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When you see that, the course may be open but they haven't shared their tee times with Golfnow.   There are several in Michigan like that.   Several courses here that I play are open but their tee times aren't available on Golfnow.   Some of the ones that are listed are actually the same price that you can get at the pro shop.     Alway know the original price before buying your tee time online.   I've seen instances where some courses were cheaper for seniors at the...
oh wow, that's tough.     Demsey Donovan Altidore Wondo   Although I like Gomez and E. Johnson. 
  Dang.. Are you me?  I was a WSI back in the day and completely agree with everything you say.    I am still into mountain biking and ride frequently here in Michigan.   I'd like to see inexperience riders ride fast over terrain like they have in Moab, UT  (going in three weeks!) One doesn't learn to play the piano or any musical instrument fast either.    For the same principal, you don't see amateurs racing new corvettes on the tracks at work.  
This past weekend I was lucky enough to play both Saturday and Sunday.   (Snow coming tonight, Monday)   Saturday:  96   FIR 8 / 14 GIR - 3 7 pars putts - 37   Sunday: 92 FIR 9 / 13 GIR - 5 5 pars putts - 37   I was happy getting off of the tee.  I was not happy with my short game.  Last year I averaged about 31 putts per round.  This is something I know I can fix with some work.    What gave me fits was from 50 yards in.  I had several holes with multiple...
  My wife has started eating a plant based diet and it's amazing the information that promotes healthier living by taking processed foods out of the diet.    It is very difficult for her to find oil free foods.  Trader Joe's use to carry an oil free pasta sauce but they have changed the recipe.   She is now making her own.   I'll admit it's pretty good.  I haven't converted yet but I will say the data that supports her new lifestyle is amazing.
I'm not a good player by any stretch but your ball striking seems to be impressive.     I spent the last two years just working on getting off of the tee and the biggest advise I got from two different instructors was to work on tempo.   The swing is a waltz.   One - and  - two, where the -and- is a slight pause at the top to allow the rest of my swing to catch up.     I played this weekend and hit and 8/14 on Saturday and 9/13 on Sunday (first time out this...
As a long time Red Wing fan, I don't believe the team has played together in sync with all of the injuries to the team.   A few players have stepped up but as was previously mentioned, during the playoffs, its about team depth and goal tending.    Detroit although they have beaten Boston 3 - 1 this year doesn't like to play physical.    I don't see them winning 2 games.      I like Boston to win it all, although the Kings could surprise me.
I can't argue that but you can't count out Germany, Spain or Brazil.   I'm really looking forward to it.
Besides the obvious, I'd wish to win every event in which I participated, never lose.    They would kick me out of casinos because I would win so much, I'd play professional sports and professional golf.    Everyone else could fight for second place.
I realize you are in Texas but here in Michigan there is a Mulligan Tour.    http://www.themulligantour.com/     They cater to higher handicaps.    I believe there are similar tours in Texas. 
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