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I've had situations on occasion where I've pulled an opponent aside and spoke with them about circumstances. First I'll say "by no means players are rules official's, but they will need speak to the Head Pro for the correct ruling." If they then do something which is questionable, at least you've indicated they will need to discuss their actions.   Several times, I have told players to play two balls, one under circumstances of each to complete the hole, then find out...
Miss the donut and bridge Q's.   Club Rat
Sounds like a sour apple in the basket.   I've never seen behavior of that description in events.   I have run into a few clueless individuals on rare occasion at lower level events, but even then their sociable.   Some of the higher level events, normally it's a handshake at the beginning and end of a round with a little small talk during the day.   I would shrug it off until they somehow crossed the line where the behavior was unacceptable.   Club Rat
@Eagle480    I have several with various games.   Send me a pm, I'll discuss them with you.   Club Rat
Basics, grip, posture, one piece takeaway and tempo. Have him hit only two clubs for a month. Have him swing everyday, p-wedge and 9 iron, a minimum of five minutes. Have him only use 3/4 swings. Putting practice only at first. Then pitch and chip shots after he demonstrates decent swings with the wedge.   Then progress to the 8 & 7. Another month of practice with the four clubs. Demonstrate various stances on unevenly surfaces.   If he commits to practicing, then...
How about a "Midwest" site in 2016?   We have a great Nicklaus course in St. Louis....
Congrats to everyone, have a great time.   Club Rat
@ChrisP        Also, great pick by @Quantico4th with nailing it @ 15 under.   I was rooting for Louis, I also picked him as my choice, but was low on the final outcome.   Thanks to Bridgestone, @mvmac and @iacas and TST .....   Club Rat
And the leaderboard will read "Congrats to Zach, well played"
Good luck to the trio, but I'm pulling for Louis.
New Posts  All Forums: