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I tried to suggest Eric to have a lottery draw if @RiverForestKid doesn't claim his winnings. Then maybe all of us would have a second chance !!!! Which would have been a better chance than most of our picks........... It could show up at anyone's doorstep then if he kept it a secret......... Club Rat
It may show up at your doorstep someday when you least expect it if you won............   Or, you can read the threads and find out who the winner was.   I'll give you a hint - @RiverForestKid was the winner...............   Club Rat
Darn, I was hoping for a Lottery Draw of the entries..... if the prize was unclaimed........... At least I'd have a better chance than my sorry A's picks............ Club Rat
With the weather warming up and finally been able to hit the links, I've run across a "Snake a Day" out on the course. Not really any danger, mainly baby garters, but two were large black snakes around the same location on consecutive days.   Must be due to the long winter season in the Midwest.   Club Ray 
 There are a lot of other young players on tour which are impressive and will become very competitive in the near future.  I agree, the game is in good hands............ Club Rat
 Mainly caused by weight hanging on back foot.Shoulders and hands turn and swing without hip rotation, when weight is lagging. Suggestion, when at a practice area / range, find a downslope and make a several practice swings with these clubs.Feel the weight transfer to your left side if your a righty. Use slow motion controlled practice swings on the downslope at first then progress to a controlled full swing. You should feel a better weight transfer and have less...
Congrats @RiverForestKid   If your not happy with the new driver, looks like a lot of guys would take it off your hands !!!!!!   Club Rat
It appears CartBoy is using TST as a personnel Blog of Slow Play @ whatever course he may or may not work at. Pretty funny stuff, if anyone has a "lighter side" of working as a attendant or marshal at a GC. Probably becoming annoying to some. Club Rat
 See thread - 2014 PGA Merchandise Show, post #12.mvmac had photos posted of a similar item called "The Pill", I think they have a Web Site. Pricey little gadget for putting practice. Maybe the cost will become more realistic in a few years. Club Rat
I would say " Your "Team" made the DBL Eagle and you made a great shot to hole out from the fairway. If it would had been your drive and approach shot Cu doos, congrats !!!!   It still was probably a very fun moment under all circumstances.   Club Rat
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