because he could've flew off and...
I do it all of the time. Fortunately mine is in the form of sh177y putts.
Thanks again, the next time he asks why nobody called him, I'm just going tell him to learn how to play the game. He's 35, not like he's a kid. 
It's very important to stay the course, no pun intended. I changed my swing last Sept. my thinking was that i wasn't going to ever break 80 so I changed. My scores went from upper 90s low100s before the change to 140s right after the change, it was brutal. So for the next couple of months it was 130s and 120s. As I struggled I learned and the light bulb slowly came on.  I'm making strides and I have to play pretty bad to shoot over 100 now. In fact, I haven't scored over...
Thanks for the responses. I'm not sure with this guy. One of our guys is teeing up a drive, at address and this knuckle head is taking practice swings on the tee behind him. We are on the green at 18, I'm putting for par, as I take my stroke he rips the velcro on his glove.  Talking doesn't get thru to this fool, I've tried talking to him at times and he gets defensive.
Top Flight Gamer. Cheap, Long and feels as good on the green and off the driver as anything under $35.
We have a guy that plays with us occasionally who it seems  is always asking me which club I'm using or how or where am I hitting my tee shot.  He also takes several practice swings and takes forever on every shot. We hate playing with him but he works with us, so it's almost unavoidable sometimes.  When does the clock start on his swing, is it forty seconds to take a shot  and seeking advice from anyone but a teammate is a penalty?  Thanks, I just want to be sure when I...
I'm 50 years old and I started golfing July 2011. When  I started I was shooting in the 120s. I played and practiced 3 or 4 times a week. After a year my scores were in the low 100s and occasionally in the high 90s, even shot an 89. After 14 months I decided that with my current swing I wouldn't be getting much better, So I changed it, went back to the fundamentals from Hogan's book and my scores ballooned up into the 140s, I was exasperated, frustrated and wondering why I...
99 for me today, unlike you I was happy with that score but disappointed in my ball striking. I chipped and putted well but got too aggressive on a couple of holes and shot a 9 on a front nine par 5 and a triple on a par3 with an 8 on a par 4 thrown in just for kicks.This is how I know that I am improving, when I am not hitting well and spraying the ball all over and  I can still manage a double at worst. Today it was over aggression that cost me 6 or 7 strokes.
I would love to participate, but $80 for a round of golf is unjustifiable to me. Now $80 spent in a weeks time is common for me on a round or two and range time. I will keep an eye on this group though for future outings.
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