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I really liked the book.   It is fast paced and compelling.   The reader is wrapped up in the lifes of the characters and you feel as if you personally know them.    This book is highly recommended.     Thanks for giving us the opportunity to preview it.   I'm sure it will be a great seller.       Like the others, I'm awaiting the sequel.   Denny
Thanks for the review.   Next year I'll be taking a gander at new shoes and your review makes the decision easier.
Check out your local yoga studio.   You'll develop strength and flexibility.
Use this forum as a resource.   Most everyone is friendly but opinionated.    What you will find and rightfully so, the admins are very knowledgeable and giving with great information.      BTW...I live in Davison
I've played 14 different courses this year.  Most of my golf has been local except for an occasional trip to Northern Michigan.
I watched it tonight by accident.   It was pretty bland.  It reminded me of my supervisor that always speaks monotone.    I guess I didn't notice the hair extensions. 
I usually have at least one per round.   Local course, Sugarbush (7326 yds) , par 5 #17.   I shouldn't be that difficult because the fairway is wide.   OB on the left with light trees on the right that one could at least find a stray ball.    I had had trouble getting off of the tee but hit a very good tee shot.   My second shot, I pulled a 5H OB on the left.   In my haste and flusteration I dubbed a chip, hit the second attempt over the green and finally on the third chip...
Thanks for the testimony. What prompted you to choose Golf Tec? Friends, relatives etc?
Our local golf league (beer league) plays this way to speed up play. It works for the league
All good advice.  From Erik's book, practice slow swings and then gradually build up speed.   My local pro had be buy a couple of yoga blocks to take to the range.  They work the same way as the cardboard box, aren't destroyed when they get hit and with two, you can visualize a gate to swing between. 
New Posts  All Forums: