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Had to chuckle when I read "Alaska" as a destination for golfing...Welcome to TST and the many great things the site offers. I would like to suggest considering the Southeastern part of the US as a destination for playing golf.One can experience the roots of US golf heritage and the legacy of many of the greats.Plus, people in the south are the friendly and loads of fun. Their are tons of great courses, you also catch a B-Ball game in most areas. Club Rat
@sgpret back at you -  golf lovers! Lot's of great stuff here and great people who make this site what it is.  Would love to see a few pic's of courses from your country. There's a thread for posting pic's. Check it out and hopefully contribute for others to see.   Good luck with your search for learning what may interest and benefit you.    Club Rat
This thread needs more "activity" or, at least more exposure. Been enjoying all the great discussion, videos, and great people here for a few years. It's the least one can do to help Eric & Mike continue to keep TST a great site for golfers. Glad to become a supporter for 2015 and hopefully many more years to come.   Club Rat
@mvmac   Thanks Mike and TST.   Just sent pm.   Club Rat
Aaaaaaaalllllll ssssssssooooommmmeeee......   The Car & Plane are really cool !!!   Looks like you had a great day....   Wish I was there....   Thanks, @JetFan1983   Club Rat
I agree, the tour is off to a great start this year.Here's to another great classic, "The Honda" Going left to right, the PGA Tour leaves the West Coast behind (at least until the WGC-Cadillac Match Play Championship in late April) and heads to its Florida swing. First stop, the Honda Classic, which not too long ago was a tournament without a home or an enthusiastic following. Only seven of the world’s top 25 ranked players were there in 2007 when the Honda Classic debuted...
 How long would a ball last and would a limited number of golfers use a ball made with high compression? Ball manufacturers are targeting specific products for a wide variety of swing speeds. Also, USGA has guidelines, could 150 compression exceed the limitations? Club Rat
I don't know if ball with a compression of 150 or so would hold together very well or very long. Think about the many balls which burst, years ago.   Found an article which may enlighten your thoughts.   Golf Ball Compression - The Squish Factor Golf ball compression is a word or a term that applies to the density of your golf ball. What it really means for the average golfer: is a form of measurement that tells the player how hard or soft the golf ball really...
Great tribute to one of the all time greatest !!! Would have loved to live and golf during their era, but slightly before my time.   Hogan with "Stan the man" pic touches home for me. I was fortunate to watch Stan going up as a kid in St Lou.   Thanks Mike for the link - Full list here First photo and last pic's are truly classic....   Club Rat 
Even for Riviera's 10th hole, this was pretty amazing Article from Los Angeles Times on Yahoo   It was a little past high noon Saturday, when the most fascinating of golf bullets started flying around the 10th hole at Riviera Country Club. They call this the Northern Trust Open. For a while, it was golf's Wild Wild West. Walk along with us inside the ropes. The final threesome of the day, the leading group going into the third round, was waiting on the 10th tee. As...
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