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I want to boost my game with Adipower Boost.   1. Jason Day -9 2. Sergio Garcia -8 3. Justin Rose -9
The hook came back on 17.
I have been playing some golf this week on golf courses that I have never played or have played rarely, but I have noticed that the difference between the very back tees and next set up has been pretty big. Literally about close to a 1000 yards. I enjoy shooting a good score (which I did from the up tees), but the back tees seem like they were thrown in just to make the golf course over 7000 yards. Most of the holes are not set up for the longer iron approaches from the...
I don't think it matters what tees you play from as long as you KEEP UP WITH THE GROUP IN FRONT OF YOU. Not matter how well (or bad) you are playing, you can do it quickly. If you enjoy playing it all the way back and can play in four hours or less... then tee it where you want to.
I was B-Fitted for B-330 Rx golf balls.   1. Rory McIlroy.  -9 2. H. Stinson -10 3. Dustin Johnson -9
Played 18 holes at Sarasota National (Venice Fl.) with the wife on Monday and shot 73. The wife posted and 86. She is getting close. She shot 41 on the front to my 37. I don't think it will be long until she starts kicking my ads.
Actually I'm a Red Wings fan.... and Fox's coverage still sucked.
I did like how Spieth dodged the question about the course when Joe Buck asked him what he thought of the golf course now that he had won. He talked about how great the fans were but did not say anything about the course. I wonder if everyone will remember this Open as "the one that Jordan won and no one liked the course" or "the one that Dustin Johnson choked and three putted the 18 hole (on the course no one liked)"? On the plus side, at least an American won the U.S....
This golf course sucks. I'm gonna take Gary Players word for it. Let's show slow play on an unplayable golf course and see if we can promote our game. Nice job USGA. I for one can't wait to hop on a plane and fly across the country to drop a few hundred to play Chambers Bay.... oh wait.... no...I...don't.
All I can say is.... wow... what terrible coverage. Not impressed with any of the commentary. I guess (call me crazy) I like to actually see the golf shot. On the plus side, I guess they can't get any worse. It sucks because I want to watch the Senior Open next week and I have to watch it on this god awful network. Stick to football and NASCAR. Hopefully they can hire some of NBC talent over to Fox.
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