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@mrjackhunter just a thought after reading through the post.   Maybe also consider a method to make your product adjustable by using only the tripod to hold a regular tee. Slide a regular tee into the middle of the tripod to a desired height. With the tripod being a half inch tall, it would accommodate various tee lengths.   Club Rat
I believe guys have been able to join and maintain stats/points in previous years. I'd say "go for it" Club Rat
 @Dave2512 who are you buying these from & what is the cost? Club Rat
Eric pretty much sums this thread back in 2011 in the opening post.   I would simply say "Play Golf" Golf can be a game of great pressures during any given moment, at times. It can be at times, when your not even playing a shot or putt (when your opponent makes a shot or putt to potentially win)   At times a player may either be winning or having a great round and then the pressures to close the deal build. Today on yahoo there was an article about what pro's would...
I would think they maybe attempting to recover the balls from divers. Those guys pull tons every year from courses, possibly starting a "buy back" deal.   Then rework the ball at the Nike facility. Maybe it's cost effective?   Just a guess.   Club Rat
Golf channel was promoting or advertising "free Kickx balls " today. I tried the kickx site and didn't see any promotional items.   Did find a promotion at a site - shopmaxtv.com One dozen free, s&h is .99 cents.   The site will run you through a bunch of other promotional items during the order. All golf stuff ads on the golf channel, select decline or try the optional items.   I played a sleeve of the tour balls last summer and was impressed.   Thought they...
 Exactly !  -  Like when pressing the Nassau Bet 3 ways on the last hole. But seriously, I agree with Mike, it's when the gremlin's inside the brain want to come out and play and one must put them back in the dungeon. Controlling the moment to execute your play when - nerves, heart rate acceleration, habitual swings flaws, etc. Then, one will have the best attempt to control the result of your play. Club Rat
Any form of entertainment is directly reflected by the individuals budget. Some are more or less fortunate with respect to location they live, and/or expendable income.   An example would be individuals who travel to play in areas during winters to destinations and pay "high season rates" People who live locally may receive discounts or only play at afternoon rates. Rates during other seasons can be significantly less.   Equipment on the other hand, can reflect to...
He definitely needs a "snickers bar !!!"
Wow, Reed just holed a wedge. Maybe he'll save my arse this week....    Walker,  looks like he's    a bit neeerrrrvvvooouuussss....
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