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116610 ceramic. Good eye! I have about 75 watches strewn about the house. Been clearing for 35 years.
Great swing it amazes me to see how a mind free of clutter and natural ability combine to make a solid golf swing. My son just turned 12, is very small for his age and yet he moves out there pretty good.
The original orange whip
There is a huge difference between " natural athlete " and professional.. Romo would be a natural athlete that excels in football. Barkley is or was a professional basketball player. His size and ability to play basketball would have translated to football and maybe first base in his baseball team. Bruce Jenner is a natural athlete that excelled in many sports as did Jim Thorpe.
 "Ping Like" Component club. Nice condition. If they were built right, they should play just as well as the club they are designed after.   Enjoy them.
Well I lived in New Orleans my entire life and this happened in the early eighties. It's possible that Billy Joe heard of it from the golf course.
I had a cousin do that, bent his iron shaft, then hit it against the golf cart roof support snapping it off and the head with broken shaft whipped around and punctured his jugular. he died minutes later.   Best to find a different outlet for your frustration.   Did you see which direction the head went? Could've have been very serious for anyone in the area.   It's a shame these guys only make a few hundred thousand a year.....not!
I bet you miss her....
I read it just fine. Tough one but I think a private conversation away from the course should be had. No need to call him out and if his friends quiet condone it, well shame on them. I wouldn't let it destroy what you have built but he should respect your feelings in the subject. (New paragraph) Good luck in whatever you choose. Just hold onto what you have built.
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