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Update - here is a link to Performance Indicator with a description of water effects of reclaimed water balls.   http://www.performanceindicator.com/golf/PI_techoverview.pdf
"If it's GREY, don't play".    This was a slogan of Performance Indicator who did studies of the effect of golf balls which were submerged in water over a duration timeframe of a week or longer. Their studies found water would become trapped in the outer layer in micro cracks and affected spin rates which causes loss of distance.   The concept was marketable for discouraging sales of the high volume of reclaimed balls from lakes/ponds and hopefully increase new ball...
Sweet, looking forward it.   Thanks, Mike
I sent your link to a friend and he bought a dozen last night. Club Rat
Played the first round yesterday with the "My Tour Ball" and was pleasantly surprised. I'm going to go out on "a limb" early and predict everyone T & R the Snell products is going to be happy they chose to do so. In my early assessment, the "My Tour Ball" will equal any premium ball in all categories of stats, playability, offered.   Club Rat  
If no one else shows an interest, they are my size, I'll review them.   http://thesandtrap.com/t/57694/member-review-roll-call/54#post_1110472   Club Rat
@mvmac & @iacas    When you guys get the "Supporter" offerings available, I will be glad to become a "Lifetime Supporter " You guys have a great site and hope the best for years to come.   Club Rat
I received the "My Tour Ball" today in the mail.   I'll post my review after I have a chance to play them, probably in two weeks.   Thank you Snell Golf and TST for another get product.   Club Rat
Use a small cold/wet towel around the back of the neck while walking or riding. I'll place it on the top of my head for a moment, then wrap it around my neck.   I'll also make it a point to stand off to the side of the green until it's my turn to play. Green's are like saunas and humid.   I also like playing with three or less players when temps get over 100. That way you spend less time on the tees & greens.   Club Rat
I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR driver!   Hideki Matsuyama   -5 Russell Henley   -4 Ryan Moore  -4   Club Rat
New Posts  All Forums: