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I agree.    I attended training at KC and played Swope Memorial numerous times.    I have become a Tillinghast fan.    I eventually would like to tour the US and play other of his courses.   Doug
Ok Guys,    I went out yesterday and concentrated on  smoother, slower swing off the tee.    Concentrating on putting.    I practiced this on the range for 45 mins before my rd.    My drives were better,  no serious fades,    just a slight one several times at the end of the round as I was getting tired.   But still remained in the fairway.    My putting I was pretty pleased2 pars,  with.  I sank 4 putts from 5-8 ft out and had a lot more confidence.    I had a total of...
I have read this post with great interest as it is similar to my goals.    The advice makes a lot of sense and will try it.  Thanks everyone.   Doug
Retired civil servant (systems analyst)  and retired military ( Chief Petty Officer).   Right now I work (part time) as a  Sales Manager at a  regional petrochemical  distribution center.    ( I pump gas and assist customers at a local Supermarket's gas station.)
I am thinking of joining a local club.    Now that I am retired I am trying to play more quality golf.    After the initiation fee,   I pay $300.00 /mo.    It would be more than I am playing now as I only play golf about 2-3 times a mo.   What I like about the club  is they also have Tennis,  Swimming pool,   nice lounge ,   activities for the wife,   gym with decent equip, social events.     With what we pay for gym memberships and golf  several times a mo.    I...
I have turned in all the items that I have found including cell phones,  head covers ,  and clubs.   I have left head covers and a wedge on the course.   Fortunately,  there were turned in.    We have had instances of clubs/ bags  being taken out of cars in parking lots in this area.
Consistently shoot under a 100.
How many will be in your party??   Doug  
I would like a push cart for my clubs.    I would like to walk more on the course.
Hi,   another hacker from Chesapeake VA.    Hope to enjoy many pleasant conversations with fellow golfers.   Doug
New Posts  All Forums: