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I have Charter.  We have excellent service.   I get about 60 MBps. 
A sincere thanks to all of our military families.  I enjoy my life style because of your service and dedication.  
This has been happening in manufacturing jobs for years.  Look at the auto industry.   
Here in Michigan where it's almost always overcast and cloudy, the white balls disappear in the clouds.   Using the Srixon yellow balls, they tend to get lost in the fairway among the dandelions.    If we have a partial sunny day (heaven forbid) the white shows up nice and is easier to see in the grass than my Srixon yellow balls.   I'm looking for a fluorescent ball that plays like the Q-Star.  
Everyone can aspire to be a senior.   It beats the alternative.  Life is short.  
Don't worry, be happy!
Welcome.   I'm from Davison, just down the road.
I don't disagree with you but this isn't new.   Verizon and some other phone companies use to have laws where it was illegal to root an android phone or jailbreak an iphone.   It wasn't until recently that that was reversed.  I'm one of the people that believe, if I bought it, it's mine.   I rooted my first Droid X back in 2010 and my Nexus 7 when it became available.     I'm not defending the car companies but with all of the computer related equipment in cars today, it...
  This should be cut and dry.   If you didn't pay for it, you shouldn't own it.   Does anything other than that happen?   Sure, even among the most religious people in the world.  Per the idea that nobody caries about copyright infringement, ask the people that were sued by the RIAA.   They settled for about $10k each for stealing music.  Per the golf instruction,  it's not illegal but the quoted statement calls Adam Scott a dumb jerk.   He taught his wife.   I don't...
Just ....  amazing.    Thanks for sharing.   
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