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 Only relief is under penalty as you guessed is correct.  You may declare a "ball unplayable" at anytime, which all three of your examples indicate good assumptions.But, sometimes a risky option may save a situation, or create more problems.Always consider the options before electing to take relief or gamble with a risky attempt.Sometimes as they say "Take your medicine" and lumps and play on. Club Rat
I was addressing your question - " But that's our position, and maybe there's a way to see it differently. I don't know that I can be convinced to change the latter; I imagine I could be convinced more easily to soften the position on the former. Maybe we come off as jerks not willing to help poor students just trying to do something golf-related… I don't know. What do you think?"   If the poll's are indeed an avenue for students "I'm ba college student working on X,...
Looks like a "Preview to a second publication !!!"   Great article @iacas - glad your not "trigger happy" having that gun to your head.........   A. - (Hat vs. Visor), I once saw Tommy Armour III watching an event last year wearing a regular golf hat! Had to do a double take to figure out it was him. What are friends for @mvmac, nice dig E.   Since it touches so many aspects of the game, why not include B. - commitment (full swing) or (shots/On the course) C. -...
I agree with the above posts - no problem with current policy.   I voted - "something else" My thought would be to only allow a member to setup a survey after they have 50 posts, or pick a number. Would certainly stop the headache and time involved to monitor these situations.   Club Rat
   The orange ball almost "glows in the dark"I found one this summer and was amazed it appeared so bright.It actually casts a reflection. Club Rat
Thanks for the updates, @dennyjones and @Patch.   I did not apply for the offer, just thought I'd throw it up for members.   Club Rat
@mvmac wrote a great article which you should review. http://thesandtrap.com/t/77144/how-to-draw-the-golf-ball-or-how-to-stop-slicing Good luck, hitting consistent drives at your target is a necessity for playing your best golf. Club Rat 
Just noticed this offer and passing it along.   https://beginbettergolf.com/volvik-fys-giveaway?utm_source=YHG&utm_campaign=YHG2&lsid=805&utm_content=3A&utm_term=&utm_medium=   Looks like offer includes a CD  "Fix Your Swing" Training program" from Shawn Humphries.   Club Rat
Most used drivers which are relatively in great condition, can be purchased anywhere from $50 - $200. EBay is a good source to evaluate value of equipment and estimate a price to sell items. Club Rat
 All shafts can be cut with a "Dremel" tool. I would not use a "pipe cutter" as per the item mentioned on steel shafts.Once the shaft is cut, you will need to use "emery cloth" on the tip to clean the shaft end. (both graphite or steel) Shaft puller's are for professionals to make the job easier and quicker.I have always just used a leather glove and twisted the club heads off of the shafts. Really, the only trick is not to overheat the club head when pulling heads from...
New Posts  All Forums: