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  I could have used this today.   I lost three balls in the fairway, somewhere under the leaves. 
Crazy.   We have fog like that some days but there is no way I'd try to golf in that.   Trying to find a golf ball in the leaves in the fall is bad enough but with fog, I'd wait until it lifted.   For me it would be an expensive round, losing golf balls.
I subscribe to both Golf and Golf Digest.  They were gifts from my wife for Christmas.  I read them for pure entertainment, like was previously posted, the information gained needs to be personal not generic.  Once in a while you'll find a little gem.   Of the two, I like Golf better than Golf Digest.
I played Sunday here in Michigan and they wiped ice off of the top of the cart.   My tee time was around 2PM EST.    The day started with a heavy frost and 28º.
Thanks.  I'll find a class in the spring.
Is it worthwhile to take an Aimpoint class during the winter (Michigan)?   I'm afraid if I took a class during the winter months that I'd forget everything I learned before I got a chance to get outside and play again in the spring. 
Looks like the Lions will be interviewing kickers. Bad day overall for Detroit sports.
As a Michigan Alum, I have to tolerate the ugly. I can't disagree with your comments about Rich Rod but Michigan is old money and they dictate a lot. For the money people, tradition is everything. I don't see that changing anytime soon. Money talks. Recently Donald Ross put his support behind Hoke and Brandon and for that,they will stay.
I like to play golf but it depends upon the crowd. I enjoy mountain biking but to watch on TV, NCAA football and NCAA basketball. I don't like pro sports except for soccer
We had sleet and hail in Michigan this afternoon.    Not a good weekend for golf.    High today is about 48º with heavy winds.   Chill factor around 37º.   
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