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Did anyone see Phil hit the bunker shot yesterday which snapped the club head off? I saw the ball fly out first and then the club head hit the bunker face first and then fly out of the bunker.   They then showed a great view of Phil starring at the end of the shaft. Absolutely "Priceless" Then, they show Phil has a phone in hand, looks like he just sent a text and then puts the phone in the golf bag.   Club Rat
Gotta be the white socks with black shoes thing that probably give him a hope that somehow the club will magically find the ball.   Proof that "Miracles" can happen !!!
Nope, points are based off "Low round of each day" Charley Hoffman's - 5 under par 20 points. I had only one starter, score 12 points for my team.My other three starters -Kaymer shot 82 - "Goose Eggs" - 0 pointsDufner shot 79 - "Goose Eggs" - 0 pointsHahn shot 80 - "Goose Eggs" - 0 points  
On a side note, four-time Masters champion Tiger Woods is still unsure as to whether or not he will be able to play this year. Nonetheless, Vegas still lists him at 50-1 odds to win his fifth green jacket, and the 15th overall major of his illustrious career.   With that, here is a look at the seven players who Vegas feels have the best chance at winning the 2015 Masters championship.   5.  Adam Scott  Odds:  22-1 4.  Henrik Stenson  Odds:  18-1 3. Jordan...
http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/golf/32075206   Graeme McDowell's preparations for the Masters suffered a setback when injury forced him to withdraw from the Texas Open midway through the first round.   The Northern Irishman said he had not recovered from a stress injury to his lower left leg which he picked up during practice on Wednesday. McDowell had received physiotherapy and played with his leg strapped up. It is believed the injury will not prevent the world number...
Taken from weather channel.   N 18 mph gusts to 28 mph   Looks like it's blowing much harder than 28 at times.
What the heck is going on in Texas today? Only 3 players under par, GMac cut? Sang Moon cut? DA Points blowing up Shot Tracker! Not a single player on my team make the cut this week ...  
A PCMI is a 20 pin connector used for several purposes, phone, WiFi, storage cards, etc. They make a PCMI dual port card for FireWire which inserts into older laptops and PC's if you buy the adapter for PC's.   One other thought. Remove your DV mini tape from the camcorder and see if you can change the record settings to the SD card.   It looks like factory settings are for the tape (videos) and still photos to SD cards. Maybe without the tape, you possibly can...
The manual http://service.us.panasonic.com/OPERMANPDF/PVGS85-MU.pdf   On page 12, shows the camera has a DV input/output terminal.   To bad you didn't get the 85 model, it has mini USB.   The only other option maybe finding a friend with a pcmi card slot like Eric mentioned and DL the video and then transfer to a SD card.   Really sucks you can not record video to SD on the camera.
I checked a couple of ideas for finding the FireWire to USB or HDMI adapters. Found - "Firewire Ieee 1394 6 Pin Male To Usb A Male Adapter" on EBay   But, it looks like the output on the camcorder is the 4 pin?   Still checking for adapters to HDMI   Found this - 6ft 1.8m USB To Firewire IEEE 1394 4 Pin iLink Adapter Data Cable on EBay          
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