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Hello All, Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. I wanted to ask if any of you work for Troon Golf or know anyone that does, whether it be in the Corp. Office or at one of their golf courses across the country. Reason being, I may be getting a job at Westin La Paloma in Tucson, AZ *outside services* position, and wanted to know what kind of perks troon is known for giving their emplyoees, not necessarily benefits, moresot playing privleges on the course...
Hello All,    I am currently desiring to work on a few new projects, which involve obtaining autographs from many PGA Tour Professionals.   I was thinking about getting the famous Ben Hogan picture "1-Iron" signed by as many U.S. Open Winners as I can. I have the image file, & I can print it no problem, I just wanted to get some feedback on the idea of creating an autographed piece of former US Open Champs, & if you guys would do the same, if you were into...
understood mvmac,   I will surely work on my consistency, and create an effective pattern for myself to fine tune what's needed to be   I'll also work on my camera angling as well :)   thanks again
cavity backs surely give you more room for error ball striking wise, if you miss the sweet spot on a cavity back, you still can hit a shot. With blades you greatly decrease your chances of hitting anything cleanly, and consistently if you're inconsistent to begin with. Hope this helps a little bit. 
I would recommend the Mizuno Bettinardi c-03 putter to anyone. The c-o3H model of this putter has a heavier head. For me the c-03 offers the best feel, & the control I gain from this one is just fantastic.
mvmac,   thanks so much for the insight, I appreciate it greatly. I'll be at the range today, & will work on getting my feet turned out at address. See where that takes me, in my efforts to perfect everything.
Here's a nice drill to help with your shots:   Essentially your turning a bucket of balls, (100 balls) for me out here in Tucson, Arizona into 300 balls.   100 balls = 300 balls (3 swings per ball) 2 eyes closed, same swing, same effort.   your first two practice swings, address the ball as you normally would, and swing just like you would if you were actually hitting.   Swing 1: Eyes Closed *visualize the shot in your head*   Swing 2: Eyes Closed...
Happy Holidays Everyone!   thanks so much for viewing my swing, any criticism is greatly appreciated, I know my swing looks pretty rough, but I really would like the insight.   I look forward to providing great content for the site.   thanks again   Mark   I've been Playing Golf for:​  My current handicap index or average score is: none My typical ball flight is: high and deep The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is:...
Phoenix Open is always a blast, I live in Tucson,AZ so I go to it every year, it's just an awesome atmosphere.
I'm a front desk agent at a Full Service Marriott Branded Hotel in Tucson, Arizona.
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