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Not sure it's worth a comment. You seem to like blocking my access. Messing with my profile. Guess you can't be challenged. No problem. Its your site.   Take your ball and go home.
 First time I've ever heard anyone complain about Tom Watson not having class.   BTW, not sure about the hating Tiger comment, either. Have you stopped taking your meds?
Golf history has a few players who showed a lot of potential but didn't really fulfill expectations. Hope Spieth isn't another Tom Weiskopf. Only time will tell.   I think a lot of people have already annoited Spieth. Premature, maybe?   We'll see....BTW, odds for next US Open. Patrick Reed was mysteriously omitted for some reason.         The favorites 2014 US Open Pinehurst, NC. Rory McIlroy: 10-1 Tiger Woods: 10-1   The other favorites Adam Scott: 12-1 Phil...
for someone who skips watching PGA tour events unless TW is playing, I'd say you're a casual fan.
Oh yeah, forgot to ask -----anyone familiar w/ the parking/shuttle system - how far from Pinehurst #2 will they be hauling spectators?
Too early to make this the US Open 2014 thread?   Can anyone familiar with the area tell me what the drive from Ft Bragg will be like (to Pinehurst). I'll be going to practice rounds then probably Thursday round.
If you're going to talk the talk, you're going to need to walk the walk.....and Reed needs to win majors to be considered a top 5. Not making the cut at the Masters didn't help him at all, did it?   GC reported today that Reed played a practice round w/ Ryder Cup CPT Tom Watson at RBC. Hopefully some of Watson's class will rub off on Reed. He needs to improve his public perception - it kind of needs an overhaul.
 Is anyone surprised? Stop the presses: less people watch when TW doesn't play. He draws people who never picked up a club to watch.  But in my opinion, if you're an avid golfer and an avid PGA golf fan and not just a casual fan of the sport, you don't miss the Masters.
That's messed up. A guy could be a wife beater, KKK member, pedophile, terrorist, and but you'd be a fan because he plays the game of golf to your liking. Okay.  I give up.
So hypothetically, if Bubba was discovered to be a member of the KKK, it wouldn't cause you to think less of him and you'd continue to be a fan?   I call B.S.
New Posts  All Forums: