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The team which rated our course several years back consisted of 3 team members. One man and two women. Just guessing, all were over 70 years old.   Seriously doubt they "Had to meet Handicap Requirements"   Club Rat
Club Rat is in,My FFB name is "The Psycho Delusions" On the field again.............
You could "soft step" the clubs or "hard step"Using reg flex shafts, soft step once or twice will give you the results. (Senior Flex)Basically, it's just re-shafting each iron with the longer shaft (9 iron with 8 iron shaft) and then but trim to proper length.Or, (9 iron with 7 iron shaft) would be the effect of stepping twice. (May require a slight tip trim) Doing the opposite (8 iron with 9 iron shaft) is considered hard step. Using Senior or Regular stiff shafts.This...
Good luck David, I won my match last week and play in the finals next weekend.   Match play is a great event, just try not to allow the moments to defeat your game.   Par is a great hole and usually wins more holes than birds (most players do not make many birds)   Shoot a 75 or 76 and you should win.   A bird or two will help your cause.   Don't let a bad shot snowball and become a two hole loss to overcome.   Club Rat
Good to go here.
The Pro's usually dot the greens for pin placements and hands out pin sheets on each day of our club events.   But very rarely do they indicate tee placements or course setup.   Tee's are generally rotated or moved every other day, sometimes only from side to side.   I play almost everyday and the tees may move a foot or two. The assistant green keeper sets the tee locations when they are moved.   When the club hosts District or USGA events, they set pins and...
Hey Jakester23, are there enough?Think we only need 8-16 for  league? Thanks, Club Rat
David, you could contact the area Golf Association and inquire about the rating change.Would be interesting to hear their reply to the changes.  14-4. Golf Association Records a. Information To Be KeptA file of each USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating must be kept by the authorized golf association for future reference. The checklist for the file should include: the scorecard, the names of the persons rating the course, the date on which the course was rated, the...
Welcome @golfswingshirt toTST from a Midwest old duffer.   You could create a review of the "swingshirt" Maybe other members would add comments, "Pro's and Con's" to the discussion.   Many products are tested by members, that could benefit a sales promotion / advertisement and certainly be a great marketing tool.   Maybe consider becoming a sponsor to TST.   Club Rat
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