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That is so cool.   Thanks for sharing it with us.
There you go, making sense. 
I saw a red fox run out of the woods, grab a ball and return back to the woods.  We still laugh about that to this day.
Lately I've been working around the green.   I'm chipping 6 balls to each of the practice green holes and then putting each from that chip.  I'm making a game of it and trying to conclude that up and down (1 chip, 1 putt) is par.  I'm working with my sand wedge, gap, pitching and 9 iron.   I'm learning quite a bit about how each works around the green since I have to putt each chip.  The short game has always been my downfall (until recently).   There are times I'll have...
I live in Michigan and it's not uncommon for I-96 to travel around 85 mph most of the time.   If everyone is traveling at that speed, it is safe.   What really causes problems is you'll get a person that has decided to save gas and drive 60 mph.   It doesn't take long for somebody to come upon a vehicle traveling 25 mph less than another.   You see severe braking, swerving in and out of traffic and a lot of middle fingers.     For some reason, the slow drivers (speed...
http://www.golfsmith.com/product/30028918/ztech-valuables-pouch   This is a relatively small three zipper pouch.   I keep tees, divot repair tools and ball markers in it.   I have a D-ring and attach it to my towel ring.
I voted no.     Last week in our league, I birdied the first hole, a par three.  On number two, I didn't get off of the tee very well but ended up with a bogie.  #3, the wheels fell off.   Two days later, I started off pulling my initial tee shot into the woods.  I finished that 9 fairly well but on the back nine, shot one of my best scores of the year.    I've hit some great warm up shots on the driving range before a round and then completely sucked afterwards.   ...
I play with an older couple each week, they just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.   Today we finished 18 in exactly 4 hours.   She isn't much of a golfer but has been coached to play ready golf.     I don't think it's a bad idea for handicap compatibility but I think the course rangers, when available, should enforce faster play.
I have Almost golf balls and use them with my Medicus 5 iron.   I can hit it over 70 yards.    I like them but they are certainly different chipping than a real ball.
I have the Adams and love them.   They are easy to hit from any surface. 
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