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I wonder what the impact will be on his game after the equipment switch from Titleist to Nike. Though he mentions the below it must have some effect...thoughts? Going to give the VR_S Covert a go on demo as soon as I can get my hands on it... In that sense, McIlroy has the advantage of seeing a track record with the company. He will play the new Nike VR_S Covert driver, the first cavity-backed driver. He will play the 20XI X golf ball, one that has a firm cover...
Just bought a membership package at golfredefined.com for my father for Christmas.  Love the idea and makes it easy on me.  He's a mad golf fanatic so I am sure the ability to try out different drivers is going to make for a big surprise on the 25th!
Nice! Does anyone know if golf redefined will have these as well?  Hope so - definitely want a go... Any other pics of the Classic?
I'm waiting on the Nike VRS Covert to come out - hoping that it features some of the input from Tiger and Rory - though suspect it was designed long before that was announced...Going to just swap my current Razr Fit from golfredefined for the VRS Covert early next year. 
Interesting topic - and based on the very clear description I think I would have to say that I started out as a swinger but can see how over the last few years as I have got older that more "hitter" characteristics are beginning to creep in! Not sure, of course what that says about me!
Hi James I signed up with them as well a few months ago.  Got a callaway razr fit in my bag at the moment and going to wait for the new Nike VRS Covert to come out in due course.  Have you tried their rental only option at all?
Get out there and just try it when it is available...I tend to try a few different drivers every now and then - test drive them on the course to see which one feels better.  I take those that are adjustable and get them tweaked for my swing and then try them out for a few rounds.  Have to say I am liking the look of the new G25 - cannot wait to give it a whirl...
Yup - G25 looks fantastic...cannot wait to get to try it out.  Anyone know what the release date is? Will make for a nice upgrade on my G15...
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