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I believe it is spelled "whining"   I could be rong
Meraux!!!!! I grew up on Paul drive in cypress gardens. My folks still live on Etienne in Jumonville.   How's Oak Harbor? was a member there some time ago.  
where in St. Bernard and the Northshore? I lived in Covington Country Club before moving to Nashville 1 month before Katrina...  
Originally from St. Bernard and love the Nachitoches area. Beautiful part of the state.   Enjoy the "Trap"!
Can you be a little more vague?
laissez les bon temps rouler!!!!!   Where y'at?
Full grip smooth swing 56* Vokey
My iron swing is in a state of Flux. I have a LONG driver's swing with the driver(Way Way Way past parallel like, pointing at the ball on the backswing long) but I am at a point of re-learning my iron swing and staying short of parallel. I have always played S300's and perhaps when I get back to generating some speed with my irons I may go to S400's.   I think it will help my consistency.
BTW, to all who think long yardages equates to being a pro: it takes mare than distance to compete on any tour or in any event. Game/course management, emotional control, steely nerves and an incredible ability to get up and down from anywhere seperates the good from the great. Not to mention an uncanny ability to make a lot of putts.
Driver Ping i-20 8.5 w/Project X 6.5 at 45.75" - carry 265 avg dist. 280 Nutted - 310 Cobra Amp 3 w/xcaliber s+-  carry 245 avg dist, 260 Nutted - 275 Irons Cobra Pro MB 4-PW DG S300 4i - carry 210 avg dist, 230 5i - Carry 190 avg dist, 215 6i - carry 175 avg dist 185 7i - carry 165 avg dist. 175 8i - carry 155 avg dist. 160 9i - carry 145 avg dist 150 PW - carry 135 avg dist 140 Vokey SM4 54* - Full 125, 1/2 115, 3/4 100 Vokey SM4 56* - Full 95,...
New Posts  All Forums: