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Thanks guys for the tips.  I appreciate it.   Doug
colin, what do you suggest to keep up my fitness.   I rode my bike for a couple miles the other day and was fairly tired.    My muscle mass is disappearing with my weight.   Any suggestions.   Doug
Congratulations....... The closest I ever came to one was 6 inches.    A hole in one is on my bucket list.  The other items left are flying in a bi-plane and flying in a glider.   They are much more likely.   Doug
Since A.W.  has been inducted to the HOF,   Has anyone played his course and what did you think of it?   In the early 90's I was in KC for several months and played Swope Memorial numerous times. That is the only Tillinghast course I have played.   I really enjoyed it and have even thought of going back to play it.    
Well,   just to give you an update.....   I finished my 4th rd of chemo.   the side effects are cumulative.    The effects seem to last longer/ more intense after each round.     I can't complain as there are a lot of people at the chemo center who are worse than me.     I have lost 35+ lbs so far.   Down to 144.     The effect on my golf game has been significant.   I 've lost 10-15 yds on my driver/irons.    I get tired quickly and can only play 9 holes before calling...
Tiger could always hire Bill Clinton as spokesman,    " He did not have sex with that woman."
My parents were WWII vets, they smoked almost their entire lives..    Everyone in the service smoked.     On the WWII ships that I served on in the early 70's every bunk in the berthing area had an ashtray so you could smoke in your bunk.
Really is anyone surprised.    You can't make a Tiger change his stripes.    I'll say it again, he is not a man of class or integrity.  I hope he never wins another tournament.
I use the Fusion.  I have everyday.   My beard is about medium in density.    My blades last one month before replacement.    I buy a 4 pack every 4 mos.    I like the shave.    By the way ,  my wife shave her legs with the same razor/blade.    At the end they are getting pretty worn.    But I don't see the need to change more often.
Scott,  so sorry to hear about your friend.    I hope you have a lot of fond memories of him because that helps when you reflect on your loss.   I have just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and that sure has changed my life as would be expected.    l am undergoing treatment but nothing is for sure.     I was absolutely overwhelmed with the with support and prayers that people have given me. The blitz group that I play with have been absolutely wonderful.     They...
New Posts  All Forums: