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i am buying the titleist d913 d2 driver and i am slighlty confused on which shaft to get.my swing speed i around 108-112 miles but i slide my hips quite alot so my swing is not smooth at all.i am thinking of geting the fujikara f3 70 stiff shaft fitted.what do you guys think
Anyone here ?
Still the swing is quite clear
Guys check out my swing and give me tips to improve
@ralphs07 tried your swim noodle tip and it worked really well..now i am drawing the ball instead of fading and pusing
wat u need is a bloody proper weight shift to hit consistent,straight and long plus u need a normal short game.it is very simple either you hav to be talented or work very hard
Well u hav certain options..choke down is one option but ofcourse the most ideal would be to swing abit less but that is a bit diffult shot to play as you can end up hitting push with it as you are not use to that shot so u have to practice that shot st the range and if it still doesnt work.thant getvurself irons with regular flex
i have this major problem of pushing my hips as i start my downswing.I have absolutely no hip turn on my followthrough and plus no arm extension as my arms pull in after impact and my feeling at impact is really bad.my lower body turn is just not in my control.i literally jump at impact in.order to turn ahead.urgent help requit
well one reason for this can be that maybe your taking your backswing with a close club face..stop midway through  your practice swing  and see in what position its your club face..if you use your wrists in your swing so try opening your club face on the backswing using ur wrists and secondly the club you are using can be a factor..i switched from a r9 3 wood to a rocketballz 3 wood and now i am a totally different player with my 3 wood
my hip pushes towards left of the target
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