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That is too funny!     Thanks for sharing.
The golf expo is coming to the Detroit area the first weekend of March.  Can't wait. 
I book most of my rounds online.   I have learned to call the course and get a cost because I've seen tee times cheaper at the course than what Golf Now charges.   That is not the norm.   I usually play a variety of course in the area and play heavily discounted rounds.   What's nice about Golf Now is that I can play courses that are usually private but allow some non-members to play.
I play regularly with an elderly couple.   The lady shoots around 120 but plays ready golf.   I've seen her hole out two shots, from distance.   One from 75 yards and the other from 56 yards. 
I do know that Sara Brown could join!
I have an Orange Whip.    The weight and counter weight on the handle make it heavy enough to help with the tempo of the swing.   It's not too heavy and allows the user to feel a swing.   Like all training aides, it's personal but I like it and swing it frequently.  I believe it works.  
I did last year. Loved it. Too lazy to go back though but I need to. It did help.
  That looks like fun.   I wish I was closer.    
I have a Samsung Galaxy S3.   I've used both Golflogix and Golfshot.  I currently have a yearly paid subscription to both.  The jury is still out which one works best.    The UI for each is different and I guess it boils down to a personal preference.   One thing I do not like about Golfshot, if you have a round you want to enter manually, you have to do it in your phone, not online.   It would be much easier to enter the round via their website instead of the phone.   I...
I have the Garmin Vivosmart.   It's different and not as classy as the Surge but performs well and so far the tech support has been pretty good.   I bought it from REI which has a one year unquestioned 100% return policy if I don't like it.    So far so good.   I added the heart rate monitor.   It will announce calls, text and other messages, play music from my smart phone, track steps, sleep monitor, phone locator and a few other options. 
New Posts  All Forums: