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I subscribe to both Golf and Golf Digest.  They were gifts from my wife for Christmas.  I read them for pure entertainment, like was previously posted, the information gained needs to be personal not generic.  Once in a while you'll find a little gem.   Of the two, I like Golf better than Golf Digest.
I played Sunday here in Michigan and they wiped ice off of the top of the cart.   My tee time was around 2PM EST.    The day started with a heavy frost and 28º.
Thanks.  I'll find a class in the spring.
Is it worthwhile to take an Aimpoint class during the winter (Michigan)?   I'm afraid if I took a class during the winter months that I'd forget everything I learned before I got a chance to get outside and play again in the spring. 
Looks like the Lions will be interviewing kickers. Bad day overall for Detroit sports.
As a Michigan Alum, I have to tolerate the ugly. I can't disagree with your comments about Rich Rod but Michigan is old money and they dictate a lot. For the money people, tradition is everything. I don't see that changing anytime soon. Money talks. Recently Donald Ross put his support behind Hoke and Brandon and for that,they will stay.
I like to play golf but it depends upon the crowd. I enjoy mountain biking but to watch on TV, NCAA football and NCAA basketball. I don't like pro sports except for soccer
We had sleet and hail in Michigan this afternoon.    Not a good weekend for golf.    High today is about 48º with heavy winds.   Chill factor around 37º.   
  Winter?   Golf?   The two don't go together in Michigan.   I do play on a simulator during the winter but today the wind chill is about 30 degrees and rain.    Not a day to golf.
The Bridgestone E series is compatible with the the Q-Star.   I use both.
New Posts  All Forums: