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 All shafts can be cut with a "Dremel" tool. I would not use a "pipe cutter" as per the item mentioned on steel shafts.Once the shaft is cut, you will need to use "emery cloth" on the tip to clean the shaft end. (both graphite or steel) Shaft puller's are for professionals to make the job easier and quicker.I have always just used a leather glove and twisted the club heads off of the shafts. Really, the only trick is not to overheat the club head when pulling heads from...
 There are alternative methods, heat guns are a slower heating process. (also difficult to concentrate the heat where required) I have used a stove, both gas an electric. The key is to rotate the club so the heat does not concentrate in one spot of the hosel. A cigar "torch lighter" could also be used. If really in a pinch, a candle would probably work. Propane torches are the choice of most. Club Rat
For some players, hard step will increase yardage.While for other players a soft step will benefit them. A young player may hard step and increase shaft length for more yardage.While an older player may soft step and benefit a few yards. It's more about launch and ball flight trying to optimize the shaft performance to benefit any player. Custom Club makers may refer to their process as "Frequency Matching Shafts" for the similar performance.Granted factory clubs for the...
@new2golf I damn near had a heart attack during the final minute of the first half of Mondays nights game.   Frigging Texan's turn overs giving multiple chances for Bell to cash in and watching my lead dwindle away.   Unbelievable that Bell and Foster had such great first halves and hardly any impact in the 2nd half.   We sure had a shitty week between our players, both of us would probably lost to other teams.   Club Rat
 Soft stepping has been used for years by club makers and individuals who fiddle with their equipment. When a player elects to soft step their irons, they are typically electing to either achieve lower or higher launch from the club. For lower launch, an example would be a strong player needing a stiffer tip to prevent shots from ballooning without going to X-Stiff.  Or, a player who uses standard shafts and would like just a slightly stiffness without using Stiff...
1 win on tour was my vote.   He's reached the age when aches and pains will disrupt his ability to compete.   Doubt he will play the entire season without another medical incident or has a dramatic occurrence of some sort.   Too many outside distractions also seem to happen which will prevent his ability to play at a high level.   Club Rat
The  tee markers look like a piece of rail cut into small lengths. If they are indeed rail, then maybe they would give a clue to the course? Club Rat
Well, go figure....   I drop Vereen for LaFell, Shane scores twice, has 23 points and Brandon gets a measly 5 points.   I used to have a full head of hair until I started playing Fantasy Football ....   Club Rat
Here we are Raid, the week we compete against one another. I'm making some bold moves, picked up Brady and LaFell and had to pickup the Cowboy's "D" with the Eagles on bye. Giants have been struggling, so hoping the best for the Big D. Good Luck, Club Rat
Good luck Viivi & welcome to TST.   Club Rat
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