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Haha yup that's a high price and yup you need an adapter in order to fix the head onto the shaft ..go on ebay and search for a used head ..a used one wouldn't really be any different
Well it really depends on your feel . I'm 5-8 and I choke down on my wedges I get much more control and much better impact as with wedges distance doesn't matter so the only thing you are looking for is control and I get much better control when choking down on my wedges.so i guess the shorter clubs may give you much more control than before
Well you will need an adapter that will be compatible with the head you are going to buy.well the rocketfuel shaft usually comes with the rbz stage 2 driver.id advise you to buy a rbz stage 2 tour head instead of the standard rbz stage 2 head as the tour head will give you much more control
Is there a adapter with your shaft ?
@mvmac incase if he has limited flexibility is what I meant though ..he doesn't seem to be rotating that well so that is what made me think that he has limited flexibility though the it's clearly showing that his swing plane is quite inside the line but still the problem seem more of the rotation than of of the swing plane
Just make your backswing abit shorter and just rip it on the follow through that is what works when you have limited flexibility
Okay so this is a very common fault with wedges reason being the thin blades of the wedge which doesn't leave any room for error and doesn't offer much forgiveness.only a smooth swing wil get you a perfect shot with your wedge .let me share some of my thoughts to hit the wedges smoothly .firstly I grip loose and feel tension free .secondly I feel as if I'm standing right next to a wall and I should not move from it through out my swing .thirdly don't try to look at the...
And can any suggest me some good coach aswell .im a 6 handicapper and really want to take my game to another level
Hey guys I'm looking to buy a whole new set and get it customized .i wil be in London in a few weeks time so can anyone suggest me any good club custom fitting centre in London
i am buying the titleist d913 d2 driver and i am slighlty confused on which shaft to get.my swing speed i around 108-112 miles but i slide my hips quite alot so my swing is not smooth at all.i am thinking of geting the fujikara f3 70 stiff shaft fitted.what do you guys think
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