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I never thought it was possible for this to be  conscious movement but was aware of the arguments that it needed to be happen….So I asked a sport biomechanist just the other day whether it could be done on purpose...after he stopped giggling, he said that there was no chance a golfer could consciously slow down there hips with any sort of consistency or accuracy. It does happen, but is an unconcious consequence/reaction of OTHER things happening in the golf swing.
For those who use a launch monitor and hit off mats, have you ever had issues with accurate spin numbers? For example, Flightscope, Real Feel golf mat and an 8 iron at 85mph averaging 5000rpm. AoA 2*, spin loft 30*.
You might be finding a way to deloft the irons....effectively turning your 7 iron into a 6 iron.
If the upper body gets ahead of lower body at impact, then getting the 3 wood off the deck airborne becomes a real challenge.
Alot to like, but..... Are you comfortable with knee flex....legs look a little straight/locked? Hands are well back....suggest you consider at least a small amount of forward hand press. Spine angle from face on looks very vertical. A lot of golfers have success with some secondary spine tilt, or more simply, the spine leans away from target. You can get this by bumping hips toward target without the shoulders moving toward target. Get that left hip over left knee...
New Posts  All Forums: