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Isn't this a situation where you first take the relief of the ball on cart part to the closest point. Drop, and then take relief from the immoveable obstructions?
Happy birthday to the good o'l U,S of A.   I've been to PGA West a few times and played the Palmer private course a couple of times with friends before and after the Bob Hope Classic.   The 4th is usually a couples event at our club.   Rough crowd playing with the Senior Couples today, I shoot even par and don't win squat.   At least their all gracious and buy me a few brewski's for my efforts.   Club Rat
 Why not, everything always seems better after a few brew-ski's.....    Last week I missed changing my line up after having a few too many with friends Wednesday night. This season has been week after week of misfortune with choices and poor performance by selected players. Figure I should have half a chance to beat Crim since he's used all of the better players starts already.  Club Rat  
 Question, why would he need or intend to drop in the area where the search occurs resulting in footprints? Is the player entitled to two club lengths or drop on line to pin, back as far as they desire as long as the drop remains within the bunker?  Unless it was a unusual circumstance when no options in the area the ball was unplayable, small bunker shape or severe slope, etch. Club Rat
Assuming your missing straight putt's in the 5 to 8 foot range, try using a straight edge - (2 x 4) about two foot long to practice. Place the heel against the edge and see if your stroke maintains contact to the board. Then use the broad to practice on a practice green.   Club Rat
Sometimes you need to "re-boot" the App and it should correct the location. Usually, it's just the software hanging or in a non-responsive mode.   Tons of free Golf GPS / Scoring Apps nowadays.   Club Rat
For me, an old guy, it happens when the legs get tired, or on soft-wet turf, not getting to my left side quick enough. Arm speed is slightly quicker than lower body drive.   As Mike mentioned,  "Golfers hit a pull or a pull draw and they think it's a hook."   Also, sometimes it's just the tendency to hit it harder..........   Club Rat 
Reading the fall line of the tier. Tiers will have slopes like any part of the green, they cause a more severe curve (arc) going across them, when hitting up the hill. Down hill, the ball just rolls down the slope and the path is determined by a term used "down the fall line"   Reading if it is going left or right can be tricky when it is subtle and they sometimes will have dips or other variations.   A good method to test a surface (a practice green) or at a course...
I dislike hearing the driver and fairway woods banging against each other. . Sounds like Sanford and Son going down the fairway...........   Plus, the paint will chip on the clubs.   Club Rat
Wow, what a great swing for a "Lefty"  
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