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I see you play at Wollaton Park GC----it is really superb, but I haven't played there in years (early 1960s!)----do you still have the deer herd?
Yes, and a one iron as well.   As Tom Wishon has pointed out in  his superb book "The New Search For The Perfect Golf Club", iron lofts have been reduced over the years, so that a three iron today has almost the same loft as a one iron of the 1960s to 70s, in an effort to sell more clubs to the gullible on the supposition that the particular manufacturer's irons are longer than those of  others !! There are none as gullible as golfers!!!!
Tom Wishon calls this the "vanishing loft disease".  Club manufacturers have for some time been reducing the loft of their irons so punters can hit them further, thus making the 1,2, and 3 irons redundant and necessitating the use of gap wedges. AS he sagely points out, this does nobody any good, but all manufacturers have fallen into line, because a it is not a very good sales pitch to say "buy our irons, they go less far than our competitors' clubs"!!!!I use an old seat...
Hi----this is a problem I also have suffered from.  I found that for me it was caused by one of two things, or sometimes both!!  Standing too near the ball causes me to hit "fat" shots, especially with the longer irons, but the other cause is "collapsing" at impact, by which I mean not hitting against a firm left side----I cure this by raising my left shoulder at address, so there is more of a shoulder tilt, and then straightening my left knee forcibly on the downswing.,...
Thank you! I think I need to use the ladies' tees----I'm going to see if they drum me out of the club for using them!
I am 72 and have played golf since I was 13. My lowest handicap was plus one, in the days the lowest handicap one could hold was scratch, with current internationalists on plus one and the National (British) Amateur Champion on plus two. My driving and particularly iron distances are rapidly diminishing, with my drives averaging around 220 yards and 5 iron about 150 yards. What distances should be expected at my age do you think, and what steps can I take to counteract...
Nobody needs a professional caddy, and for that matter no-one needs a swing "guru". Lee Trevino, Sam Snead, Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson never had a swing coach and they weren't bad. Indedd Trevino said he'd listen to a swing guru if he could find one who could beat him-----there were no takers!
Just a small addition------we need to ask not what number is on the club , but what the LOFT is.
Because it is a 5 iron!!! See Tom Wishon's book "The New Search For The Perfect Golf Club" and you'll see that the loft of irons has been steadily reduced by the manufacturers over the last few years, to persuade us all that their clubs are best!!!  As a result, we need hybrids at one end of the set, and gap wedges at the other!!   It's crazy.....
I bought a Piel tan leather pro bag a couple of years ago. It's heavy, but magificent, and you'll see very few. They are made in Colombia of cow hide and are of superb quality, and sold by a US company.  You'll find them via "Google", and although they are expensive,you'll really stand out from the crowd, and they will last forever if looked after..  Tan is the best colour, although they also have them in black.
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