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Don't worry it will be gone tomorrow.
Rolling through a stop sign is illegal but you probably did that on the way to the course.
It all depends on how busy they are. If it won't slow play and it isn't back to back tee times then courses usually don't care. I hate when they try to stick you with people though. Somtimes I like to chip around or putt a little after each hole, so when they stick you with people they're basically just making you go play normal golf and not get any practice in.
I know I'm late, but the key is fairways and greens.
  I can see it.
Was he using a driver? If so it's not hard to get it 250.
I would say that there are a lot of normal Tournys that are more difficult than some majors.
Don't think we need to protect kids from seeing a guy smoke a cigar...Besides, I doubt Jimenez is the guy most of the kids are idolizing.
So we all see the good players around our local clubs. And when you play with them it seems like they are infallable. Always sticking it pretty close, long drives down the fairways, and scrambling more times than not.   So how can it get much better than hitting fairways and greens? What makes the pros on that much higher a level?
New Posts  All Forums: