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Why do the greens change speed after a rain?
I drove a new Buick last month that had adaptive speed control. I set the cruise at 75 and never had to touch the brake or accelator until I chose to exit the expressway. It slowed and accelerated based upon the traffic. It was very nice in the heavy driving rain where it was difficult to see the vehicle in front.
The testing is pretty impressive. Ann Arbor has a small city for autonomous vehicles. At my work, the testing has been ramped up. It is exciting to see.
I was fitted for a driver a couple of years ago and it made a big difference.   I gained 30 yards off of the tee.   They did tell me to go take lessons and keep my irons because lessons would prove more valuable than a fitted set with a swing that needed fixing.  
I tried one at our local golf store and I believe it will be my next putter.  It just felt right.
WOW.   That's a labor of love.   You put some time into that.   Impressive.
I tired bi-focal contacts when I was playing soccer and hockey.   They didn't work for me as well as glasses.  I won't try them playing golf.  
I've never had trouble with my progressive lenses.  My brother on the other hand .....   I look thru the center of my glasses and from day one have never had any issues.   I guess I'm fortunate because I hear complaints all of the time from others.
To get good breathable rain gear, you'll have to spend the bucks. The good stuff isn't cheap.
Thank you.  I've been hesitant about pulling the trigger but would love to have one.   Looking forward to your review.
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