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Read today that Allenby made a crack about caddy's weight....
Tampa's event has gone through a multitude of sponsors and is now on a relatively unknown paint company.....third sponsor in five years, with one year not having a sponsor whatsoever.   Too many tournaments dilutes the pool, makes each individual tournament less meaningful, and makes the the typical fan indifferent to many of the tournaments unless it's a major.    I won't give the next few tournaments a minute of viewership and I think I'm pretty much more avid than...
If the principal overheard the conversation and Allenby was guilty of being a prick, he should've told Allen by to tote his own clubs.
Talking about walking off on the pro, Bubba"s guy could've walked several times, a couple in front of a national TV audience......but the paychecks given up as well as future employment opportunities would be huge.
 If a selfie get out on the net, that player will hear from the fans if he does.....and I really doubt that any Lightning player would be caught celebrating with another team's cup.
way too long, oversaturated with tournaments  -
I'm sure Bae will take KJ Choi'S success after military service as a positive to keep him motivated.
you sure as hell wouldn't see my TB Bolts drinking out of the cup courtesy of the Blackhawks, especially hours after losing it in a hard fought battle in the finals.
starts after this season - source of taxes lost since this guy was bound to make a bundle in his prime...too bad for that, but show great thing about S. Korea that wealth doesn't get you special treatment (clown Trump, GWB).
You are exactly right.
New Posts  All Forums: