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 They have no problem selling badges or TV coverage to CBS.   The Masters is among the best sports TV productions next to events like the Super Bowl, Daytona 500, the Final 4, and MLB World Series.  Its the telecast that I'd guess more non-golfers tune into than any other golf tournament on the schedule.  I don't think they're worried about viewership right now.
They've got to. Doubt that the amateur members are playing from the tees set up for the world's best golfers. I don't think you'll see Augusta National opening up their course to the LPGA anytime soon. Bobby Jones would be doing somersaults in his grave.  Wasn't in his vision - which is gospel at Augusta National. 
Shame on Golf Digest - those sexist pigs.  
they (Augusta National) is being more generous nowadays.....not too long ago it was a rarity to see the first five hole because CBS would start coverage as the leaders hit the fairways of #5......you pretty much get to see each and every hole now and with the internet coverage you can O.D. on watching The Masters.What's the deal with that?
Let Donald Trump do it.  Make one of his courses (he's got many) exclusive to the event........  It can be a combo Miss LPGA Universe sort of thing.....  I have my favorite for the event.....    Not a favorite           Trump DC   Winner doesn't get a green jacket, but.........  
  I enjoy the Euro Tour coverage.......slow, and can be dull, but I watched it for nearly two decades and it was a good way to kill a weekend on the couch. I like that they give the leaders shot-by-shot coverage.   I like hearing the caddies and players talk as long was they can keep the "f-bombs" out of my livingroom........
Why would I want to do that? The OP brought him up, ESPN geek wants to see more of him. Not sure what your point is.     Also kind of getting tired of the over-evaluation of swing technique.  I know this sport has a lot of people who watch to get better in their game - but we don't need constant reminders on how one should swing the club back and how we should finish our swing. What other sport presents so much technical detail?
Is guess he'd rather watch Danica for all 500 miles of Daytona race instead of the leaders as well?  And wants to be able to drive on the speedway with his Prius? SMH.   Never heard the problem about restricted access before. Isn't that pretty much the way of every sports venue? Me and my pals can't have a pick-up basketball game at The Staples Arena or football game at Gilette Stadium. Why does he feel he should play Augusta National?  A lot of griping out nothing.  We...
 Christine Brennen probably isn't.
oh yeah, a refresher lesson might help as well.....
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