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So just how obsolete are my 2012 Razr Fits? Probably not as much as the commercials claim I hope ? Damn marketing people :(
So, what's the deal? According to callaway's commercials,  Razr Fit Extreme is the driver in golf.  Then in another commercial they claim the X Hot driver is "longer" by up to +32 yards. Ok, I'm lost, which is it?
7 iron on the par 4 - 18th at cypress lakes. I had to take a drop after over cutting the drive in the lake. I was in the rough behind a tree. I hit a nice draw around the tree, over the green side bunker to 4 feet. Made the putt for par.
Does Inspector Gadget give lessons on how to use it?
The problem that I see most is the "guy" who hits his drive about 100 yards waiting for the green to clear from 270yards. Does he actually think he can hit this green?
GOT IT!!!!, thanks!
My 18 degree 2 hybrid fits the same distance but flies higher and lands softer.
New here, how do I put my golf equipment and stuff  to show at the bottom of my posts like others have?
During the Summer:   Driver 250-260 3 wood 230 2 hybrid 205 3 hybrid 195 4 hybrid 185 4 iron 180 5 hybrid 175 5 iron 170 6 iron 160 7 iron 150 8 iron 140 9 iron 130 PW 115 AW 100 SW 85 LW 70   All of these numbers are "ish" depends on how i am striking the ball on any given day, those are the numbers that i am playing for etc. etc.
New Foot Joys, Loudmouth Shorts, Polo Shirts,2 round of golf at a local private club,  new Disney GRUMPY Headcover!!.......and ProV1Xs, Hex Blacks, and Diablo Tour golf balls, all of which I don't play with.
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