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He's been doing commentary on Golf Channel lately. In HDTV, he looks his age.
can't say I'm a fan - must be from the time when she was playing the men's events before she proved herself on the women's tour -    and that table-top putting stance makes me dizzy just looking at her
appears Michelle has joined the TB Lightning bandwagon - saw the same thing happen with the Bucs during their SB year.....  
Tiger Woods' Off-Color Language Prompts FCC Complaints   http://www.golf.com/tour-and-news/tiger-woods-cursing-draws-fcc-complaints
One reason I enjoy watching other than PGA/EURO PGA events like this tour is that they play similarly to us hacks - its actually fun to see pro golfers miss greens and have to chip/pitch shots.  I identify with the women's tours more so than PGA where these guys are hitting 300 yd drives, 175-yr 8, 9 irons.   Women's distances are closer to my level.
I like Rymer - think he's funny -   I have a hard time listening to Gary Williams whiny voice - but seems to be able to talk off the cuff about most thing golf.  Can't take too much of Damon Hack and John Cook doesn't seem natural -    I usually only watch during big tournaments and majors.   Can live without Holly on the show. She always reminded me of Chandler's Jewish NY girlfriend Janice.  
this Euro is working hard for his money....photo shoot yesterday in London promoting NIKE  
Played it ages ago and remember it was a premium course back then my partner and I had to pay extra as we were in MB in a golfweek sort of deal. Enjoyable course and typical of the South Carolina designs with tall pines lining the fairways on some holes, marshland on others. Didn't play well if I recall, but that was my fault, not the courses.
Netflix did an about-face when they tried to charge more after a long period of time charging a nominal fee.   
If my boss doesn't give me a bonus, I sure won't go outside the front of the business and picket to trash his company especially if he's treated me pretty decently up to this point.   Unfortunately businesses provide a product but have to adjust what they charged based on market conditions - kind of like gas stations raise and drop the price for a gallon of gas.  Because I once paid 25 cents/gallon back in the day doesn't mean I can count on that forever.
New Posts  All Forums: