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1 win on tour was my vote.   He's reached the age when aches and pains will disrupt his ability to compete.   Doubt he will play the entire season without another medical incident or has a dramatic occurrence of some sort.   Too many outside distractions also seem to happen which will prevent his ability to play at a high level.   Club Rat
The  tee markers look like a piece of rail cut into small lengths. If they are indeed rail, then maybe they would give a clue to the course? Club Rat
Well, go figure....   I drop Vereen for LaFell, Shane scores twice, has 23 points and Brandon gets a measly 5 points.   I used to have a full head of hair until I started playing Fantasy Football ....   Club Rat
Here we are Raid, the week we compete against one another. I'm making some bold moves, picked up Brady and LaFell and had to pickup the Cowboy's "D" with the Eagles on bye. Giants have been struggling, so hoping the best for the Big D. Good Luck, Club Rat
Good luck Viivi & welcome to TST.   Club Rat
Anyone interested in trading a half-ass WR for Steven Jackson?   I'll even consider throwing in lame ass Fitzgerald into the mix !!!   Club Rat
So, did U drop O'l "Splinter Knees" ? Or, what about Super Stud "Josh / Flash / Gordon" ?   Maybe if the Pat's have another blowout game, Jimmy will rise and shine again !!!!!!!!!!! Club Rat
Bailey's or Kahlua in my coffee makes for a great morning on weekends.   I'll mix a little coco on occasion during the week, but would seriously doubt ever trying butter.   Ugh.   Club Rat
I would like everyone's thoughts on whether this seems fair using the following format for Four Ball Match Play?   All players receive 80% of Ghin Handicap.   Teams play off lowest Handicap player.   Now this is the real killer !!! When players play from different tees, handicaps are adjusted again !!!   I feel this format really screws the higher handicap players. The higher handicap player loses stroke holes on 2-4 holes @ 80%, then will lose an additional 2...
I'll survey the green as I'm approaching, mainly looking for the direction/slope the green sheds water. I then will glance at the area between the hole and my ball as I walk to mark my ball. I'll pay close attention to others if they are putting in the same direction to see how their ball rolls when it's near the hole. I usually only read my putts from behind my ball and read the break going to the hole. If the area is very flat around the hole and difficult to...
New Posts  All Forums: