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thats what makes the game interesting, no matter how much you practice you are still only scratching the tip of your potential.
I do not actually believe that the lob wedge should be used for full shots, there is never a situation where a full lob wedge is more accurate than a part of a PW/SW. My clubs run 1W, 3W, 4-SW, and I have yet to find a shot where I absolutely needed a LW/GW or even a 5W (but thats a different subject). But if you are consistently around the green and need the ball to stop I could see how a LW is a convenience but you could accomplish the same thing with an open faced...
Develop a pre-shot routine. A lot of people that have aim issues will do the following: (feet is for righties, if you are a lefty switch em up) Put the club down behind the ball, and line the face to the target. Place your right foot down how far you want to stand from the ball. Place your left foot next to it (the ball should be in between your feet), and make sure that you have parrallel feet align and club face align. Move your left foot based on where you want...
I think thats just a mental thing, you could pull on your sleeves like fred couples and it would probably accomplish the same thing. Which of course is to cut out your swing thoughts
I wouldn't throw out any of my basic clubs to make room for an extra wedge. Nine time out of ten the shot I need from a gap wedge I can get from my 3/4 pw. Wedges become a nusisance when you have more control over your power because then you are left trying to decide which shot you should choose, and seven out of ten times youll choose the wrong one because you want to mash a club to just get it there
While a quality swing is important for quality clubs, as long as you have your basic fundamental swing. Posture, grip, swing speed, swing path. You can get fitted for clubs. Bad clubs can also hinder you from performing better, since you have to adjust your swing for those clubs. Such as myself I had clubs that were about an inch and a half to short for me, which caused me to lose my posture. Very hard time fixing that.
I have the exact same swing for all of my clubs, though the length of the backswing/follow through might change based on how far I want the ball to go. As per your set up, basically yea whatever you want to do, its just that maintaining one type of set up helps build consistency. Not to mention its easier to diagnose one problem and not 4 or 5
There isn't muscle memory, its just your brain which remembers how your muscles should react in a certain situation. This feeling gets applied without "thinking" and thus you have "muscle memory".
I assumed drills were to be permanent fixes, since they are sections of the golf swing that you then tack onto your existing swing/replace bad sections of the swing with otherwise there would be no point in doing them.
I try not to have any thoughts in my swing, tends to disrupte my feel for hitting the ball.
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