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I don't see her being lucky in that photo,even if she didn't loose an eye.  But dang, that's rough, very rough.
watch out for the crocks and roos...  Have fun on the down under courses!   I think it's summer there now, right?  Or isn't it always summer there?   Doug
I always liked Overlapped best.  Interlocked never felt right to me.  I would not consider a baseball grip.  To disjointed.  The hands need to be tied together.
If Jasper Parnavick could wear what he wore golfing, I say big deal about cargo shorts.  I have some that the pocket can barely even be seen on.  However, I really like my Polo ones that have big ole pockets, they  are handy for tees and balls.   Probably don't look the best, true.  But they are functional!   But to ask a man to come back to the clubhouse at the 12th hole, that is rediculous.  They either tell him in the pro shop before he tees off, or they tell him...
I am a professional putt putt player.  It's a tough racket.     I am kidding!  Computer Programming.  .NET apps.  I manage one system primarily for a major University.   But I am sure some more stuff is coming my way.  I'm the most under promoted underpaid son of a gun you can imagine after 23 years.  Locked in is a good word for it.  sigh...
Hey, I thought all of Mississippi was south. ;)  Welcome, of course, who am I to welcome you but a newb here.  lol.  
LOL  Big Daddy.   Of course you do.   Erik, as soon as I have hit the club a couple of times, I can post something on it.  I will.  Right now, all I have is hitting booth time.     Thanks. Doug
Check out my Titleist Av I did today.  I am D2Doug at another forum or two, so even though I just got a D3, stayed with D2Doug   how's the Av look?
It's not difficult to find if you know w here to find it.  lol.  I didn't and I looked.  Pitty, I can't list a great deal in a new R11s, I decided against keeping it.   thanks for the tips.  
I have the Ecco shoes with nobby like sole, and they are very comfortable, and are a stable platform as well.  I have  rarely if ever slipped during a swing.   I bought them last spring,   Really, if you have foot problems, you owe it to yourself to try the Ecco.  No shoe I have ever tried has more support them Ecco except for Mephisto, and Mephisto are pricey for golf or street!  Though I own both in street.  Ecco and FJ in golf.
New Posts  All Forums: