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Thanks for that vid^. Helpful. I had actually planned on putting something under my left foot similar to the video next time I want to the range. I know when I'm swinging best I can really feel the pressure in that left thigh, and when I'm not I don't feel as connected to the ground and I straighten it up sooner.   Also here is that same swing of mine again in full speed just for reference: http://youtu.be/9K-kE6I8Xos
http://youtu.be/15TsKMZoCe0 <--- Short clip with 1 of my swings then Adam Scotts   So I think I need to keep my left leg bent a little longer through the swing while still transferring my weight. You can see in the video that at the start of my downswing my leg straightens a bit causing a slight cast, zapping some power and creating some mishits. If you look at the Adam Scott swing you can see that his belt line doesn't really rise where as as it looks like the whole...
Don't worry it will be gone tomorrow.
Rolling through a stop sign is illegal but you probably did that on the way to the course.
It all depends on how busy they are. If it won't slow play and it isn't back to back tee times then courses usually don't care. I hate when they try to stick you with people though. Somtimes I like to chip around or putt a little after each hole, so when they stick you with people they're basically just making you go play normal golf and not get any practice in.
I know I'm late, but the key is fairways and greens.
  I can see it.
Was he using a driver? If so it's not hard to get it 250.
I would say that there are a lot of normal Tournys that are more difficult than some majors.
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