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For me it wasn't so much about price and resale, I usually ride 10k - 15k miles a year at least and keep my bikes a long time. By then resale isn't in my consideration. However I know what you mean, if I changed bikes every couple of years I'd never buy a new victory since they depreciate so much vs harley. Nothing against any other brand or style of bikes, 2 wheels is always better than 4. For me it's never been a question, I'm a Harley man and always will be. I'm proud...
I've always kept an eye open on other brands/styles, unfortunately down here there isn't much in the way of dealerships. Harley store is 60b miles away, and the only non harley places I've even found within a 2 hour ride usually only carry sports bikes (not my style) and ATVs. I did find one place with a victory I thought looked cool, it was some type of touring bike. Dealer didn't want to pull it off the showroom for me to test ride it. Oh well, his loss in a possible sale.
I've had several Harleys and a road king is up there with my favorites. Had a softail custom that I traded for the touring bike. Also had a softail deluxe before that, very nice bike as well. I've only ridden one street glide with the old frame your talking about, the new frame is a HUGE improvement. And speaking of handling, this 830 pound bike actually handles in low and fast speeds better than any other harley I've had. It's pretty wild considering I could get the sides...
I rode both before I made my decision. It boiled down to a few things. The shark nose (fixed fairing) cut through the wind like nothing else would. Down here in Oklahoma that wind is usually ridiculous. Also the fairing on the street glide always made me feel like I was cramped because it is so close. Having the detachable tour pack for extra storage is fantastic for my long rides, doing a one day 700 miler next month.
I just picked this sweet thing up sat. Best bike I've ever had. 2013 road glide custom 103 cubic inch motor she's a beast.
Have you hit either one yet? I know Mark Crossfield loves the Nike but I haven't talked to anyone that said it was overly special. I have heard tons of great things about the ping clubs though.
Not down here in the south west area. Some of the courses I go to will tell me after I pay for 18 I can play all day if I want because its likely im one of 3 or 4 groups thats showing up for the entire day.
If by working the ball you mean slice, hook, duff, chunk or whiff it I'm completely capable of competing against the best of em at that.
Congrats! !! I remember how stoked I was for my first few, great feeling!
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