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 I had a friend check serial numbers with Titleist and they would not confirm serial #s because they do not want you to buy anywhere other than an authorized dealer. I don't know about other manufacturers though. 
I read somewhere that 40% of the clubs selling on ebay are fake so be very careful where you are buying them.  I don't mind paying a bit more if I am assured I am buying authentic gear.  I've bought a lot of stuff from greatgolfdeals and have been very satisfied.  I even had a driver that cracked on me after about 6 months of use and greatgolfdeals helped me get the club replaced under warranty.  the old adage is true in golf gear - it it's priced too good to be true,...
FootJoy DNA's    Finally picked up a pair and wore theme around the house because there is still 12 inches of snow here.  They feel great and I cant wait to get them out on the course.  
I play with a group that refuses to take a powercart when they play golf.  We would rather not play a course than to be forced to take a riding cart.  One of our guys in the group uses a push cart and don't feel any differernt towards him at all.  As long as he's walking and playing golf the way it was originally meant to be it's cool with us. 
Driver: 250 3Wood: 230 2H: 210 3i: 200 4i:  190 5i: 180 6i: 170 7i: 160 8i: 150 9i: 140 PW: 125 SW: 100 LW: 70
I had a chance to hit it at the PGA Merchandise show and I thought the Pro version of the driver was hotter than the standard.  I also preferred the feel of the fairway woods and hybrids.  I think this driver will do quite well for Nike.  
I have used these guys for several years.  They are located in Michigan so being in the midwest i get my orders usually within 1-2 business days.   http://www.greatgolfdeals.com/   I even bought a custom set from them and just gave them my specs and it was ordered and drop-shipped directly to me from TaylorMade.  Great Price and service.  You won't be disappointed. 
Racing pin stripes?  Wow is that ugly. 
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