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I had back surgery in 2002. They worked on 5 different levels of my lower back. I started playing golf 8 weeks later. You will probably never be pain free but they can probably fix you where you can play golf. Be sure and get more than one opinion from different doctors. Stay away from steel rods and bone graft if at all possible.
Ditto on what he said.
This is one of my favorite set of irons of all I have owned and I have owned a lot but you need to hit them in the center of the face.
GPS signal does get messed up on purpose at times such as when Air Force one is in the neighborhood. Was told that by someone buying a 100000.00 surveying GPS unit and saw it happen first hand.
I agree with what shooter said 100%. I play a ProV1 when I am serious and have not found anything else come close from 60 yards in.
Where are you guys buying your golf balls?!?! I have never paid over 20 bucks a dozen for Bridgestone E5. I always get the latest year model with no logos. There are some great sellers on EBay to buy new balls from. I see no sense buying from a pro shop or sporting good store and paying those suggested prices. The only brand you won't find a huge discount on is Titleist unless you buy 12 dozen at a time in some cases.
I really like Srixon balls and have played them a lot. I read all the hype about the Q Star and decided to give it a try. There are 2 things I do not like about it. There is no spin on short chip shots. The E5 checks much better. The other thing I didn't like is the dull yellow color. If I am going to play a yellow ball I want it to be bright like a NXT Tour S.
A set of forged rods in a racing engine are the only type used. Cast are considered junk and for street use only. Cast crankshafts also junk compared to a forged crank. There is a big difference in price between the two also with forged being about 4 times higher. There is a big difference but I don't think so much when it comes to golf clubs. I think in years past it made a big difference because most all forged clubs were blades and hard as hell to hit but felt great...
This is how I play with wedges also. I used to carry a lob wedge but found no need to after learning how to control my 56.
Is it a stiff or regular flex? I bought mine with the stiff and bought a regular off Ebay for 65.00 and am very happy. A friend of mine has a senior flex that I hit very good with a smooth swing.
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