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I don't disagree with you but this isn't new.   Verizon and some other phone companies use to have laws where it was illegal to root an android phone or jailbreak an iphone.   It wasn't until recently that that was reversed.  I'm one of the people that believe, if I bought it, it's mine.   I rooted my first Droid X back in 2010 and my Nexus 7 when it became available.     I'm not defending the car companies but with all of the computer related equipment in cars today, it...
  This should be cut and dry.   If you didn't pay for it, you shouldn't own it.   Does anything other than that happen?   Sure, even among the most religious people in the world.  Per the idea that nobody caries about copyright infringement, ask the people that were sued by the RIAA.   They settled for about $10k each for stealing music.  Per the golf instruction,  it's not illegal but the quoted statement calls Adam Scott a dumb jerk.   He taught his wife.   I don't...
Just ....  amazing.    Thanks for sharing.   
I leave my phone on mute in the cart because I use either Golflogix or Golfshot.     I really detest a phone ringing on the golf course. 
I have both Golflogix and Golfshot.   I like both.      What droid phone do you have?   Some of the older ones will use a lot of battery and you'll hear people complain about that.    If you have something newer than a 2012 phone, the battery life will be sufficient for 18 holes if you follow the apps suggestions and turn off the screen after each use.   I have an older Samsung Galaxy S3 and I can get 18 holes in without any problems and still have about 30% left.   I...
I have the Cobra Encore ZL.   I bought it at Carl's here in Michigan and it was 30 yard farther than my previous driver.  I'm still working on my swing so I may not be a good testament but I like mine.
I've never tried the shorter one but love the longer one.
Thanks for sharing.   The only PGA event I've been able to attend was when the Buick Open was in Grand Blanc, MI.    The atmosphere is surreal.   That is an awesome place and your pictures are fantastic.   Thanks again for letting us enjoy the game through your pictures.  
I am called a Saint.
 Ubersense is amazing.   Give it a try.
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