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For the year 2014 , my goals are :   Play at least 50 rounds for the year Average less than 30 putts / round Average more than 10 GIR / round Average driver distance 225 yds Reduce handicap to less than 10
Having watched my average driver distance reduced from around 230-240 yds ten years ago to barely 200 yds now days , I am ( of course ) very concerned about trying to maintain or regain at least SOME of the former length ! I'm using a routine Jaacob Bowden has given me ( as well as the drills that Tour Tempo teaches ) and my swing speed on the radar has improved considerably , but on the course I haven't seen much improvement yet. I'm also doing PureStirke 5SK work...
Yesterday , I had consecutive birdies on 6th and 7th holes ! First time EVER to have two in a row . One was on a par 5 and the next was on a par 3 . Both had putts inside of 10 feet (which I often miss under such circumstances). Very pleased , but still only shot 82 for the round . Still anxiously waiting to post my FIRST sub 80 , M
 Gotcha !That makes sense ,M
Oooops, I mean : Tiger Woods -13 Jim Furyk -10
But , they are NOT the same score ! In fact in this example , the scores are 4 strokes different , M
Details regarding the blue, underlined rule: - It's very simple guys. The winner is the first person (who satisfies the other rules) to choose the correct winner and score with their first choice. If nobody picks the correct score, the winner is the first person to have the closest score for the correct winner. If nobody chose the correct winner with their first choice, we repeat the process for everyone's second choice.   I'm not clear about how this possible...
Going up for the U S Open (will be at the Monday and Tuesday practice rounds) ! Love watching the players hit balls on the range , and the practice green , M
I have exactly the same problem ! I think that because I"m such a visual person , it's nearly impossible for me NOT to watch the shadow because the movement of the shadow draws my eyes to it . My golfing partners have joked me many times about my complaint because they don't have the issue . I dislike it because during the time I realise it's happening , my reaction is to feel I need to hurry the remainder of the swing . Usually the results are not good ;)...
Augusta National doesn't have just a huge influence.............................rather , they totally dictate what CBS does . Remember the banning of Gary McCord when "during the network's coverage in 1994, he remarked that the 17th green was so fast that it seemed to be "bikini-waxed", and that "body bags" were located behind that green for players who missed their approach shots. Augusta National Golf Club, which organizes The Masters, used its influence with CBS to...
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