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I am starting to have a real problem. Can a shaft make that much difference? I bought a FT-5 with an accuflex creation 65g stiff shaft about 2 weeks ago. I loved the club head when I hit it a few months ago. I used it for a weekend tourney as soon as I got it and I wasn't quite used to the creation but I hit some great drives with it but it wasn't as consistent as my SQ with the redboard. I figured I just need to get used to it. The ones I did smash felt awesome. I took a...
I just won a black FGP Seemore putter for $61 on ebay. It describes it as 9 out 10. I can't wait to get it. my putting needs help in a bad way and I hope the scope system straightens me out. I have been watching these for a while and haven't seen one go for less that $150
Ping G5, Adams Hybrid and Rocket Tour still available.
This putter is in Perfect Shape! Great buy to do business with by the way.
Putter Sold
Irons are SOLD
I believe I have very quick hands. I swing to hard most of the time. I felt like the club was behind and not catching up. I know I have swing faults. If i'm not careful my transition gets really fast. I have to tell myself to almost stop in my transition from my backswing to my downswing. Last time i was a monitor my SS averaged around 107mph.
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Sorry it is so late, my parents came by to see the kids and I got side tracked. Pics are uploading to photobucket as I type this. They will be up shortly.
I will get pics as soon as I get home and I will post them here and also email them out to everyone that has sent me a PM. Thanks
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