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Hey everyone,    finished my 7th round.   1 more to go than on to the radiation.    The Dr.'s are pretty optimistic so far.     They all believe the tumor is shrinking as a result of the chemo.     The next cat scan will show for sure.    Initially,  the tumor's size and location made it inoperable as it was too close to arteries and veins of the small intestine.  They were afraid that I could bleed out on the table if one was nicked.     But with substantial shrinkage...
Doug,  tks for the info.    I will be scheduled for radiation as soon as this series of chemo os over.     Then another cat scan to see if I am a candidate for surgery.     I am trying to stay active and at least several meals a day.  Even if they are not large in size.    I do take ensure with the 350 cal portion so that should help somewhat.     Doug
I used to love to play Heather Glen.   However I played early last year and was shocked on how bad it was.   It was absolutely terrible.   Has anyone played it lately?    By the way they used to have a website mbga.com   that was run by a bunch of golf enthusiasts .   They had reviews that seemed to be pretty truthful.   That site is now bought out by a commercial entity and don't think they are that truthful on their reviews.
Just finished my 6th chemo yesterday.   Only 2 more rds left.    I played 9 holes on Monday.   It was pretty easy as it was best ball.   Had fun being out with my golf buddies.  I am trying to walk a little more just to be more active.  I signed up for a best ball tournament.  I have 3 friends who have signed up with me.    After the chemo then I start with radiation treatments.   Hopefully if the tumor has shrunk enough I will be candidate for surgery.      One of the...
Thanks guys for the tips.  I appreciate it.   Doug
colin, what do you suggest to keep up my fitness.   I rode my bike for a couple miles the other day and was fairly tired.    My muscle mass is disappearing with my weight.   Any suggestions.   Doug
Congratulations....... The closest I ever came to one was 6 inches.    A hole in one is on my bucket list.  The other items left are flying in a bi-plane and flying in a glider.   They are much more likely.   Doug
Since A.W.  has been inducted to the HOF,   Has anyone played his course and what did you think of it?   In the early 90's I was in KC for several months and played Swope Memorial numerous times. That is the only Tillinghast course I have played.   I really enjoyed it and have even thought of going back to play it.    
Well,   just to give you an update.....   I finished my 4th rd of chemo.   the side effects are cumulative.    The effects seem to last longer/ more intense after each round.     I can't complain as there are a lot of people at the chemo center who are worse than me.     I have lost 35+ lbs so far.   Down to 144.     The effect on my golf game has been significant.   I 've lost 10-15 yds on my driver/irons.    I get tired quickly and can only play 9 holes before calling...
Tiger could always hire Bill Clinton as spokesman,    " He did not have sex with that woman."
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