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Do you play the same course all of the time?   I use GolfNow and book a tee time that usually puts me with other golfers.   I'm met some amazing people and enjoyed playing with others.   I play many different courses throughout the year.  I do play golf by myself if I can sneak out directly after work and I'm good either way.   
Same 'ole Lions.   The defense played very well but take Johnson out of the game and Stafford is useless.   He was responsible for 3 turnovers.   How often do you see a team win with 3?
Same 'ole Lions.    They have lost to Aaron Rogers 9 of the last 10 times.
The teams around here have 2 teams, A and B. The A teams all shoot under 80. The B teams go anywhere from 80 to 110.
Missed it by "   "  that much!
I rushed home after work, straight to the local golf course.   The course was empty with only about 10 cars in the parking lot.   I was playing by myself and there was a foursome on the front and the back nine just teeing off.   I decided to play the back and waited for the the foursome to clear my distance.   They were playing very slow.   After they finished I played #10, jumped to #12 and by that time they were finishing up on #11.   I played #11 and jumped back to...
If I hit the fairway, "Hey diddle diddle, hit it down the middle".   If I leave a putt short, it either has lace on it or I'm Alice   If I putt and I'm still away, it's still a "U za".   U za still away.
There are days where the white balls disappear in the clouds.   On a typical cloudy Michigan day though, I like white.    I do like the bright yellow as an alternative.
I really liked the book.   It is fast paced and compelling.   The reader is wrapped up in the lifes of the characters and you feel as if you personally know them.    This book is highly recommended.     Thanks for giving us the opportunity to preview it.   I'm sure it will be a great seller.       Like the others, I'm awaiting the sequel.   Denny
Thanks for the review.   Next year I'll be taking a gander at new shoes and your review makes the decision easier.
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