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Got burnout myself. No play since mid June '14......not sure when I'll pick up a club again.....started golfing back in '83, btw.....longest time without golf since my year in Afghanistan......
Hank Haney, Woods' former swing coach, who has been one of Woods' most vocal critics since they stopped working together in 2010, told the Golf Channel that he never saw anything out of the ordinary in Galea's treatment of Woods. "I was there and watched the whole procedure," Haney said. "There was never anything that went into Tiger Woods's body that didn't come out of his body. They take blood out, they spin it, they inject the plasma back in. I totally believe that...
I'd have laughed if TW came back with some tweet offering $100k if the Jags win over 4 games in 2015.
holy cow this is some slow, agonizing golf - click......I'm done w/ it.   btw, does Horschel have a lisp?
http://www.danpatrick.com/dp-podcasts/   Dan Patrick interviews Chamblee......first hour today .....Brandel talks yips and his skeptical about TW returning to winning form.
cool....make golfers wear jerseys like other sports? 
  It would be huge if he came to the Tampa Bay event - won't happen, though...   -------------------------------   When will Tiger Woods activate his glutes next? That is the million-dollar question of the moment. On Feb. 5, Woods withdrew from the Farmers Insurance Open after 11 holes in the first round complaining of lower back pain and explaining “my glutes are shutting off . . . they never stayed activated.” That line has led to Woods being the butt of a thousand...
 Tiger should look into using the technology.
good question- what's his schedule over the next couple of months, anyone hear?
 I like listening to Johnny Miller - he does a good job in filling in the dull periods - not sure I'm a Faldo fan and have tired of Nantz and especially McChord's schtick.  I've gotten to the point where I start watching 1 to 2 hrs after the DVR has captured the event and fast forward through the commercials - yesterday I caught up by the time the leaders hit the 18th hole....worked out fine.
New Posts  All Forums: