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Laissez les bons temps roule!
Welcome from "da Parish
50 5'9" 185lbs 108ss
Shot 78 with 38 putts. Driver was on and only missed 3 fairways. I wish I had 18 on video. Par 5 into the wind, killed my drive(soft cut) dead center 200 yards out. Flushed a 4 iron( another soft cut) laser to 8 feet. Lipped out the Eagle putt tapped in the birdie. Thing of beauty.
The sound Was captured by my iPhone about 20 feet away
My swing speed is not 115. Avg. ss is 102 - 104. As for carry and total distance, all I can say is that I know my yardages pretty well and avg. carry is around 250 - 260.  I have hit many drives in excess of 300 yds. Anyway, the point was simply the sound of the video. The swing is not a hard swing it is what I would call a 75% swing. Just smooth.
The point is that I loved the sound and thought I would share. As for the numbers, I found them odd but really, I don't get hung up on them. I find a club that feels good, take it to the course and judge it on it's performance.   You've stated that I don't swing 110, I just repeated what the trackman listed when I got fitted for a driver. I have no idea what my true swing speed is, but I have a garage full of long drive prizes from various scrambles and I know that I...
Agreed. I definitely learn by seeing and feel so it will take some time to get in the positions y'all are talking about. I just have to get past.the "odd" feel and focus on a solid base to swing from.
Every now and then(depending on how crowded or not the course is) I will put two balls in play. One by my aggressive self(Driver, fire at pins, challenge par 5's in two) and one by my management side(Yardages from the tee to the pipes, lay ups to solid yardages on par 5's). I find it a good practice to chart fairways hit and GIR's to solidify my game approach and mind set.   Just curious if anyone else does this and what are your results? Also, did it change your...
New Posts  All Forums: