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  I have often played in scrambles where im the worst player.  If you get 3-4 good players and they are long, the par 5's are easily had.  4 putts at an eagle, 4-5 times for the round and low numbers can be had.  That said the lowest we ever came in at was -16 I believe.   As good as it can be, usually you might miss a par 3 or par 4 in regulation and make a par.  I would question anything under -18 for sure.
Im a little worried about the sandbagger tag this weekend.  I'm the furtherest thing from it BUT the handicaps turned on in April.  So like the others, I only have a handful of scores in for this season.  I'm basically playing off last years handicap.  If I post a low round, some will probably be thinking that I am one.    Oh, this weekend is a qualifier.
I would have to say Phil Mickelson.  I like his go for broke attitude and interaction with fans.  My family, like the OP's is from Western PA and im just too young to have seen Arnie in his prime.  Phil, at least to me, seems like the Arnie of this generation.  He just does it his way.
Bought a US Kids golf set and pink hello kitty balls for my daughter.  It's for her 3rd birthday so i'm just hoping she likes golf as much as her dad.
Can't do the watch or ring thing during any sporting activity. Too restrictive for me.
It's bad form in my eyes.  Would Rory WD if he was leading? A couple shots back?  I think not.  You also don't tell reporters you are fine only to release a statement or tweet saying that you have serious pain (tooth, ankle, arm, ect.) a short while later.   He hasn't played anywhere near his normal form this year and I was one that thought this may happen with the total switch to the Nike equipment.  Even the best players have favorite clubs that they play for a...
Clicgear push cart and a black Titleist hat.  Pretty excited about the push cart, hear and read great things.
I don't have "outfits" that specifically go together.  I mix and match for the most part.  I have a lot of polo's (around 50) and about (15 pants).  I just have certain style things that I abide to.  Never wear black shoes with shorts, never tuck shirt in without wearing a belt, always tuck shirt in, belt has to match shoes, ect. 
If you hit the range before your round, hit the last 3-5 shots with the club that you plan on using on the 1st hole.   If I can't hit the range, the 1st tee shot is just a controlled relaxed swing to get into the groove.  Making 6 on the first because your not warmed up is a tough way to start.
I don't cycle balls during the round like some have stated.  If the ball is playing well, I can deal with a couple scuff marks.  Usually a tree or cart path hit, that I believe will clearly change my balls true flight gets thrown to the bottom of the bag until the rounds over.  I then use it for practice or disgard it.
New Posts  All Forums: