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Thanks for sharing.   Looks like it's right up my alley.
Very informative help with the driver setup.   Thanks for sharing.
I live near Flint and play many different courses.  If you have time come check out some of them.   To answer your question, check out the Mulligan Tour.   http://www.themulligantour.com/
I have the same but in a cart bag.   I really like it.  Good choice.
Thanks for the fix/correction.   Much appreciated.
After watching the games last night:   Alabama Oregon Ohio Florida State   These teams all won their conferences.  Could TCU and Baylor beat these teams?  Sure but this would force their conference to have a playoff.  
I use both Golflogix and Golfshot (haven't made a decision yet).   Obviously Golflogix's calorie counter is a generalization.   I will burn more/less calories than you.  If I stop at the turn and get a hot dog and pop to go, I'm adding to the calorie count.   Does it know if I use mustard, ketchup or onions?  Regardless if you walk, pull or push a cart or ride, this option on Golflogix isn't anything more than a guess.  If you walk, buy a pedometer and count steps.   The...
If you are near Detroit, check out Carl's Golfland.   I was fitted for a driver a couple of years ago and the results were pretty good.  
  I take away from this post that it's dangerous to live in Pittsburgh.
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