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  These are just basically the Diablo forged irons. I have confirmed that eith callaway for twice the price and without the red and black badge on the back!
I use the Bionic stable grip which is not usga conforming unless you have medical exemptions which I do for arthritis and another medical problems in the hand. They have a relax grip and a new Performance grip whis is usga conforming, but it does not really matter unless your playing tournament play and they go by usga rules! I do not live in a hot n humid area but my hands can get like im in a swimming pool and these gloves have last me the longest! I would like to get...
Hizrl or the Bionic glove hands down! I have hyperhydrosis which is excessive sweating in the palms and can easily rip any of the main stream gloves people use in a round! Not with Hizrl or a Bionic!
One person  may hit the 913 longer then the new razr extreme and vice versa, I have the 913 and Razr fit and Tour authentic and I myself am excited to try Nike's new driver and the new extreme to see what the results show!
A soft midsize grip does not mean your going to get relief in the hands for arthritis. I have arthritis in the hands and use New Decade midsize grips which are in between soft and firm and they are perfect. To soft of a grip may mean you have to squeeze a tag to hard on your grip to feel like your grip is proper when swinging!
These irons do not look well to the eye at all in my opinion and I have never been a fan of any taylor made product other then their new ghost tour da-12 putter!
I play a 4 wood 17 degree Titleist 910f but I can adjust it to a 3 wood degree or a 5 wood degree which is great. I think sometimes a strong 3 wood could just take the driver out of play completely as some people do not strike drivers as good as the woods or hybrids and I have played many round with no driver or 3 wood and only a 5 wood in the bag an shot very low scores. Distance is not always everything!
I think Tiger is a good man and has the best of intentions and got caught up in a whirl wind of media that no other golfer before has gone through causing him to make poor choices. From the heart though I feel he is a sincere man and could be a great leader!
Jim has a very unique swing and I have even tried a swing like that for the heck of it before and it actually yeilded good results. I did not stick with it but just fooled around at my old country club! If a swing works then so be it! I am from York, Pa the county over from Jim Furyk coming out of Lancaster, Pa and I think his swing is very unique and he is a great guy!
C'mon and let's get real! Tiger is no wash up by any standards and has gone through a lot in the past years and is now rallying back to the top! Another major.....o yea.....I think the man will exceed more then just 1 and take the record!
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