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I use the Fusion.  I have everyday.   My beard is about medium in density.    My blades last one month before replacement.    I buy a 4 pack every 4 mos.    I like the shave.    By the way ,  my wife shave her legs with the same razor/blade.    At the end they are getting pretty worn.    But I don't see the need to change more often.
Scott,  so sorry to hear about your friend.    I hope you have a lot of fond memories of him because that helps when you reflect on your loss.   I have just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and that sure has changed my life as would be expected.    l am undergoing treatment but nothing is for sure.     I was absolutely overwhelmed with the with support and prayers that people have given me. The blitz group that I play with have been absolutely wonderful.     They...
I saw the Payne Stewart 15th anniversary special on his death on Golf Channel the other day.    He was one of my favorite players and I enjoyed seeing his "knicker" outfits.    Time has gone by so fast.     A damn shame that faulty maintenance on the aircraft caused the death of all the passengers on that flight.
Based on what I have heard about signing autographs for fans and tipping the support staff,   I have to go with Phil Mickelson.
I enjoy this thread!!    This is a lot better than a Hillary Clinton news conference.
Sighhhh.........   Thailand sure is a model country for justice and corruption..
I like Phil.  He is known as a good tipper .  Contrary to Tiger who is known as one of the worst tippers.    I just wish was more of a contender,   to make the tournaments more interesting.    l think he has a lot of class.
I have Verizon FIOS and it has great quality.   However,   I am paying for hundreds and hundreds of channels .  We watch maybe at the most 15-30 channels consistently.   That includes local news, live sports, and channels we are interested in , like cooking,  crime, National Geographic, history.     The only show we watch from the big 3 is Blue Bloods.    I could give a d*mn about the shopping, Spanish,  Moslem,   alternative life styles,  and reality shows.     It really...
Exactly,  I have no interest at all in that show.   But then again I am in my 60's and it seem that it is geared towards the younger demographic.   Doug
Started concentrating on my short game last year at the suggestion of my local pro.  Marked improvement .     40% chipping 40% putting 20% range.      I am breaking 100 much more than I used to.  If I shoot over a 100 it usually less than 3 strokes.
New Posts  All Forums: