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Try Martyn Huish at the North Berwick West links. £25 for 45 mins, great guy, makes things easy to understand and has helped me out a lot with my swing and game.
I think people are trying to take away the value of the win to him tho. Yeah a major is worth more over all but thats beacuse only select people can get into them. Its not his fault that it is a weaker field. Should he just not enter for that reason, no. he's entitled to enter whatever tournament he wants regardless of the field.
He's a pro, he entered a tournament and did what he set out to do. And that was winning. By ur logic any tournament that is won means nothing unless all the greats play. It means just as much to the guy who just kept his tour card for the next two years or the guy who's won 50 times. I'm sure if you asked tiger if he'd take that win to pass sam snead in all time wins I'm sure he'd take it.So I don't really think it matters a wins a win.
i dont think it matters does it, he still won. yeah obviously the better the field then theres more great players able to win but he won against people that are professionals.
Id say you were just lucky. I do this when I play by myself but id never consider doing it in a competition.
For me if I want to put well, I just need to think positive. Your mind needs to be in the right frame of mind. So I know if I can see the ball rolling into the hole in my mind, I know I've got a better chance to hole the putt.
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