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Peete was a great ball striker and had a terrific run in the mid '80's. Much like the juice filled era in MLB of the 90's, he was overlooked because he averaged around 245 off the tee. Even back then the average on Tour was about 265-270, so Peete really was short but he made up for it with a great short game, as you mentioned. Certainly not forgotten just often overlooked.
Yep. Guess I will have to do that. Was hoping that with as much golf gear as Nike sells, they would have a simple way to get OEM grips.
Thanks for the input. It's really odd because 25 years ago Ping would not sell a Ping brand grip aftermarket. Today you can get them anywhere. I really make more putts with the Nike putter and just would prefer that it has the original style grip on it. I like the feel, the way that I roll it with that putter as well as the look (honestly, I bought a Scotty Cameron putter last years and can't stand the feel of the the grip in my hands, and since I play the Nike better, the...
I bought a Nike Method putter a few years ago and never thought twice about having to replace the grip. I have spent the last 2 hours online trying to find a new Nike brand replacement grip with no luck. Any suggestions? Does Nike allow anyone to sell replacement grips? Much appreciated. Joe
I long ago stopped debating the law with non-lawyers, so I probably should not post this but your statement about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act having any applicability to either basic trademark or copyright counterfeiting is nonsense.   But, absolutely none of the factories in China that make brand name goods are making knock-offs, for purposes of this discussion meaning counterfeit clubs. That used to happen in China before the American companies woke up...
If price seems too good to be true it is. Everyone likes a deal but tough to get a steal on new clubs. Lots of fakes. Attended counterfeiting conference last year and talked with security people from Ping, TM and Acushnet. The volume of fakes is out of control sadly. Not just golf clubs btw.
Agree completely. They have officials with every group. They must need to have them make calls and enforce them at the time. To say golf is different from other sports is baloney and a red herring - other than some of the rules are so archaic as to be nonsensical. The point is that when the rules were adopted they had no referees so they had to have some type of rule system, and most people playing in a social round of golf do not have referees. You don't have referees...
Thanks much. He was rolling it pretty well last Saturday for sure.
What putter is Rory McIlroy using in San Antonio? I can't tell if he is now using the Nike or still with the Scotty Cameron. Thanks.
The prettiest golf course I ever played was a 9 hole created by a farmer just north of Galway called Clew Bay. Remarkable holes up high on a hill overlooking beautiful Clew Bay. Last time we played it was 2007. Went back there in October 2012 and finally found it. The lack of play had caused the guy who owned it to let it grow over and have his sheep on it. Heartbreaking. A lot of that has happened to the really small courses that you would probably like to play for...
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