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Not sure why there's so much discord on this one.  The prevailing logic with this theory is that problems do occur between the the take-away/back-swing and the downswing.  All they're suggesting is to limit the take-away/back-swing from the equation.  You still have to "trigger" the downswing as you do with a baseball bat.  No big deal IMHO.  If it works, go for it.
Not sure about the rules governing retail or online outlet recommendations, so if I'm breaking one, it's not my intent.  With that, I have had a great deal of success purchasing clubs from Callaway's preowned site.  Phenomenal customer service, and very high quality - that's been my experience.  Good luck.
Here's a list of my putters...all time favourite is the 2-Ball   Wilson 8802 - two years, extremely difficult to putt with, but it looked beautiful Ping Ally 2 - two years, learned what a perfectly balanced putter should feel like Odyssey 2-Ball - ten years, learned how to putt with this old girl, and I'll love her forever Odyssey Sabertooth 2 - brand new, but it just felt right   Never realized how many two's there are in my putter arsenal
      I'm a moron.  Yes, sorry, -14.  Although I now have something to strive for.  
I don't know if I would consider it a scam, but the articulation above about being a public company and quarterly results cannot be ignored and makes sense.    With that, I do believe that there is some form of regulation that can be applied to protect the consumer from "misapplied" marketing.  Specifically, I am referring to OEM claims about their X-iron travelling much further than another OEM's X-iron.    Although many opinions exist on relative loft...
The golfing gods made it very clear to me that I should take advantage of technology and not to romanticize the classics.  I played with a forged gap wedge for many years trying to get it dialed in, so I could "feel" the difference.  Half of my strikes felt terrible or mis-hit.  Not from a perspective of results, but my hands just stung most of the time.  I picked up a cavity back ,and hit it three times without feeling that classic harshness.  Just what I...
you realize it's tomorrow in Australia, so technically, if you don't say anything to TM, I promise, I won't either.   
I may be in the minority here, but when it comes to iron play, I recommend sticking to what you are familiar with.  As I've posted in other replies, if you are used to a specific look, feel, and sound from one manufacturer, it's very difficult to change to another - unless these specific attributes are less important to you.   Not sure that I agree with the pro that told you to go with a specific OEM because of their weight characteristics as each manufacturer...
I've used a Callaway FT-5 driver for the last 5 years, and had it cut down to 43" before I left the store.  The golf pro tried to talk me out of it when I asked to shave it down by 2", but in hindsight, it was the best decision I could have made because it allowed me to gain confidence with the big stick.  I still averaged between 250 - 265 off the tee, but my drives were always fairly straight.  The only ego crushing problem is that my golfing buddies consistently out...
Good luck with your purchase, but one quick item of note.  Today's 4 irons, are essentially yesteryear's 3 irons, so don't be fooled by the stronger lofts across the entire set.  If you've already made your choice, then enjoy your new set, if not, make sure you are comparing your DCI's with the proper relative loft of the new set - meaning, don't assume 5 iron = 5 iron.  
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