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I'd consider retiring from work so I could play golf everyday.
I'm taking one for the team.  $2.95 for shipping.  
I'm surprised Michigan State isn't on the list.   Like Rutgers, they are both considered Moo U and have a turf tech facilities.   MSU even developed turf to be used for a World Cup Soccer Qualifier at the Silverdome in Pontiac, MI back in 1994.  
Here in Michigan a few years back on July 4th.   There was a guy that fell off of a raft on the Rifle River and cussed up a storm.     The story, which made headlines in 1999, began when Timothy J. Boomer, while on a canoe outing with friends, fell into the frigid waters of the Rifle River and unleashed an emphatic stream of profanities.   Perhaps the story could have stopped right there, had Mr. Boomer, then 25, had access to some of Mr. O'Connor's advice.   Find...
  Sounds like a business opportunity!
Lowe's has rods that are used to show the driveway during heavy snow.   They make excellent alignment rods and are only about $3 ea.
There are no women PGA teachers in my local area.  I would not have a problem taking a lesson from any "good" instructor, male or female.     I believe regardless of gender, a pro with a different teaching method, sometimes, would be beneficial.       BTW...a finalist PGA teacher of the year is a female.
New Posts  All Forums: