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Only advice I would give you is to get some demo clubs and see if you can play them first.  I would also advise to be fitted with new clubs.  I done neither and ended up twice with the next best thing in clubs only to find out I played my originals better.  I know how you feel about the appearance of the super game improvement clubs, I have struggled with it also, but until I find something I play better with, I am using them.
Personally I do not think the group behind should be hitting  a shot even if there is a remote possibility of coming close to the group in front.  People make mistakes, but the ones that are sincerely sorry are the ones who will come without delay and apologize, the others are usually, well lets not say that.  Anyhow I agree with your friend, you have to address it or they will keep doing it, most of the time all it takes is just letting them know you do not appreciate...
My problem is I always ask myself, What would Phil do?
  I would have to agree with Fourputt, I know that it is unfortunate that you are at the mercy of boneheads in front of you but sometimes that is just life and you have to deal with it.  Also there are boneheads on private courses also.
I will say that the only thing in life that can limit you would be yourself.  Good luck on your journey.
I have noticed a lot of complaining in the forums about slow play.  I was wondering how you feel about people who want to play on a crowded course and play on a dead run or as I would say,  playing like they are late for a hot date.  I do not advocate slow play and I know my capabilities and I can usually walk to my ball and hit without much decision making.  However sometimes the course will bog down, not so much with slow play but just crowded.  I will adjust my pace...
I think this post pretty well sums it up, most golf courses are struggling and just turn their head when drunks get out of hand on the golf course for fear of running business off.  I don't mind people drinking and having a good time but they usually get too drunk and then it affects people around them.  The golf courses do need to address these issues. 
Taking something that does not belong to you would in my opinion not be right.  This cannot be justified.
Smooth full swing with 54.
I believe bigwave916 gave the best answer, "Talent, time, and money".  I believe natural talent would be #1 which I do not seem to have.
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