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Started concentrating on my short game last year at the suggestion of my local pro.  Marked improvement .     40% chipping 40% putting 20% range.      I am breaking 100 much more than I used to.  If I shoot over a 100 it usually less than 3 strokes.
Welcome!   I visited Aberdeen back in 1971, courtesy of the U.S. Navy.    I had a blast,   the citizens treated us very well.  It was quite a difference from the way we were treated by our countrymen because of the Viet Nam war.  By the way,   I am from Aberdeen, Maryland.  The official sister city of Aberdeen , Scotland.
Welcome  Todd,   I see a lot of Canadian license plates coming through Va on the way south during this time of year.  After suffering from one of the coldest winters here in years.   I don't know how you guys live through these winters.   Doug
I hope everyone had a great holiday.    I just want to give you an update on my progress.     My last 10 scores  from  Dec to Aug.      96 ,99,102,99,95,94,99,100,100,101   My handicap has gone from 26.7  to 24.2.   Now with the weather warming a little here in Virginia,   I am hoping to start playing more.   By the way,    I am still doing the 70%, 30% practice rule as I stated earlier.   Doug
Tiger is a great golfer no doubt. But as far as morals/ethics, he is lacking.
Being a navy veteran with shipmates who were stationed there and my son who is a Marine stationed there 3 yrs; this is not uncommon and the Hawaiians are famous for this. Yes they are racist.
I joined a private club 18 mos ago.   It is a very nice club and reasonable.   The course is known as one of the nicest in the area as well more difficult than most of the public courses.    I have been playing several times a week with a bunch of regulars.  That being said I enjoy playing with 95% of them and consider most of them friends.    I thought about quitting but all of the advantages of membership exceed the disadvantages so I have decided to stay with...
I've always that she was an attractive lady.
What is LSW??
My favorite band of all time is The Moody Blues. My favorite male vocalist is Roy Orbison. My favorite female vocalist is Patsy Cline.
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