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I like Phil's commercials...  
I was happy to see Lucy Li's heavy dose of sun screen - wonder if they put any on her arms/shoulders as well?  Not sure if she was protecting against cancer or some sort of cultural thing (some Asians don't like the tanned look - social, cultural thing).
  Still a valid entry, isn't it? Or am I DQ'd. BTW, see what I won last week with my selection of Kaymer?  Cool, huh? 
   Where does it say you can't select the World's number one and recent winner?
   You guys didn't read the rules, did you?
I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha driver!   Henrik Stenson -3 Adam Scott  -2 Martin Kaymer -2
 Looks like Michelle Wie gets the last laugh, doesn't she?
 Yep- some animated golf robot ala Cleatus......
Spent the day out there yesterday and it's miserably hot and the course looks like advertised.  Was enjoyable to see such a historical golf course and walk all 18.                
Thanks for the heads up. It's a pain to have a card blocked once this happens.  Sometimes I wonder about these websites - I've had two cards already compromised.
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