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If you are a visual person, yoga blocks outside the ball may help or try setting up an alignment stick with a swim noodle behind and inside your down the line view.  The concept is that the visual stimulus will help you come more from the inside trying not to hit the yoga blocks or the swim noodle.     I do like Boogielicious's suggestions.   Slow and specific.   Look at the thread he suggested.   It is a great read.
Those are great.   Thanks for sharing.
From one Michigander to another, welcome.
What do you mean by downsizing?   Trimming the video length ie.. from 1:18 to 0:16?   I use a program called Kinovea that is free and works well.   http://www.kinovea.org/   If you are looking to downsize the actual video size from 4MB to 2MB, try Handbrake:  http://www.howtogeek.com/199637/use-handbrake-to-compress-large-video-files-to-play-on-your-tablet-or-phone/
I was at the driving range this week and with a partial cloudy sky, the white ranges balls disappeared in the clouds.   I think I'll try some color.  
I use Golfshot and Golflogix.   I'm torn between the two and after one year still haven't decided which one I like better.   I have not used the Golfnow app for the GPS and purposely haven't updated in the playstore because of the negative reviews.   Both Golfshot and Golflogix work well and give you statistics.  
I remember the previous round in detail trying to track my improvement.   I can't say I remember more than that because (if my wife was looking over my shoulder) I can't remember yesterday's dinner, or what she was wearing.  
That is too funny!     Thanks for sharing.
The golf expo is coming to the Detroit area the first weekend of March.  Can't wait. 
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