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Yes I do come from the Ghetto, something wrong with that? You guys are just hurting my feelings now.
Childish? a good way to get decked? Ok, where's the childish comment about the jerk off who told me to go f myself?  You afraid to get Decked? That's what I was giving him his chance to do. Where I come from, getting decked is preferable to letting some punk insult you. Win or lose is secondary.   You say it's a good way to get decked, but judging by your post I doubt you would deck somebody.
Yes, I agree but I am older and wiser now. You just can't go around beating people up when they piss you off. Not worth losing a day of golf, let alone an assault charge.
Why does that matter? I am sure he heard it, it wasn't directed at him. It certainly didn't warrant telling me to fuc myself.  Shoes on the other foot, I would've apologized for telling him it was saved  after he dumped his balls on the ground.   You don't have to buy it.
Played a nice course in Stockton this weekend, about an hour from my house. Regular foursome, it was going to be a good day.  I check in and grab a club and head for the driving range to loosen up. I go to the nearest open stall and dump my bucket. Guy next to me says that he's saving the stall for his wife, ok I'm ok with that, but now I've got to pick up the balls I dumped, I muttered something like Jesus crist, ( Lord I apologize) and bend down and start picking up my...
That's damn funny.
I am sure there are several reviews on this shaft, it's been in production for a few years now. I will consider writing a review after I have played it several rounds.
I decided to stop by my preferred golf shop today, it was on my way to a job and I needed a new grip for my XCG5 3 wood.  I left with a new grip alright, but it was attached to a new XCG7 Beta 3 wood. Does this sort of thing happen to anyone else? Now I gotta feel guilty for a day or two, at least until I can get on a range with it.  I hate when this happens.
Replaced the stock  Project X stiff in my Optiforce last week with a Whiteboard.  After a med bucket Saturday morning I decided to play this shaft this past weekend, the results were dramatic.  I had to dial the loft up to 10.5 because of the low launch of the Mits, but I was hitting fairways and the feel of the shaft allows me pull through hard on the ball. I don't know that my distance is was any better but I'm sure my average for the two rounds I played went way...
NXT tour s is a nice ball, I too lost a little distance with the S, I didn't mind though they feel pretty nice offf the club. I only buy higher priced balls when I run out of Gamers, the Topflite Gamer is so close to all of the $30/dozen balls that I am very happy with that. I have also recently played the Qstar,, E6 and both the NXT tour and tour-s. I bought someMax Fli Urethane  u3s, (Rocks IMO), and was given a dozen HEX Chromes in a tourney I played in. I would gladly...
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