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Sweet, we have @Bechambo Going to be a great time, when we kick some "A" in AZ..........   Club Rat
 @Elmer - Matt pretty much hits the nail on the head, which is why most events are flighted. Set up your league competition where players compete in "a,b,c,d" handicap divisions among players of similar abilities. Paying equal amounts for each field will generally make everyone happy.
Some resort courses have "environmental sensitive areas" which are played as lateral hazards. These areas are restricted "no entry"   I've seen native tall grass areas marked as lateral, but I guess "tree / wooded" areas could be also, to speed up play. Definitely out of the norm...   Club Rat
  My "rock's" are more like "sand pebbles" Guess I'll pack a few extra pillows in case it turns into a pillow fight.......
Those long whips are a bear to swing.   The only time I've ever seen one was in a scramble where everyone was required to hit the club.   Practice swings felt good, but my shot was a low duck hook, less than a 100 yards.   I hit it a second time for giggles and at least got the ball airborne down the fairway, but it also hooked badly.   Club Rat
 Now I'm seeing the total relevance of the ruling. The order which declares "The provisional ball becomes your ball in play when: after searching for five minutes and the original ball is not found" The OP makes no reference to any timeframe of a search. He only indicates the opponent played the provisional, then as they walked forward the original ball was found. Had they searched for the ball and it was not found, it would be clearer. Club Rat
 This is the part of the ruling which I'm having difficulty with.How can a rule with "LIKELY TO BE" have merit to any certainly? I'm good with the player searching in the area where they deem the ball was hit, then after 5 minutes of searching, they then play the provisional. I guess I'm creating a scenario when a player hits a couple of shots to the same area, finds the second shot, hits it, believes the first shot is lost, walks forward towards the hole and then finds...
To save time, Rule 27-2 allows you to play a Provisional Ball when the ball might be OB or lost outside a water hazard. But there are some requirements you must meet to use this Rule:    You must play the provisional before going forward to search.    You must declare that it is a provisional to your opponent, marker or fellow-competitor before playing it. Be specific; say, “This is a provisional,” not “I’d better hit another.”    You may NOT hit a provisional if the...
 Hmm. Could you post the ruling.I'm having a difficult time grasping "Likey" having precedence over the spot where ball is "actual" since it was found.
 I'm reading they go 10 yards and a shot was played. (I believe he describes it being the second provisional ball) Then they walk towards the hole and the first ball was found. Seems only one ball was lost, which is irrelevant, original ball was found and player did not play provisional from spot beyond where the first ball was found.
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