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We (wife and I) actually just joined a country club in the Tampa area. One of the big reasons we joined is because you can walk the course at any time. Most of the clubs in this area have dropped initiation fees and minimums to nothing to get new members. We have only been there about two months but have made some friends and it turns out the food in the restaurant is great and is actually cheaper than going out to most of the places we would normally go out to. So far,...
I know you hear it all the time but I think you should just have one swing thought (whatever it may be) when you on the course playing. As a matter fact, I actually try not to think too much at all about the swing. I try to look around or talk about thing that are not related to golf. I think I play better that way. There is plenty to think about that is not swing related.
I have found that I change it up often depending on where I"m playing. Most of the time I have a 52 and 58 in the bag. I can also be a 56 and 60 depending on the course I play. I like my wedges with very little bounce. Love those sharp edges! Actually I've been thinking of taking the 2 iron out and putting in another wedge.
Years ago I was playing with some buddies and I smash a drive on a par four that ended up about 2 feet from the hole. I look over at my buddies and say "let's see you beat that". You can probably guess what happens next.....The last guy drives the green and ricochets his ball off of mine into the hole.  Un-freaking-believable. 
I don't think at all. I make a couple practice swings to rehearse how it should feel, then step up the ball and pull the trigger. I will use some swing thoughts at the range when I 'm working on something or trying to fix something.
I really don't care who I play with. Usually on week-ends I end up playing with friends. When I 'm off in the summer, all my buddies are working so I end up playing with strangers most of the time (or by myself). Actually some the "strangers" have become regular playing partners.
Lemon Bay is usully pretty good (but I havent' played it in a while). Go up the road to Venice and play Sarasota National. Pelican Point is good too. There are a bunch of good ones in the Sarasota area. The only down side is the cost this time of year. Check Golf Now and you can get a better deal.
Of the two I have played, The Heather course in Michigan is my favorite. Fox Hollow (New Port Richey, Fl.) is good also. If I'm not mistaken (and I could be), Fox Hollow was the last one he did.
I was looking to replace my two ball putter (odyssey) with a new one when I realized that the putters I liked all had the oversized grips on them. So I just slapped one on my putter and it was a great move. I have putted much better since. I would recommend them to anyone.
I don't use them (iron covers) because after having found dozens of them left on the course, I decided I'm way cooler than that
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