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It is still supposed to be a game where integrity means something.  That is why pro's on television will call a rules official over and call a penalty stroke on themselves when they know that they have done something wrong.  They may have just cost themselves thousands of dollars but they still do it, some of you will say that they have to with so many cameras on them, but I believe if they were dishonest it would not matter what others think and they would try to get by...
In the last three years, I have seen two people use anchored putters.
I have only been playing this great game for three years now, I did not start until I was fifty years old.  Only regret I have is that I did not start when I was young.  However there is one thing that bothers me about the players in my area, they will not play the ball as it lies.  I would say that 90 percent of the players that I have played with will improve their lie before hitting the ball, some will move it from under trees and bushes.  Some play so called winter...
I usually play from the whites and most everyone I know does also, however every now and then I like to mix it up and play from the back tees.  I like it because I usually use different clubs for my second shot, kinda keeps me in practice with all clubs.  I would not do it if I were holding up the course, but I find that it usually does not make much difference in time for me.  Tuffluck seems to enjoy the challenge that the back tees provide and is not worried about the...
Swing speed 99
I got the Rocketballz Tour model which has a little stiffer regular flex than the regular Rocketballz but not as stiff as my 09 Burner with stiff shaft.  I am hitting better drives than ever, about 8 to 10 yards further than the burner.
Took me about 9 months after starting to break 100, about  a year and a half to break 90, and now I am in my third year and usually break 80 on easier courses and 80 to 85 on harder ones.
I would have to agree with most, looks as if the left arm is folding badly.
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